There was nuclear fuel in reactor 4

There was nuclear fuel in reactor 4

Reactor 4 had nuclear fuel in it. The Fukushima blogger leaked information on her blog.

<Quote start>
Yesterday I heard this story.
これを、ブログに上げて いいものなのか どうか ・・・
I wasn’t sure if I should post it on the blog.

これまでの 【 東電 】 からの 「 発表 」 が、
一から、崩れるものでしたから ・・・
It proved all the announcement of Tepco was wrong.


その 「 作業員 さん 」 が、でたらめを言うはずもなく ・・・
The nuclear worker is trustworthy.
I slept on it.

【 原発 】 で 働く 「 一 作業員 さんの お話 」 として、読んでください。
Please read the post below as a story I heard from a Fukushima worker.

「一 作業員 さん 」 の お話
A story of a nuclear worker.

4号機は、定期検査を終えて、3.11 の 午前中に 起動する予定だった。
Tepco was planning to start reactor 4 in the AM of 311.

( つまり、燃料棒 は、入っていた )
(The nuclear fuel was in reactor.)

「 作業員 さん たち 」 は、
『 4号機には 近づくな 』 と言われていた。
Nuclear workers were told not to get close to reactor 4.
4号機の 配管に 「 ヒビ 」 が入っており、
They found a crack on the pipe of reactor 4,
so they cancelled to start it as scheduled.

その日に 大震災に見舞われた。
It was hit by the earthquake on the same day.

地震が 起こり、
すぐに 「 メルトダウン 」 が起きた。
Soon after the earthquake hit it,
meltdown started.

4号機は、起動していなかったため、「 冷却水 」 も 回らない 。
Because reactor 4 was stand-by, cooling system could not be started either.

「 汚染水 」 が、たまっている所 ・・・

About the storage place of contaminated water.
I have seen the place reported on News.

別の 「 タンク 」 のものと 考えられる。
It’s not the storage place of contaminated water. It’s somewhere else.

「 タービン建屋 」 に たまっている 「 水 」 は、
The contaminated water stocked at turbin building was already discharged to the sea months ago.
4号機の 「 破損 」 が、激しい。
The damage of reactor 4 is serious.

【 東電 】 は、
5号機 6号機 や、
第2原発 1 ~ 4号機も、動かすつもりでいる。
However, Tepco is planning to restart reactor 5, 6 and reactor 1~4 of daini.


ぬまゆ です。

If it’s true,
( ウソをつくような 「 作業員 さん 」 では ありません )
(The nuclear worker is trustworthy.)
メルトダウンした 燃料が、たまっており、
In the container vessel of reactor4, melted fuel is stocked,

人の力で どうにかなるものでもなく、
but there is no technology developed to pick it up,

「 メルトアウト 」 も、
時間の問題 ・・・ ということになります。
It’s only the matter of time for it to have melt-out.

もって、あと 1年 ・・・。
The longest time would be one year.

If another earthquake hits it, it’s over.

「 メルトアウト 」 したら、海に流れ出ます。
Technically speaking, if it goes melt-out, it would flow to the sea.
日本の 「太平洋側 」 と 「 アメリカ 西海岸 」 には、
Pacific ocean side of Japan and west side of America won’t be inhabitable anymore.

<Quote end>


  1. If this is true, it should be the main priority for TEPCO. Maybe it has not been talked about too much so far because it is where the lab to research on how to make an atomic bomb is located. Is or has TEPCO been cooling it down as for the other reactors?
    If not, it raises questions and maybe no fuel was there on 03/11.

  2. I think the JEws destoryed Japan with HAARP because Japan will not go along with the New OWrld Order. I think if you compare Chernobyl and the area it destroyed then Japan must be finished. They just don’t know it yet. The whole country should be abandoned and nculear power should be abandoned. It would take just one more earthquake and one more meltdown before the people decided they don’t want nuclear power. WHen big business decides we just get more pollution.

  3. “Keep it up Iori. There are people around the world who respect what you’re doing. May the Lord bless you & your work.”

    1. Please people read the Jewish Talmud. There are strict laws these people must abide by; including the destruction of others .

      1. true, but if you read the whole thing you will find that their definition of “people” is not all inclusive.

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  4. Thinking nuclear reactors are safe is complete insanity.

    Creating operating nuclear reactors is complete insanity.

    The way humanity has dealt with the Fukushima disaster is complete insanity.

    Humans — consistently insane, all for the love of money.

  5. Is it time for a worldwide revolution to stop the insanity yet? Also why isn’t Israel being blamed for the failure at Fukushima? After all it was an Israeli security company that managed Fukushima and STUXNET was found there too which prevented safety measures. Are we living in a time of nuclear blackmail? Japan, you have enough money to be free. Develop your own clean technology and kick out all foreigners. Your future is yours, to hell with Rothschiild monopoly. Or the George Bush mafia. Japan go your own way now. You deserve to. Foreigners did this to your nation.

  6. With plots and sub plots of stored nuclear weapons grade plutonium and what not, it’s only going to get worse.

    If people what to get behind something world-altering:

    I just met with a close friend from Japan last week. He is a well known author and “Expert”. He assured me that all is fine and Fukushima is being overblown. Clearly the MSM is still winning in Japan.


  7. This is a load of CRAP. IF there was fuel in reactor 4, so it could be started that day, WHY does THIS high resolution drone photo clearly show the reactor dome OFF the reactor and in the service area where it should be, as it should be? HMMM?

    No cap on the reactor means NO FUEL INSIDE.

    It was getting it’s internal stainless steel shroud replaced, AS STATED BY TEPCO. It takes DAYS to re-attach that cap. Scheduled for startup the morning of 3/11? BULL HOCKEY!

  8. 2~1~5993

    So sad for your news! We are all under nuclear threat!
    If Iran/Russia attacks (Ezekiel 38, 39, Psalm 91) Israel AND the U.S. (Possibly in Abib ~ April), final END TIMES begin!

    WHO SURVIVES?? Those who believe in the Father and Son
    (Yahweh and Yahshua), John 3:16 Original Hebrew Scroll,
    Revelation 14:1 PRAY NOW TO RECEIVE BOTH!!!

    Yahshua returns SOON and no New World Order under The Vatican’s CROSS can stop Him! HalleluYah!
    This ancient transliterated Hebrew(YES JEWISH!)word means, “Praise ye Yah!”

    1. praise YAH ………… come quickly !
      only the wicked would not want HIM to come now ….. right now !

  9. Yikes.!! I dont want the Pacific ocean to die.!! I have an idea.!..use remote controlled helicopters to dump tones and tons of zirconium..Then on top of that dump tones of liquid nitrogen,,then more tones of the fire retardent they use in Canada for choking off forest fires…maybe have to mix all togther then dump in hole of this reactor..the slurry will leach down to where the radioactive core sits..might just cool it off & snuff it out.!!..If this is attempted in different combinations it may work,,good kuck..Oh, if it works you can pay me later..I always wanted to visit Japan..but only if its safe..

  10. You know, I’m just shocked that our “So Called” “leaders” cannot understand how deadly these nuclear energy is. It’s outrageous! I mean, all they do it for is money, that’s all. They seem that they can care less for the innocent. Why do we need to get advanced? That’s my question, why do we need to get advanced? I mean, if this happens and we lose life in the pacific, then we’re in even more trouble. Because we’ve had that BP Oil spill that no one is even talking about anymore seemingly. That destroyed a lot of our food supply, and now the tsunami with the reactors melting down, that puts just about all of our food supplies full of radiation. Do we really want to go this far with our plants? If they do, then it’s pretty obvious that our “So Called” “leaders” want all of us dead. If you want to learn a little about nuclear power, watch the movie “The China Syndrome”. That movie can pretty much tell us why we don’t need nuclear power and what it can do. Email me for any questions if you have any.

  11. You know, this whole situation is tragic and criminal enough, without adding plainly nutty/deliberate disinformation. Don’t we get enough lies from TEPCO and the government? So people on the anti-nuke side need to lie too? Or would this be ‘well poisoning’, where ridiculous claims are spread to make the good side look untrustworthy?

    “Tepco was planning to start reactor 4 in the AM of 311.”
    Right, that would explain all the photos we’ve seen of the #4 reactor pressure vessel lid parked over to the side of the crane room floor, amid the debris. Because they were going to start up the reactor without the lid on. Since the term ‘Pressure Vessel’ is just a little joke, and reactors work more like a nice cup of tea. Right?

    “However, Tepco is planning to restart reactor 5, 6 and reactor 1~4 of daini.”
    5 & 6, I can believe. But 1 to 4? This person is delusional or lying. Please don’t damage your worthy site by passing on such rubbish without critical thought.

  12. 日本人で、母国語の日本語以外を知らない為に、日本語でレスを付ける事を失礼します。




    (by Google Translation)

    I am a Japanese, for non-Japanese do not know the native language, and then to mark the less rude in Japanese.

    Japan, I do not know if they continue to hide is still TEPCO Why demand from the government, is becoming no longer be widely reported in the mass media, with the exception of the Fukushima some areas radioactive contamination to announce the government’s blue now situation has been announced (ie pollution is not serious).

    However, if you look at the information agency of overseas research institutes and observation, absolutely can not believe the word of the prime minister said at the time the Japanese tube “is not immediate health hazard” and has been seriously polluted already has a total area.

    It is heard that the influence of the radioactivity in 1 to 2 years after the accident at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it comes out will impact the future.

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