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Hot particle monitorer alerted in Fukushima plant on 3PM 1/18, cancelled on 4PM

  Dust monitorer alerted to wear full face gas mask in Fukushima plants on 15:00 1/18/2012. It was the dust monitoring post to measure the hot particles in the air


Radiation is destroying Japanese real estate

Following up this article ..Population of Chiba decreased for the first time since 1920 The land value is decreasing in Hot spots around in Tokyo. According to the research of


This is how they measure fall-out level in Fukushima

Following up this article ..Fukushima fall-out spiked up again We have been following the information about Fukushima fall-out. However, we are starting to doubt the way of the measurement to

Domestic and global Environment

7100 Bq/Kg of cesium from river-head area dam

Ministry of the Environment measured 7,100 Bq/Kg of Cs134 and 137 from the ground soil of Shimagawa dam, which is a river-head area to Tokyo. They monitored 50 locations of