Thyroid pandemic

Following up this article ..26 of 3765 children had thyroid tumor

The result shows more 1091 children had tumor, which is smaller than 5.0mm.

In total, 1143 of 3765 (30.36%) had thyroid tumor.

Thyroid pandemic

Is this rate normal ?

The chairman of Exploratory Committee ,Yamashita Shunichi (Mr.100mSv) asserts,  it is all benignity for some reason.

Tajiri clinic, a physician, who specializes in thyroid disease, in Kumamoto answered like this below.

This is a Q&A with his patient about thyroid problem of a child. (1998)


相談内容ですが、三女(4歳・平成6年5月24生まれ・体重:15kg・身長:101cm)が、今年の6月頃より喉の右にしこり 出来、病院で見てもらい甲状腺に腫瘍が、出来ており検査をしてもらいました。検査内容は、血液検査、尿検査、レントゲン、超音波、穿刺吸引細胞診をしました。結果は良性の腫瘍と言われましたが、4cmにもなっておりやはり手術が、必要と言われました。月1回の定期検査をして、なるべく小学1年生まで延ばしたいと言われました。体重が25kgぐらいでないと、麻酔を使うのがあぶないそうです。
病院では、4歳の子供は、初めてといわれました。先生は、とっても優しいのですが、検査が恐くて病院嫌いになっています。 どうしたらよろしいでしょうか?


My third daughter (4 years old, born in 5/24/1994,15kg,101cm) got a tumor on her right side of thyroid since last June. had blood test, urine test, X-ray, ultrasound, and fine-needle aspiration cytology and the doctor said it is benignity. However, it’s already 4cm, he told me she might need a surgery. Because it is risky unless she weighs 25kg, he wants to wait until she becomes 6 years old. Is there any way not to have surgery ?

The hospital told me it was their first time to see a 4 years old girl. The doctor is really nice but my daughter is scared of the tests, she got to hate hospitals.






I’m sincerely sorry for you. First of all, thyroid nodule of children is really rare. According to a medical report, 20~73% of thyroid nodule grows to cancer in case of children. From the result of ultrasound and fine-needle aspiration cytology, it is likely to benignity, but follicular cancer of the thyroid can not be detected by those 2 tests sometimes. In your case, it is already 4cm, which is very large. I recommend you to have surgery. TSH medication can only treat 20% of the cases, it can not be recommended. Ethanol local injection would be very painful for her. As a result, there is no other way than surgery with general anesthesia seemingly. ….



As a result, that “30%” is extraordinary, and 20~73 % of them would grow to be cancer.



  1. HORRIBLE. Chernobyl Redux. Those Japanese have to wake up to the rest of the world and fast!!… This is a replay of what happened in the Russian disaster–Thyroid cancer was the primary, number one health impact of the nuclear fallout in 1986…even years later.

    Sending your children in for major surgery, slicing their necks???

    Sending them in for chemotherapy? The loss of major master
    glands that keep them alive and affect every cell in the body?

    It’s no picnic, that’s for sure!! The thyroid is totally underestimated,
    but easily poisoned.

  2. My heart goes out to these poor children and their families. One can only imagine how much stress and psychological pain they are experiencing, caused by this horrific, senseless crime against humanity inflicted upon the citizens of Japan by TEPCO.

    There is NO excuse to continue nuclear power generation in any country from here on out. Even just ONE child getting thyroid cancer or a cyst, lump, etc. is ONE TOO MANY. Our money and efforts need to be put 100% into alternative energy sources.

    Iori, we Americans who are aware of the ongoing situation in Japan are 100% in support of you and the Japanese citizens trying to save their children from the harmful effects of radiation fallout

    Sadly, the mainstream media has blocked stories such as these in the U.S., so unfortunately, only a small minority of citizens even know what it going on there in Japan.

    It is truly unconscionable and SHAMEFUL that we would turn our backs on our friends in Japan, and instead, stick our heads in the sand and hide the truth of the extent of the suffering and irreparable damage done from Fukushima…just to save an industry that is slowly killing us ALL with their “permissible releases” of low-level radiation venting from all nuclear power plants.

    (See today’s news about yet another “event” at a nuclear power plant in the state of Illinois in America in which they lost power and have had to vent tritium-laced steam to the atmosphere. It is pure insanity that we should continue on this path of death and destruction, all for the love of money, a.k.a. GREED…)

    Save our planet before it is too late! END nuclear power NOW!

    Keep up the great work, Mochizuki-san! We are with you 100%!

  3. We had same in Ukraine after Chernobyl – there were larger numbers of various types of cancer, and thyroid cancer had been present among chidlren, only they had been kept at minimum possible publicity. Medical institutions had been given vocal (unwritten) order to either hide raw statistics data or re-address patients to Russian and Byelorussian medical system if patient’s relatives could help. My wife had been looking after Chernobyl children in recreational facilities in next few years where she had been on job training during her university years. She said all children were in fatigue condition, like someone kept them on adult-level stress for year or two.

    If you had same levels of radiation, you should also look after your young adults exposed to Fukushima and aftermath when they start to bear children — there will be anomalies too, mostly from list of medical conditions caused by genetical issues but _not_ related to those young parents have themselves. in other words, newly born children will be subject of additional genetic selection via nuclear radition as source of additional genetic variation, not present in parents.

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