Small Japan turned out to be only for rich people

This is a bad news for poor pro-nuclearer.

Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to build a remote Japan in India

It turned out this small Japan is only for “investors” from the article of Indian end.

Small Japan in India


According to The times of India, the small “Japan” is supposed to be a “township with residential and industrial facilities for Japanese investors.”

You can not live in the small “Japan” unless you can afford to invest in it.

Japanese people are already calling it “Noda’s ark” (cf.Noah’s ark).

Poor people are likely to be abandoned in the contaminated island.



Français :

Le Petit Japon se révèle être réservé uniquement aux riches


C’est une mauvaise nouvelle pour les pro-nucléaires pauvres.

Il se révèle que ce petit Japon est réservé seulement aux “investisseurs” de l’article en Inde.

Small Japan in India

Selon le Times of India, le “Petit Japon” est supposé être “une ville équipée de structures résidentielles et industrielles réservées aux investisseurs japonais.”

Vous ne pouvez vivre dans le “Petit Japon” si vous ne pouvez investir dedans.

Les japonais l’appellent déjà “L’arche de Noda” (cf. arche de Noé).

Les pauvres sont dévolus à être abandonnés sur l’île contaminée.

Article lié Le gouvernement japonais va construire un Japon déporté en Inde


  1. i’ve been watching fukushima from new orleans since march 11. my heart has broken one thousand times for the suffering i’ve seen on videos, front your website and others. please be strong…fight to stay alive and fight for the future of your family.

    please dont give up. please do not give up. you have to fight and be strong. your ancestors survived all those other disasters and you will too. do not give up. we see death but it is not for many years to come. we have to fight for the future so please do not give up.

    your government is wrong. the american government is treating its citizens the exact same way – lies, misinformation or no information.

    God loves you. God did not do this…this is humanity’s mess. if i could fix it i would. love to you. come live with me if you can get out of japan.

  2. yes we see death…but you and me and us we are not dead!

    we are alive and only humans can provide for humans.

    so what if the rich folks leave…then that means you organize yourselves. develop the reality you need to survive. tell the world what you want to survive and the world will provide it. figure out how to feed yourselves. tell us (the world what to send and we will send it!)

    organize yourselves to survive. organize the health care you need. create treeroot citizen groups across the island in each prefecture. find out where the cleanest food is. cleanest water. only trust yourselves. tell the government to end all burning of waste today. tell the government to stop driving radioactive waste around the island today.

    all ratioactive waste is to be isolated in fukushima prefecture. everyone is to be evacuated from fukushima except energy crews. use all the nonradioactive earthquake destroyed building materials as a giant wall between fukushima and the rest of the island.

    be kind to yourselves. love yourselves. this is NOT your fault! something evil did this.

    tell the world what you want – we will give it. elect new officials. elect new members to office. keep living! let the rich folks leave. protect yourselves. be ruthlessly honest with each other to survive. everyone has been lied to enough. i love you.

  3. either way do not give up! YOU ARE NOT DEAD!

    there is a different way to do almost all of life that is healthier and better.

    all humans should live in monolithic domes but we dont. what is a Monolithic Dome? well its Among the World’s Most Indestructible Homes. Monolithic Domes are proven survivors of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. they’re cheap to build.
    they make a car that runs on compressed air in france right now. all humans should drive cars that run on compressed air but we dont.

    and finally einstein said nuclear power was a hell of a way to boil water. japan sits in energy…water energy. water is the energy. that’s why God made us humans mostly of water – water is energy. someone somewhere knows how to convert nuclear power plants into hydroelectric power plants.

    i am very proud of the japanese people and how you’ve dealing with the disasters. you have my complete compassion. thank you for shutting down the other nuclear plants. i thank you from the world from the billions that dont even know this is going on. do not give up. thank you. (bow) thank you.

  4. research indoor vertical gardening

    master kinetic water energy – microhydroturbines in each community

    and i think i’m done

    love to you

    be blessed always

  5. okay i’ve one last thing i hope

    use the debris from the earthquake and tsunami to plug fukushima up. water is just pollution for the ocean. we need megatons of something to plug that thing up. maybe some really wet sluggy thick concrete and debris needs to crushed into fukushima..i guess..i dont know. love to you. take care of yourself. be kind to yourselves. the world does care.

  6. If there where any dubt of resposibility, credibility, downplating and the constant flattout lies from the Goverment of Japan and TEPCO, you know that now.

    The treason I have stated is becamed obvious, they evacuate and runn from Japan and leavs the rest behind to die. They dint give a shitt about you, or you children and land of Japan.

    That is and alway have been reagarded as Treason of a Nation and its people, there is infact nothing more selfish and ugly thing you can do to a people, runn of and lett them Die.

    They sould have been arested and charged for Treason.
    Not only against the people of Japan but to all of us, they have fu..up everything. The damages done is worldwide and thats not anouf, if pool 4 colapses and fals to the groud, even India becames irrelevant. I also belive they are stupid and ignorant anouf to belive they are safe, there, thats a selfimposed ilution and a lie. The only dofference is Time, the damages to people, spec children is already done.
    I tink they are actualy that fu.. stupid, jesus christ how braindead is it possible to be.

    And Okinava(Sapporo?) is worse then the rest of Japan, as I expected, simply by the windpatterns.

    You know, they could have managed to restrain or reduse radiation, but did nothing, instead they sweept it under a carpet, this is the result of that.
    I belive this is becoming an ELE,
    (i dont consider wikkipedia as a reliable source, but this is fair anouf)
    is Tjernobyl on steroids.
    This is NO joke.
    And i also agree in the aspect of a full spectrum poisoning, the real reason for the divertion of attention.
    To the “minor” list of Isotops.

    This is bad, realy bad.
    And to my utter horror, its getting even worse.
    And as to the “riddicouling” of women, the Fukushima Mothers(they have my deepest and profoundest respect from the bottom of my hart) are the only true Warriores/fighting spirit left in Japan.
    They are the ones that sould be suported, because right now they are fighting for the survival of the land known as Japan.
    If nobody helps or suports them Japan is doomed, and will forever be a nuklear waist land.

    wake up, japan, wake up

  7. Knowledge of this escape plan for the powers that be, if it spreads among normal Japanese people, should start a revolution ! But Japanese people are generally quite passive politically, except for the loud trucks of the fascists. I hope more people join the protests. Please keep us informed about the reactions of Japanese people to this incredible news !

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