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Actual Fukushima worker concerns reactor can’t last so long

  Following up this article ..Video of endoscope operation to reactor 2 Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 concerns reactor can not last until they manage to take out the fuel debris.


Iodine-131 measured from incineration plants in Tokyo

Not to mention, Cesium 134 and 137 are measured from incineration ash in Tokyo, Iodine 131 is still measured at variety of the facilities. It can be seen both of


Cesium measured from the air in Tokyo

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in the air of Tokyo on 1/20/2012. This may be from the incinerated ash from the radioactive debris, but the ratio of 134 and


Noam Chomsky mentions Fukushima

Japanese justice decided not to give the right to evacuate for Fukushima children. Noam Chomsky sent a message for it to show he supports the victims.   On 2012/01/12, at


12.8 microSv/h from Nikko, a major destination of school trip

They measured higher than 1 microSv/h at 284 of 1070 locations (1cm above from the ground, around street gutter etc..) in Nikko. 158 of 284 locations got decontaminated immediately, but


980 Bq/Kg from feed crop in Gunma

Gunma local government published the result of their measurement of feed crop. It was conducted from 11/14/2011~1/12/2012, only for cesium. The legal limit of feed crop is 300 Bq/Kg. 14


Tepco’s press release about Fukushima plant

Tepco released “the actual” pictures of Fukushima on 1/20/2012. The title is “Fukushima plants nicely shown by photographs”. It depresses me in many meanings but will post it here.  


Foreign tourist decreased by 2,400,000 in 2011

  Foreign tourist to Japan decreased by 2,400,000 (-27.8%) in 2011. 2010 : 8,610,000 2011 : 6,219,300 This is the biggest decrease since 1971, the next year when they held


Pu-238 measured from the ground soil of sea

In early September of 2011, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology measured marine soil offshore of Ibaraki, Fukushima and Miyagi.   They published the result on 1/20/2012 finally but it

Spent Fuel Pools

Where to go when SFP of reactor 4 falls off ?

At this moment, one of the biggest risk is the SFP of reactor 4. Japanese government talks they need to evacuate further than 250km (Around Yokohama), but this would be