15 kinds of toxic elements measured from a female child’s nail in Saitama

Following up this article ..8400 Bq/Kg of lead-210 was measured from sample of Yokohama

Toxic metal elements were measured from nails of a female child living in Saitama.



Her mother took the sample of her daughter’s nail to a lab and this result was turned out on 1/14/2012.


15 kinds of toxic elements measured from a female child's nail in Saitama


15 kinds of toxic elements measured from a female child's nail in Saitama 2


Cobalt : 1.15 mg/kg

Lithium : 0.03 mg/kg

Strontium : 1.57 mg/kg

Aluminum  : 17.07 mg/kg

Antimony : 0.02 mg/kg

Arsenic-total : 0.12 mg/kg

Barium : 0.46 mg/kg

Bismuth : 0.07 mg/kg

Cadmium : 0.02 mg/kg

Lead : 0.55 mg/kg

Mercury : 0.84 mg/kg

Nickel : 1.62 mg/kg

Tin : 0.24 mg/kg

Titanium : 0.44 mg/kg

Zirconium : 0.02 mg/kg


In Chernobyl, the main problem might have been cesium, but in Fukushima, if you only focus on cesium, you’ll be misled. The main matter would be these metals and uranium.


  1. Mochi:

    The only element considered “high” above is mercury.

    I would guess that is mostly from burning of coal for power plants in… China.

    Perhaps also from industrial processes in Japan.

    And that would all fall out in the pacific ocean, and bioaccumulate and biomagnify in the fish and dairy in children’s diets…

    (remember minamata disease!!? “no problem!”)

    Will our bodies evolved quickly enough? No, because we’ll run out of fossil fuels within 100 years. It won’t matter. But the “short term” damage for the next seven generations may be substantial…it already is.

  2. I understood Chernobyl did release a very wide range of radioisotops too but one of the long living one is cesium 137 and this is the one they were talking about the most. I do understand Fukushima means a much higher quantity of each radionucleid.

    If anybody wants to pick up all the radiations emitted, please stay close to Fukushima. For people wanting to avoid any radiation, there is no place.
    When we are far away from Fukushima, we get more diluted radioisotops, so less in quantity and avoid a very large amount of radiation emitions, and we are likely to cross a less wide range of these radionucleids because part of it has already decayed. So our body can be less overloaded with repairing radiation damage and eventually overcome it, staying in some sort of “up to day”status, only aging faster in the best of best cases.

    Source concerning Chernobyl fallout I refer to here is RADNET information about source points of anthropogenic radioactivity. Sorry I’m unable to put the direct link here.

    However since technology has advanced since Chernobyl, speaking about Fukushima’s nuclear fuel does not only mean a much higher level in quantity but also higher levels in quality of extreme toxicity (MOX).

    As radioactive releases are officially allowed for every facility on Earth plus incidents and a percentage of accidents exists, it means we allow radioactivity to take place on Earth more and more. As it’s “life” is much longer than any living species here, we are exchanging the entire world for radioactivity. Exposing the DNA of every species.

    And hardly any people accept to speak about it… dear sister frogs, aren’t you feeling heated? Is it time to pray?

    Is it time to ask for multi dimensional help? Can radioactivity be transmuted or understood in a harmonious form? Do we have to transmute the killing power we have bind to radioactivity?

    Are there ways to stabilize radionucleids? Could ORMUS help?

    Who has the ability to do the work? May it start now.

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