Settlement report

I guess nobody complained about this yesterday, I’ll report today’s settlement too.

Donation : 73.00 USD

Expense : Water 0.40 USD

Income : 72.60 USD


Thank you very much.

Today (As always) I didn’t do anything special, woke up, went to the garden and worked there all day long, and all through the evening.

Looking at Japan from the other side of the world. I can’t understand why still people are living there.


  1. I’m glad you are able to get outside and work in the garden.
    Too much time at the computer is not healthy.

  2. I agree with you…why are they still living there? Well, in a year or two, when cancer becomes a much more common thing, maybe they will become boatpeople.

  3. People are living there because its their homeland.

    like in our country we are born here we will die here whatever the consequences.

    Japan people accepted the nuclear energy. They must face the consequences.

    But dying by radiation is awkward. I’d rather rob a bank and die with police guns.

  4. Soon the whole world will be messed up like Japan. We all need to protect our health from the inside.

    What are you doing to stay well and healthy? I bet I’m not the only person who wonders. Do you eat special foods, drink special drinks, take any suppliments or herbs? Do any healthy lifestyle practices aimed at reducing your stress? Meditate? What do you do to recover from the radiation?

    You are not dead yet, don’t give up. We will all have to survive radiation or die trying.

  5. It is a good thing you are doing, Lori. But, I’d like to ask that you try not to drink Coca Cola (reported yesterday) …. 🙂

  6. Probably every country has its dangers. I was in a car accident in the US that destroyed the car (I was OK). There is almost no public transportation there—people depend on cars and oil a lot.
    Or how about Europe and its spiking unemployment rates? Its crumbling economies (if people become very poor in France can they maintain their nuclear reactors safely?) are no picnic. Probably I and my family would starve to death there. AT least here in Western Japan I can earn money as an English teacher.
    Or lets try China….with rivers running in pastels colors and the sky dark with smoke.
    The world is very crowded now, with 7 billion and population is still rising. We can see the fight for survival playing out now, and Japanese near the reactors (I have family members in Ibaraki) will get severe health problems and die earlier than many. But everywhere people can expect suffering and hardship as the global economy implodes, oil shortages and wars take their toll.
    Food production will plummet and starvation will grip cities and towns. People are predicting this could occur within 6-10 years.
    People dying earlier than usual in Eastern Japan will hardly be noticeable data among all the other problems of diseases with no drugs available (like in Greece now), food shortages, spiking oil prices (oil is predicted to reach $150 this summer) Food prices will go up commensurately.
    Possibly (probably) Israel will launch an attack on Iran’s reactors releasing massive clouds of radiation that will cover India, Russia, China, even Japan.
    So dying 10 or 20 years or even 50 years earlier in a country like Japan that has no wars, safe streets, good public transportation,versus facing starvation sooner or wars or violence, guns, poverty, etc. and dying soon anyway abroad—-what is the difference??

    We’re all really screwed here, we didn’t take care of our home, our planet, our Mother Earth. That was beyond us, and so now we’re paying a heavy price, we’ll die off like locusts. We haven’t got a chance.

  7. Hi.

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now and always appreciate your unique (and sad) view. This has become a world-wide disaster and yet mainstream news omits it, nobody will even talk about it here in canada. Fear of the unknown, I guess. And yet being forewarned is forarmed, as the saying goes something like that:)

    Your effort is valid. Some people may disagree with me, but don’t get bullied into accounting for every penny you get in donations. That accouting takes up your valuable time. Besides, researching and blogging, take some time for yourself, to heal. Life is an epic journey and even more so for those who step out of the “box” and try to right the wrongs.

    I know you are trying to explain that you are financially hanging on by a thread and that you are being thrify but… People who give, should do so because they like what you do. That should be enough. They are investing in freedom of speach not some company.

    Money is just energy and you have to let it flow toward you unburdened. But hey, if you just happen to love accounting and book-keeping ignore what I just said, Lol!

    Best wishes to ya

    Best wishes

  8. Millions of Americans are prepping – more than we will ever know. “Hoarding” has been a staple of business. Not only that but concepts like aquaponics is spreading like wildfire. As a result I do not believe that we will be in that much trouble in 6 years, if that’s how long it takes for an implosion. Humanity will survive. But how many of us? Only time will tell. If Japan is a good place, they can start by giving their guests human rights. Then they will find the strength to pull together and place more value on their own citizens than money. I really believe that if people abuse the strangers in their society, that society will suffer plagues like Fukushima and the rest of Japan. I wouldn’t live there, but not because of the radiation. First and formost Japan needs to repent and give all humans human rights.

    And how many of you in Japan or otherwise are protecting your health? Are you just living like normal and eating food from Fukushima and fish from the Pacific, going maskless outside, not filtering air in the home, not eating food grown in humic soils, not using clay or zeolite to decontaminate, not eating foods with anti-cancer advantages, not sourcing your water from a pure location…. how many don’t do anything? The Japanese make me sad when I see them running around, no face masks, oblivious to the radiation everywhere. I know it is not their fault they are in denial, with all the confusion in the media, but someone needs to slap them in the face and say “wake up” you can live if you just try. Don’t ignore the dangers. Do whatever you can to protect your families. I would, if I lived there.

  9. Someone needs to give the rest of the world a slap, too. And thank God for the Japanese leaders and heroes who have risked everything and given everything to save the rest of us.

  10. Hi Mochizuki-san,

    Where in the world are you now? Are you not in Japan? I just saw Fukushima Diary yesterday for the first time, so I don’t know much about your situation.

    I’m Canadian, an English lecturer living and working in Kitami, Hokkaido. Are you saying that all of Japan is dangerous? That we should be leaving if we can? We have 2 children, ages 5 and 10. Of course, we want to protect them. We thought that because we live so far from the affected areas, we would be safe. People in Kitami, in Hokkaido, feel safe.

    So please tell me if you think we are not safe. We love Japan and had no intentions of leaving. But we will do anything to protect our children’s health.

    Please tell us what you think.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. It’s dangerous. Please leave as soon as possible. The problem is food and radioactive debris.
      and if another M7 hits Fukushima, Japanese government will shut down all the ways out. You need to be out before it happens.

      1. Hi Mochizuki,

        Thank you for your reply. Why would the Japanese government shut down the ways out if there is another earthquake? They didn’t do that a year ago.

        Thank you for the information you are sharing.

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