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Domestic and global Environment

The water supply facility was left open, and school doesn’t know since when

  The father to have 2 children go to elementary school tweeted about the management ability of a school in Japan. They live in Tamaku Kawasaki shi Kanagawa.   大きな地図で見る

Domestic and global Environment

Snowmelt will carry the radiation stocked in mountain

Science writer Hirose Takashi warns of the risk of snowmelt in Spring. Hirose Takashi pointed out the risk of internal exposure sooner than anyone else immediately after 311. He is


43,780 Bq/kg from firewood ash

43,780 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from the ash of firewood. This firewood was taken from a mountain and left in a yard of a house in Nihonmatsu shi Fukushima.


1 trillion yen to prepare to take out nuclear fuel

Nuclear energy is known to be cheap. Tepco and Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund have made a capital plan to invest 1 trillion yen to prepare for taking out the


33 people are exposed more than 10mSv/y (only external exposure)

    In Date shi, Fukushima, they found out 33 of 9443 city citizens will be exposed more than 10mSv/y. It was cleared from their analysis done from September to