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2 chat places and 1 forum

We struggled a bit but managed to put 2 chat boxes. 1 forum may come soon too. 1 chat box is on the right bar,above the calendar. It’s a brief


Minamisoma woman says: my husband had a nosebleed

Following up this article The husband of minamisoma woman had a nosebleed all of a sudden. Her report says that her husband had a lot of nosebleed (about 30 ml)


Breaking News: 0.76 microSv/h from Seaweed from Korean east coast

2012 Jan 2nd, South Korea, Seaweed radioactivity test (part 1) from joytek on Vimeo. On 1/2/2012, they measured 0.76 microSv/h from seaweed, which is from the east coast of Korea.(Unopened)


Former plant engineer talks Tepco is taking a chance for reactor 4

Following up this article Tepco officially admitted the decreasing water level of the tank at reactor 4 was caused by the earthquake on 1/1/2012.(Source) Tepco states the water did not


Painting of a Japanese junior high school student

A poster painted by a Japanese junior high school student. “Help me ! The government doesn’t do anything for us !” (Source) Iori Mochizuki