Emergency mail from Tepco

Emergency mail from Tepco

Around 3:00 AM 2/1/2012, Tepco sent journalists an emergency email.

Japanese comedian / nuclear journalist tweeted it.

makomelo おしどり♀マコリーヌ
【速報】(東電からのメール)1)○昨日(1月31日)午後10時30分頃、福島第一原子力発電所4号機原子炉建屋1階にあるジェットポンプ計装ラック内の計器テストラインより漏えいしていることを当社社員が発見。(続 Source

【速報】2)○その後、午後10時43分、計装ラックに繋がる元弁を閉めることにより、水の漏えいは停止。○床面は瓦礫が散乱した状態であり、漏れた水の量は確認できた範囲で約6リットル。なお、原子炉建屋外への流出はない。(続 Source

【速報】3)○テストライン内の水を採取し、放射能濃度を測定した結果、漏れた水は原子炉ウェル水と推定。(分析結果:35.5 Bq/cm3)(参考:昨年12月8日に原子炉ウェル水を分析した結果、39 Bq/cm3)(続 Source


1/31/2012, 10:30PM, Tepco employee found water leakage from the test line of jet pump calculation rack located on the first floor of reactor 4.
10:43 PM, they stopped it by turning off the tap connected to the rack. The floor is full of the debris. As long as they confirmed, more than 6L of water leaked. None of it leaked to the outside of the reactor building.
From the result of the measurement, it was contaminated as 35.5 Bq/cm3 (= 35,500 Bq/L), they assume the water is from the well of the reactor. (Cf. The measurement data of the well of reactor was 39 Bq/cm3 on 12/8/2012.)
They are going to explain it on the press conference of 2/1/2012 11:00AM.

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