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A Japanese actor Kubozuka Yosuke evacuated his family from Tokyo

  大きな地図で見る   Japanese actor and musician Kubozuka Yosuke (32) had his wife (29) and son (8) evacuate from Yokosuka to Osaka. Yokosuka is south to Tokyo, a city in


Over 10,000 of Fukushima cattle have been sold

    Over 10,000 of cattle in Fukushima have been sent to the market by 1/16/2012 since they lifted the restriction of selling Fukushima cattle in last August. They assert


Crematorium is overbooked in Kanagawa

A Japanese citizen living in Kanagawa tweeted crematorium in her area is overbooked because of too much death.   @ma_chako まちゃこ 「神奈川県に住む知り合いが亡くなった。しかし葬儀が10日後だと言うので不思議に思って聞いたら、火葬場が混んでいて、ダビに出来ない」と言う。死因は心筋梗塞による突然死。先週も神奈川県の友人が突然死した。葬儀社に問い合わせたら今は死者が多く火葬場が混んでいて一週間以上待たされるという Source <Translation> One of my friends in Kanagawa died,


Cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of cattle

Prof. Hashimoto Manabu from Institute of development, aging and cancer in Tohoku University confirmed cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of stray

Domestic and global Environment

23,920 Bq/Kg of cesium from Ichikawa Chiba

They measured 23,920 Bq/Kg of cesium from the soil in Ichikawa Chiba. Ichikawa is one of the major cities in Chiba, which was not known as a hot spot so far.


Tepco’s second biggest stockholder moved their capital to an Indian investment company

Following up this article ..Small Japan turned out to be only for rich people Nissay announced they are going to invest 22 billion yen into Reliance capital asset management Ltd.


Obvious gap of contamination between Tokyo and Okinawa

The gap of the contamination level was clearly shown in this experiment done in Tokyo and Okinawa, on 12/29/2011. In Tokyo, they measured radiation in Yoyogi Shibuya.   大きな地図で見る  


Tepco will raise the electricity cost for the families

  Tepco will raise the electricity bill for non-corporation consumers by 5~15% to pay for compensation and abandoning the nuclear plants. Tepco employees were paid bonus last December (Average 300,000JPY)

Natural disasters

Crustal change is heating the bottom of Biwa lake.

Sediment is blasted actively on the bottom of Biwako, the largest lake in Japan. Mr. Kumagai ,the chairman of Lake Biwa environmental research institute talks, the environment of the late

Contaminated water crisis

Highly radioactive water was found at 4 more locations

Tepco found highly contaminated water stocked at additional 4 locations in the trench facilities. 1. In the pit of water circulating pomp at reactor. 500 m3 Cs-134 : 7.1*10^3 Bq/cm3 Cs-137