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Breaking news : Possible leakage of skimmer surge tank of reactor 3

Because the SFP of reactor 4 is in crisis, we have paid all of our attention to reactor 4, but the FPC skimmer surge tank level of reactor 3 is

Spent Fuel Pools

Roads in Tokyo will be shut down at emergency

Metropolitan police department decided to ban some roads (Highway and normal roads) in emergency situation such as earthquake etc.. It’s supposed to let ambulance and fire truck go smoothly, but


Fallout in Fukushima is in the increasing trend

Following up this article about the increasing of fall-out in Fukushima… Having the lowest amount of the release on 1/5/2012, the fall-out amount is steadily increasing. None of the announcement


10L of water leakage “500,000Bq/cm3”

10:30AM 1/10/2012, a Tepco employee found water leaking from the tank to storage abandoned salty water after purifying system of highly contaminated water. It was 10L to leak. They say


Military helicopters observed around south Tokyo area

Around Yokohama, where is south to Tokyo, people are watching unusual number of military helicopter flying. Tweets @BGZSURF Mr.B これは鳥じゃないよ!ヘリコプターの大群!何かあったのか? <Translate> (About the picture above) This is not the bird,


Live : Minamisoma blogger is on Ustream

Following up this article about Fukushima women losing their hair… The Minamisoma blogger, Numauchi Emiko, is on Ustream right now. (Was a live event – no longer live) Independent journalist