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26 microSv/h from the leaves of Japanese cedar

Radioactive pollen is assumed to fly in Tokyo this Spring. A Japanese blogger measured the cedar leaves of Fukushima where the pollen will come from and it was 3,108 CPM.


Is Radiogenic lead hidden or missed ?

Following up this article At first, a Japanese lab (Isotope research institute) measured Strontium-90 from the sample. However Yokohama city government asserted it has nothing to do with Fukushima and


The worst vegetable mutation

Vegetable mutation: sample taken in June, Saitama. @masason (← CEO of Softbank) これは酷い… (2011/7/13) 6月埼玉にて収穫”” <Translation> This is horrible. (7/13/2011) Harvested in June, Saitama. <End> I suppose it’s a


Iwakishi is distributing Iodine preparation

Iwaki shi Fukushima has started distributing Iodine preparations to the citizens though they did NOT On 3/11. These are the tweets of Iwaki citizen: @yukitada0716 ゆきただ いわき市保健所から書留が来たので何かと思ったら安定ヨウ素剤だった。(Source) <Translation> received a


NY and..Mysterious nodding syndrome spreading through Uganda

Following up this article   Still no connection with radiation is confirmed, but the symptom seems similar to me. Lead-210 was found in Yokohama, which nobody has expected. There are


Breaking news : 8400 Bq/Kg of lead-210 was measured from sample of Yokohama

  Following up this article about soil contamination in Yokohama… Having measured Strontium-90 from the soil of Yokohama, we suspect it may contain plutonium too. We took 200g of the