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Minamisoma blogger, Numauchi Emiko, on interview

Following up this article about Fukushima women losing their hair

The Minamisoma blogger, Numauchi Emiko, is on Ustream right now. (Was a live event – no longer live)

Independent journalist Iwakami Yasumi had an interview with her.

(Note, the original movie was missing on ustream so changed the embed code on 23:00 1/10/2012)

Q, Do you believe the government ?

A, No,I don’t even doubt. I know they tell just lies.

Q, Why do you stay in Minamisoma ?

A, To prove government is killing us by using my own body. On 3/14, I thought that was already too late to evacuate, taking it into consideration that the reactors had already exploded and Tepco had released tons of radionuclides by venting. My place is not in the evacuating zone. Government still keeps telling us it’s not dangerous, so I wanted to prove how a human becomes if they live as the government tells us to do. Everyone dies. I thought this would be my best way to burn the rest of my life. This is why I recorded details of my health problem, but honestly it was faster than I thought.

Q, How did the symptom go ?

A, From June to August, had diarrhea like water. At first I though I had something bad. I finally associated it with radiation on 8/13. My fingers ( except for the thumb and pointing finger) got numb. More and more area started feeling numb. It hurt too. Even the doctor couldn’t tell why. My arms and neck didn’t have numb. When one month and half have passed since the beginning, numb feeling disappeared. Doctor told me, the symptom might be on and off. From 8/18, my jaw started having terrible pain. Doctor couldn’t tell why either. got prescribed for pain killer and suppository but worked only for 3 a result of blood test on 8/25. The inflammation reaction turned out to have become worse but don’t know where the inflammation was.

All the fingers started feeling numb. In October, felt like something was stuck between the teeth, and 3 teeth fell off. got the doctor prescribe pain killer again. After all, 4 teeth fell off. had remaining teeth pulled off too because they hurt too much. lost 8 teeth in total. Dentist told me not to come anymore because he doesn’t want to pull it anymore.

My hands got bladder on 10/20. not itchy or painful. It grew every 10 minutes. Yellow water is inside. There was nothing wrong at night  but it appeared in the morning. spread inunction on hands. 30 minutes later, my legs got bladder too. Doctors couldn’t tell why either.

The next symptom was fatigue. couldn’t move for 3 days. 10/22, got prescribed hypnotic to rest well. 10/26, got fever.Average temperature was about 35℃ but it went up to 37℃. Blood pressure increased too. (140,93)

11/9, extreme fatigue. couldn’t even open the eyes. started losing hair from November. Niece told me I was balding.

kept losing hair in December too. felt too tired to sit on chair. Nails dropped off too. had my hair cut to be 3cm but still kept losing.

Husband had nosebleed in the toilet. He has hardly had nosebleed.

Met old friend (42). She had hair until October but had to wear a wig in December. She and her husband both were suffering from fatigue.

Q, What do you want to do in the future ?

A, want to live until 120 years old. want them to send my dead body to a lab in Germany or somewhere to study.


That’s stress from radio phobia. Women are worse at handling stress.

  1. There is a fundamental need for independent confirmation on what she is saying. She essentially is saying that she wants to stay there to disprove the government lies (by destroying her health???), but then later she is saying she wants to live to be 120 years old (???). These statements are contradictory and cause doubt in the truth of what she says. There is a very strong need to find a more reliable source to confirm the truth on the severity of the health problems AND the breaking down of the #4 spent fuel rod pool.

    1. I guess she thinks she won’t die though she’ll have tons of variety of the disease. but..

    2. Confirm what? That she has those symptoms? She already goes to the doctor so it’s on record. People shouldn’t have to defend their symptoms. There are surely a lot of people with her symptoms. She is just coming out publicly with it.

      And it’s not contradictory to say she wants to live to 120. She obviously would rather live a long time than not.

      1. Exactly! Richard Pryor said, “Symptoms? You lookin’ at the symptom mfkr!” Try telling a doctor about the aluminum and barium and other crap they drop on us with the chemtrails every day. Most of the world is in denial about everything that is happening to us and the entire planet. The Mayans may have it right. They just didn’t tell us that these reptiles would end our world for us. It’s only going to get worse so this lady is not as crazy as she might seem.

        K must work in the nuclear industry. They were out in force when Fukushima first happened. Those goons are eating crow now.

        1. It’s already worse than Chernobyl.

          Tranlsation was a little difficult, I don’t understand what she means by getting bladder hands and legs.

      2. I believe her symptoms are valid and true, but the cause is up for further testing. Radiation poisoning can be found easily through a simple blood test. If her doctors are ‘baffled’ it can only mean two things, they didn’t do the blood test (which is odd) or they didn’t find anything wrong with her blood test. As far as I know, there has been no other medical evidence of this woman’s illness so far.

        We do however know that she’s been receiving death threat from the insensitive people in the city telling her to get out or die. I do believe stress has a lot to do with her condition. This condition is documented, that people with post-traumatic stress disorder can suffer what she has now.

    3. Hi K your comment is a disappointing start for reply comments.. do you think that people in Japan would make things up just for the heck of it.. wake up friend..

    4. You can’t tell that this is translated by someone who is japanese and thats why the wording isn’t correct? If you would pay attention, you would realize that the interviewer was asking her “how old would you like to live”, and she responded accordingly. Then end of this article doesn’t even make any sense. Especially the last sentence “(Expert)

      That’s stress from radio phobia. Women are worse at handling stress.”

      This person was the independant person researching this. That is the entire point of the article. How you could possibly be in an objective pessemistic view after reading this is beyond me and anyone that isn’t ignorant. Just look at youtube. Look at what the people are going through. you really want Government funded projects to tell you what you want to know? Wake the hell up, the truth comes from the people, not from the government. Your fundamentally wrong in how you address the truth and recieving it. You sound like someone who is trying to get people to leave it alone, as all youve done is complain aboout how it isn’t proven that there are damaging effects. Go back in your living room and keep watching fox news.

    5. K really? You really made that statement? Do you work for Japan government or TEPCO? What one?

      May God be with the woman in the artical & all the rest of Japans people.

      For one day that may be all of the rest of us!

  2. Interesting how diverse the symptoms are. Who’d have even thought radiation poisoning could make teeth break?

    Strange mentality to make herself a guinea pig. If it were me, I’d have run and never looked back. Is this some sort of Japanese spirituality?

    1. It’s radiation. Read about Radiation. It strips your cells apart. ALL OF THEM. Everything falls apart. Everything fails. Wake up.

      1. Acute radiation poisoning meaning the breakdown of more sensitive tissues such hair follicles (hair falling off), gums (teeth falling off), membranes (nosebleed) are well documented. However before these ones nosebleed and intestinal bleeding should occur since they’re the weaker tissues.

        What she is saying is contradictory of the medical records. If she were to have these tissue failure from radiation poisoning, she would’ve died within a week. Radiation poisoning is also marked by a dramatic change in the blood count, that can be easily diagnosed by a blood test.

        What she has right now is something complicated and not easily diagnosed through standard tests, therefore some experts tend point to psycho-physiologial trauma. Our mind has a great affect on how our body can function.

        If what she says is true, then ALL THE CHILDREN in her vacinity would’ve died. Radiation is not selective, it penetrates everybody’s cells and the weaker ones will die out first.

        Her story is not consistent, unscientific, and has been sensationalized to feed the fear and doubts.

    2. And where exactly is this woman supposed to run to?? If the government says it is OK to live where she is living, then it should be OK with no need to run! So, it can’t be both ways, and this lady is trying to expose government lies (if there are any) to spare others. If the government were correct, she would be fine. But that is obviously not the case and she is using her situation to point this out so that the government will be forced to acknowledge that the situation is much worse than previously stated. I applaud her, and the sacrifice she is making for others!

      You say that she has a “strange mentality” and that she wants to make herself a “guinea pig”. In my opinion, your statement shows ignorance on several fronts. I don’t know where you are from, perhaps Japan itself. In any event, the Japanese people have experienced life altering tragedies. There is the probability that she personally has known others that have died in the earthquake/tsunami, or who have become ill since. Even if not, life is not the same and there is a national grief over lives that have been lost, and the stress of trying to rebuild and live as normally as possible in uncertain times with earthquakes still occuring and radiation fallout a daily reality.

      I am not sure how I would behave in these circumstances, and I doubt you would do any better than this heroic woman.

      1. If living in Fukushima is life threatening, she should move to the westside of Japan. The logic is simple.

        She has an agenda that she wants to be the guinea pig of this ‘radiation illness’ and she wants her ‘body to be analyzed by scientist’ when she dies.

        I’ve seen it over and over again. If you want to cherry pick evidence to fit your agenda, YOU WILL FIND IT. If you say one thing often enough, yourself will believe it too. She has made it a reality for herself to have radiation poisoning, even when it’s not medically proven.

  3. I get numbness in legs and arms a lot too (at night). Uh oh. And pain in teeth that never usually hurt.

    This lady speaks the truth. It’s obviously radiation sickness.

    1. I once had a rash after playing sports without taking a shower after..

      I bet the soccer field had high radiation!!

  4. there is no interview of the woman on that embedded ustream video, it’s just the reporter talking about his new independent reporting endeavor. or was that the intent?

  5. Commenters at have also mentioned that the video is MISSING.

    Anyone have a link or torrent of this? Hello Anonymous!

  6. K: they seem contradictory, but sometimes people are. don’t you have contradicting wants and intentions ever?

  7. Isnt it strange, the moment women starts to be contaminated and expose what is slowly killing them, the Men starts to drivel about “typical women hysteria syndrome”.

    I say they are borderline to druling idiots and typical male stupidity. And they also expoce a total lack of fundamental understandings of a decaying body. All the “fast” growing cell structures are colapsing, its a systemic breakdown.

    Its the same result that one gett thru Canser treatment, the radiation(aka:the medisin) is killing fast growing cells to take out the rapid growth of cansercells.
    Thats basic, “men”.
    Thats what is going to manifest it self, and this is just the beginning, its going to be worse, far worse.
    What to say, I am emty, just a constant nagging restlessnes and fear of a sudden voilent escalating of this already hughe and dangerous catasrofe.

    The treason and lies from the verry people that is suposed to Save lives, they are utterly despecable and downright Evil.
    This is a treason against anything Humane.
    They have revieled them self as to be the worst scum of this earth, even more wiked and evil than the politicians and TEPCO.
    We all know by now that they are criminals, but the doctores.


    1. gender relations in a far away, civilized ancient land..

      exercising denial is a transnational, transgendered phenomenon..


  8. I guess the world will see more of this woman in tha future.
    What a pitty that we have become so suspicious and always try to find the flaws. Probably that is the result of our goverments and their lies and propaganda. I hope this woman will find a way to reach and wake up all humanity because we as people are on a destroying mission and it should stop before it is much too late

  9. remember the buhddist monk who self immoliated in 1967 to protest the vietnam war?
    same thing here but slower

  10. You are a good and decent person, Numauchi Emiko. You do not have to die to prove that our politicians are a bunch of liars. No one should believe a word any of them say. They are just a bunch of sociopaths and psychopaths. Move to a safer place and live because you too valuable to let die.

  11. k your comments are confirmation that you are a first class ass hole cock sucker go kill yourself you worthless excuse for a piece of rat shit

  12. Do the Japanese have a societal death wish?
    Such a beautiful country to lose because of GE, Toshiba, and TEPCO.

    Cold Shutdown? Who’s the ass that came up with that lie?
    That’s like saying 1,500 degrees is colder than 2,000 degrees….but, IT’S STILL BURNING!

    If this woman is dying now, and she DOESN’T live in Fuckedushima then Fuckedushima has a whole bunch of really dying people!

    Cheap and safe energy….really?
    Looks like the total opposite to me!
    Accidents are costing lives, money, children, a country’s future and how safe is a 4,000,000,000,000 half-life of death?

    Dick with Hell on Earth and get Dicked!

    1. Hi For ALL to LF,

      I think some people try to stand for certain principles… maybe that’s what we’re learning here..

  13. Can some lawyer start a class action lawsuit against Japan, Tepco and GE in California for the fallout? It would suck to live in Japan these days.

  14. She can reverse her radiation damage by taking gingko biloba extract at the German recommended concentration.

    Dr Georges Halprin wrote in Gingko a practical guide that Chernobyl victims that had been given the extract for up to 7 months sustained a reversal of radiation exposure symptoms. Their claustogenic reactions to the radiation were metigated by the powerful antioxident affects associated with the gingko biloba extract and continued to show no symptoms for up to one year after then the affects of the radiation started to return.

    I recommend 3 pills 3 times a day for one month then 3 pills a day as a maintenance dosage or however she feels is correct to fight the radiation damage.

    Gingko biloba should be mandatory for every japanese in the radiation zones!

    Good luck Iwakami!!!!!

  15. The radiation destroys all tissues of the body, including the brain. Of course people are losing their reasoning abilities. She is a brave woman who realizes that if you didn’t evacute by the day after the disaster, it was already too late.

  16. Miso shiro, Sato imo, cilantro, natto, kombu, kimchee, nori, eliminate gohan, replace with gemnai, Green Tea every two hours. No wheat products, no milk products, Tempe, only fermented soy products..Honto.

    1. Yes, you have it right. Please you can detox yourself and it’s not hard or expensive. Show people the way by living or at least by trying to live. Zeolite is a negativly charged clay that is harmless and cannot be absorbed by the body, it traps the positivly charged radiation in it’s honeycomb structure and then you eliminate it.
      Pau D Arco is a south american tree bark tea that cannot be praised enough.
      Good quality vitamins and minerals will help displace the radioactve ones that found a home in your system.
      Finally MMJ will clean out your lungs. The cancer fighting properties are well documented and there is no better expectorant, after all to expel the deadly radiation is the goal.
      just add this to the excellent list above.

  17. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I would have run for it immediately, afraid of radiation. Call me a coward but let me keep my health. I love life and can’t deal with yours. I’ll be keeping away from Japan for the rest of the ‘future’ corrupt as it now is everywhere no thanks to the steam coming off Daiichi. Martyrdom is a painful, inefficient teacher of what was already obvious.

    Yes it is cognitive dissonance to wish to live to be 120 while willfully exposing oneself to radiation, taking a bullet (an alpha particle in this case) for the home team. Scoring karmic points is not a video game. She does not have to do this demonstration because it was already proven by Marie Curie’s burned hand. By the hibakusha I think you call them. Governments always lie to the people. Wake up.

    It’s tragic, I feel for her and all affected, who will be numerous in Japan if Chernobyl and Fallujah are an example of what is to come. This is the result of permanent terrain contamination, the US military policy revealed in the 1943 Groves memo within the Manhattan project. In opposition to ruin of our planet, sane people always warned, urged people to act to bury this hideous industry deep below the surface of our planet before it melted down like this. Even Teller said not to build reactors on the surface, but underground, so they could be swiftly entombed in case of a meltdown. If even madmen can understand this simple point about entombment, what is the problem in Japan, the US, Russia, and Europe? Mind control….cognitive dissonance.

  18. How very interesting that the first comment is from someone trying to denounce her and her intentions as “Lies” (when you doubt the truth of what someone is saying, you must think they are lying).
    I thank god there are those that have the tenacity to present their lives to the onslaught of radionucleides for the benefit of truth and everyone else who may in the future be presented by political fuckery.
    Good Luck, i hope you can maintain your hopes to live to 120, i sincerly believe you are taking years of your life for every month you stay there.

    At the front line of the battle for truth you will find those fighting against truth digging tunnels of lies beneath it’s feet.

  19. (Expert)

    That’s stress from radio phobia. Women are worse at handling stress.


    There is no doubt that radiation sickness causes hair and teeth to fall out.
    “Radio Phobia”
    If she had a fear of “Radio” wouldn’t she have left already?
    Her hair is not falling out from fear, it’s falling out with her teeth and nails because she is the victim of exposure and poisoning.
    Google radio phobia symptoms, this is what i get back.

    Mental Symptoms

    Obsessive Thoughts
    Difficulty thinking about anything other than the fear
    Really bad images and/or movies of radiation
    Feelings of unreality or of being detached from yourself
    Fear of losing control or going crazy
    Fear of fainting

    Emotional Symptoms:

    Anticipatory Anxiety: Persistent worrying about upcoming events that involve radiation
    Terror: A persistent and overwhelming fear of the same
    Desire to Flee: An intense instinct to leave the situation (which is tough when its purely in the mind)

    While not generally experienced at the same time as radiophobia episode, we find that overall when they think about their past, most clients have elevated levels of one or more of:

    Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt & Guilt

    Physical Symptoms:

    Dizziness, shaking, palpitations.
    Shortness of breath or smothering sensation
    Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate
    Chest pain or discomfort
    Trembling or shaking
    Feeling of choking
    Nausea or stomach distress
    Feeling unsteady, dizzy, lightheaded, or faint
    Numbness or tingling sensations
    Hot or cold flashes

    Nothing about losing your hair, or, nails and teeth.
    Women are better at coping with stress than men.

    This “Expert” obviously isn’t an Expert, always funny how a specific name and a link to the evidence from which they make there prognosis from is never available.

    In future whenever i see the word “Expert” in relation to something the government is trying to keep a lid on i will read; “Lying, soul-less, idiot, shill”.

    1. Here you go, PTSD symptoms:

      ‘My hair fell out and my teeth began to rot’
      12:00AM GMT 06 Jan 2001
      KEVIN RUTLAND, a 41-year-old father of three from Hull, served in Bosnia in 1995 and 1996 as a Royal Engineer before leaving the Army. But within a few months of returning home his hair fell out, he began to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, his teeth started to rot and he suffered from osteoarthritis.
      His symptoms have not improved and he now sees a psychiatrist for psychological problems caused by his illness. “It was only within the last year that it has come to my attention that it might be linked to the depleted uranium.
      “I’ve been to see more doctors than I’ve had hot dinners but it’s not the sort of thing they are briefed about as the MoD and the Government are not telling them about it. I may be the first in this country but I believe there are more that have not come forward or do not know yet. I think I’m owed an explanation for my benefit and that of other servicemen.”

  20. I appreciate the honesty from this woman and her radiation sickness symptoms. However, I think it is foolish to sit there and allow the radiation to kill her and her husband. She could act wiser by leaving that evil infested area and live in a safe place so as to activate others to action. The sooner she leaves that place, the more chance she’ll have in living longer. Radiation does affect the brain also. Her contradictory thoughts could also be a symptom. Sad to say, if she remains there, I don’t think she’ll make it to 120…or even to next year… radiation kills.

  21. The dentist realized she was radioactive and told her not to come back to his office. So much for compassion by the medical profession.

  22. I will welcome my new neighbors from Japan when they have fled the poison and death in their homeland.

  23. Well a lot of that radiation,has landed here in the states,and continues to do so…no one speaking about our own medical or in the future..Americian Govt is as wicked as Japan’s evil..see you on the the otherside, Love and peace to the suffering people of Japan..Those who have killed us think the reactor is Hot, they will find Hell much hotter.

  24. Her plight makes me sad. Fukushima has become a ‘kill-shot’ for Japanese society. It’s one thing having lives swept away and homes/businesses destroyed but to have your ancestral lands poisoned to such a lethal degree that the survivors can never return to resume their lives is another level of suffering altogether, I think. Surely return could only mean the certainty that they will in some major way be affected by the unseen radio-nucleotide emitters that are everywhere in Fukushima and beyond?
    I no longer eat salt water fish because of the radiation now in the Pacific. So for myself at least it is having a tangible effect to my lifestyle and I’m living in Australia.

  25. Thank you for sharing your health experience. I would prove to the government that instead of dying, that there’s ways to come back from radiation poisoning.
    It seems people are focused just on the negative effects radiation is having on their health, and I appreciate that they’re coming out speaking of their radiation poisoning, more needs to be spoken of the ways to protect and start detoxing, we’re talking about “radioactive particles”. Since day one of 311, I knew this was bad news and I needed to take action for myself and my family. I sought after ways to detox and protect and I’m very confident of the power of healing clays, minerals, and herbs.
    I highly recommend a Claybar from 11byEvelyn.

  26. I still have my nails and teeth so radiophobia my ass…
    could it be that radiophobia gets worse as the radiation levels sky rocket
    yes you the moron expert how about you go drink yourself some Fuykoshima water and go to hell

  27. Sorry that I missed this thread earlier. I saw this lady’s story recently. She has all my sympathy.

    That she says she’d like to live to 120 is clearly her own deep grieving irony, not inconsistent with offering her story as a signpost for others.

    All the symptoms are consistent with effects resulting from exposure to serious levels of ionising radaiation. She is not stupid, she knows this.

    Doctors don’t always get it, especially if exotic symptoms. OK, they should, but should is a bad word to use. We don’t need to discuss whether doctors in that area have been instructed (ordered?) to avoid certain diagnoses because that’s not something for which there is a discussion forum.

    It’s possible that her blog is closed because she is too ill to continue or is hospitalised. It’s also possible that there are other reasons, which we won’t know about right now – but maybe later, when it’s too late.

    As I have no skills in Japanese language, can’t comment on the video Maybe someone can save it, though. It would seem worth saving to be translated for a wider audience.

    The widespread symptoms would seem to indicate that the radiation damage was done by drinking water.

    Please see:

    “Date of analysis : 3/8/2012 12:20:09

    “Iodine 131 : 9.90 +- 3.22 Bq/Kg”

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