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Contaminated water crisis

30kg of lead shield broke the joint of the pipes

Following up this article ..Another leakage at reactor 4. 100 microSv/h on surface 1/22/2012, Tepco announced it was because of the lead shield covered on the joint. The joint part

Natural disasters

Warning about pyroclastic flow from Sakurajima

  大きな地図で見る A Japanese volcano in Sakurajima is becoming active. 1/22/2012, 20:44, it erupted for the 142 times of this month, which broke the historical record of September of 2011


Power consumption forecast was a lie

    In the summer of 2011, Japanese government predicted Japan would be short of electricity by 9.2%, but they actually had another prediction to assume there would be still


Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters didn’t keep conference note

    Organization of Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters and United response headquarters of Japanese government and Tepco did not record conference note. NHK requested the access to official files on


0.4 microSv/h from filter of air purification system

  大きな地図で見る Even in Kumamoto, filters of air purification system and vacuum are contaminated. Because air purification system does not take the air in strongly, lungs of human are likely


JP Gov taxes compensation for nuclear damage

The national tax agency turned out to tax compensation money for nuclear disaster. If it’s for the loss of the profit by evacuation, harmful rumor or restriction of selling contaminated


3/12 NHK “(Whisper) Don’t read this draft about exposed fuel rods.”

3/12/2011, On NHK mid noon news, director stopped an announcer reading the news about exposed fuel rod assemblies. An NHK reporter Nomura Masaiku announced, “At 11:40 on 3/12/2011, fuel rod