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2 more people died suddenly around in Tokyo

Following up this article ..3 more sudden death in Yokohama Japanese journalist Kinoshita Kota reported 2 more people died suddenly around in Tokyo. 1. An infant living in Hayama Kanagawa


JR is going to prepare special containers only to carry radioactive debris

Japan Railway (JR) is planning to have a special container for radioactive debris. One train will carry 500 tons of debris. They state they won’t carry the debris which is


Red light at reactor 4

Red light is observed beside the reactor 4 on JNN live camera. It was not there at least on 1/8/2012. It can’t be seen on Fukuichi live camera. There is

Core removing struggle

Tepco is planning to check inside of the reactor2 by endoscope on 1/19

1/17/2012, NHK reported Tepco is planning to check inside of reactor2 by using endoscope on 1/19/2012. It is to see the water level and check the temperature inside of the

Food contamination

Farmers put too much fertilizer to all the tomatos in Fukushima

Fukushima farmers put too much fertilizer to all their tomatos to cause mutation. 10 cardboard boxes full of deformed tomatos were sold at supermarket, which belongs to seven and i


Another man died in decontamination in Fukushima

Following up this article..Radiation level increased double within 20 days after decontamination Another man (59) died in decontamination. On 1/17/2012, Japan atomic energy agency announced a man, who was involved


Fukushima fall-out spiked up again

Fall-out level in Fukushima was in a slow decreasing trend since 1/8/2012, but it spiked up again on 1/15/2012.     1/14/2012→1/15/2012 Cesium 134 : 13.5 → 81.7 (MBq/km2) Cesium


Breaking news : SPF cooling system got stopped at reactor 2,3,6,and 1,3 of daini

SFP cooling system of reactor 2,3,6 and 1 and 3 of Daini were stopped because of the trouble of power exchanging facility in Iwaki Fukushima. Along with the cooling system