Auditor of Tepco admits no responsibility of historical board members for Fukushima

Tepco’s auditor officially admitted zero responsibility for the historical board members.

Stockholders and a lawyer Kawai Hiroyuki requested Tepco to sue the historical board members for the compensation caused by Fukushima catastrophe.
On 1/16/2012, the auditor of Tepco replied to the stockholders, they will not sue the historical stockholders.
They state the reason is because “For Tsunami guard and the actions to end the trouble, no historical board members have responsibility. “, which does not explain why at all.

Lawyer Kawai talks, the auditor of Tepco does not have any critical view over the board members, which is what they are supposed to be for.We can’t help feeling anger.
He is planning to file a derivative lawsuit for 5500 billion yen of compensation from the board members around by the end of January at Tokyo District Court.


原発事故「全取締役に責任なし」 株主に東電が通知




2012/01/16 21:43 【共同通信】

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