Japanese government is going to build a remote Japan in India

Japanese government is going to build a remote Japanese city in Chennai of India by cooperating with private sector.
It can accommodate 50,000 people with factory complex, shopping mall, and hospital etc..
Edano, minister of economy visited Chennal on 1/10/2012 to ask for the state’s help.

Mizuho corporate bank and JGC corporation are going to invest 4 billion JPY on the local development company.
Factory complex (2.3 km2) will start being sold from this summer, they will already start operating the factories in 2013.
Residential area will have 2 km2 area, consist of resort city beside Indian ocean, which will be developed from 2013. Japanese shopping mall, golf course, hospitals with Japanese doctors will be included too.

This plan was announced without any advance notice, and starting the factories in 2013 is really soon.
It’s giving some Japanese people the impression that Japanese government is building the ark only for rich people.







(2012年1月5日14時35分 読売新聞)



Français :

Le gouvernement japonais va construire un Japon déporté en Inde


Le gouvernement japonais va construire une ville japonaise déportée à Chennai en Inde avec la coopération du secteur privé.
Elle pourra héberger 50 000 personnes avec un complexe d’usines, des centres commerciaux, un hôpital, etc..
M. Edano, ministre de l’Économie, a visité Chennal le 10 janvier 2012 pour demander l’aide de l’état.

La Mizuho corporate bank et la JGC corporation vont investir 4 milliards de JPY dans les entreprises développées localement.
Un complexe d’usines (2,3 km²) sera mis en vente à partir de cet été, les usines démarreront dès 2013.
La zone résidentielle fera 2 km², consistera en un complexe urbain situé à côté de l’océan indien et sera développée à partir de 2013. Y seront également incorporés, un centre commercial japonais, un parcours de golf, des hôpitaux avec des médecins japonais.

Ce plan a été annoncé sans avis préalable et le lancement des usines en 2013 est vraiment rapide.
Ça donne l’impression à certains japonais que leur gouvernement est en train de construire une arche uniquement pour les riches.


  1. There are more and more news being published confirming that the recommendations given by the otherworldly Messages since the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear disaster were right, but nobody took them serious.
    Now that people are getting sick, action will be taken. Otherworldly Messages recommended since the beginning the evacuation of Tokyo and then to leave Japan because radiation will go on.
    Please read the Messages !

  2. They are probably doing this in India because land and food are very cheap there compared to most other places.

    India could be an option for some Japanese. There is a lovely hotel in Varanasi (Benares) owned by a Japanese woman, and visa conditions are ok for business travelers.

    On the other hand, it is very difficult for individuals to obtain permanent residence in India if they’re not married to a person of Indian origin.

    Perhaps groups have an easier time, especially if they’re wealthy and sponsored by the government.

    Even though I like India a lot, I find this “covert operation” quite scandalous.

  3. Preparing for a mass evacuation to a “safer” destination perhaps?

    …probably for Tepco and Government personnel ??

  4. “It’s giving some Japanese people the impression that Japanese government is building the ark only for rich people”.

    Absolutely so. What a shameless bunch of criminals.

  5. They will never live to see this wonderland built. If India has any brains at all it will make the Japanese murderers stay in Japan and face their actions.

    All corporations and banks in Japan need to devote their efforts to saving their countrymen devastated by Fukushima. They have supported Tepco’s misdeeds and they must face what they have done to the people.

    If the rich attempt to run, the entire world will see them as cowards to be taken advantage of. Their assets will be available to anyone for the taking. They will have no one to fight their battles for them.

    There will be no place in this world for them to be safe or find rest.

  6. The construction a segment of New Tokyo, is a statement by the Japanese Political Rulers, that they know that the nation’s capital is no longer viable. The establishment of New Japan through the establishment of survival colonies throughout the Southern Hemisphere is the only option.

    Forced migrations such as these have precidence in History.

    The tipping point or game changer has been reached.
    In the face of Reactor #4 spent fuel pool New Year’s burn and the spread of it’s MOX fuel particles throughout Northern Japan. As predicted, the collapse of #4 spent fuel pool and MOX fuel burn was the game changer, and all bets of recovery are off.

    The level of contamination has reached and exceeded levels found in the uninhabitalbe Bikini Atoll. And the evacuation of Japan continues at the highest levels of Japanese Society.

  7. This is not nothing less than the building of a Japanese colony. Japan is annexing a part of India and didn’t even need a war to take it. The power of money..

  8. When I hear, there is another conference or briefing regarding nuclear crisis in Japan, in which million of dollars is being spent on airplane tickets, hotels, cocktail parties etc. to gather those experts and media, I
    wonder where was the cream of media, all experts and Japanese government when localization of Fukushima plant was setup.
    Who is going to pay for the worldwide monitoring programs on sea waterways and roadsteads contamination and the food safety?

  9. Iori Mochizuki, hope you are amused by my writing.

    If you’re not happy, please take it down immediately. I meant it as a satire of a very callous and cynical action by people who have all the money, all the power, all the options. Not sure if it will be seen as comedy. It is yours now.

    Sincerely hope you are doing O.K. You are a brave man, Iori.


    The Gangster’s cousin’s wife.

    Japan government is going to set up in India? Is that a problem?

    Powerful people no longer protected by the security of Japan’s laws and cronyism are with their families in a foreign country, inside there own settlement is like paying for their own concentration camp.

    I suppose the gangs will get an invite, too? No gangsters? Gangsters stay in Japan? No, Gangsters not stay in Japan, Gangster wants to go to India, too.

    Many to protect rich man from India gangs, of course. No Japan army in India, need lots of Japan and India gangsters for rich man protection.

    No police, O.K?

    O.K. No army. No police.

    Just nice gangster and nice rich man and nice family.

    No body guards. Gangster cousins are also bodyguards. Nice cousins likes race horse, likes cards, likes roulette, never enough money, children dressed like little janitors.

    Work extra hard as bodyguard to earn enough tips for casino.

    “We love India”, Gangster cousin’s wife says. “Just like heaven”, she says.

  10. This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. There have been some silly ideas cooked up in the past, but the choice of India is a real mind blower. India will eat what’s left of the Japanese race, but I guess that’s cool with them……..

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