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What was Fukushima ?

  This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity. It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is. From


Auditor of Tepco admits no responsibility of historical board members for Fukushima

Tepco’s auditor officially admitted zero responsibility for the historical board members. Stockholders and a lawyer Kawai Hiroyuki requested Tepco to sue the historical board members for the compensation caused by


Small Japan turned out to be only for rich people

This is a bad news for poor pro-nuclearer. Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to build a remote Japan in India It turned out this small Japan is


15 kinds of toxic elements measured from a female child’s nail in Saitama

Following up this article ..8400 Bq/Kg of lead-210 was measured from sample of Yokohama Toxic metal elements were measured from nails of a female child living in Saitama.   大きな地図で見る


110 million Bq/L of St-90 was leaked to the sea in December

Following up this article ..220 tons of highly radioactive water leaked and a part of it leaked to the sea What Tepco admitted was they leaked 45 tons of contaminated