Mutation of mushroom from Tokushima

Mutation of mushroom was found at a supermarket, which is from Tokushima, in Shikoku.

The person who found this suspects the bed log was contaminated.(Source)

Mutation of mushroom from Tokushima



They also found deformed azalea in Fujisawa Kanagawa. A flower is blooming in another flower.(Source)

azalea mutation


azalea mutation2



Deformed chinese cabbage on 6/5/2011.

Deformed chinese cabbage


Deformed chinese cabbage2


Correct one.(Source)

  1. I saw the mushroom picture and had to leave a response. This is my area of greatest experience and expertise. First off though I must say that I follow this blog regularly and consider it an informative and important source of information. I am quite concerned about Fukushima and this disaster and tragedy in japan. I am also concerned about the secrecy and misinformation that surrounds the world wide nuclear industries. Is it rational to rely on an energy source that is supposed to serve the public but also is not accessible to the and hidden public. It endangers and undermines the core principles of democratic societies (aside from harming and endangering the people and the environment). It is also expensive as hell! I think the IAEA needs to be stripped of all its powers concerning monitoring and informing the public about nuclear accidents and radiation. Their only function should be limited to what is stated in their charter… to promote nuclear energy.

    As for the mushrooms. Anyone who collects and picks mushrooms a lot has seen this kind of thing. It is also not necessarily a genetic mutation. This kind of formation can result from how the proximity and orientation of young mushroom primordia (mushroom babies) are to each other and their resultant growth. they grow together in strange ways some times. It could also be from mutations that occur but it is not uncommon. Especially in a cultivation environment. Over the years I have seen this kind of thing in numerous species of wild and cultivated mushrooms. I have even seen and photographed what appears to be a whole mushroom growing out of the top of a mushroom of the same kind. I have seen it more than once. I am sure that a good number of the mutations that are pictured on your blog are a result of the Daiichi and`Daini disasters. But certainly not all of them. I have no idea what percentage of mutations and cancers and diseases we have seen are a result of the thousands of global nuclear detonations and hundreds of nuclear accidents and contaminations that have been happened or been initiated over the last sixty years. Sixty years!!!, it is a short time! I am interested in a wealth of and in good information. I find your diary/blog interesting and valuable. I am also interested to monitor and find out how mushrooms here in the US are picking up radiation from Fukushima. There is at least one study going on that I know of.

  2. Hello Mochizugi,

    I like your humour on this post;
    I wonder about the mushroom in a supermarket in Shikoku : any origin figuring in the label on the pack? Distributed by AEon ?

    1. In the case of mushroom, the origin of the mushroom doesn’t matter. It’s the origin of the bed log to matter, and most of the bed logs in Japan are produced in Fukushima. No mushroom.

  3. I still think unless the log or chip substrate came from Fukushima or someware around there, or the mushrooms were actually grown up there, There is a good chance this is a somewhat normal mushroom deformity and not a result of radiation induced mutation. I know mushrooms take up cesium readily that is why I am interested in fungal monitoring studies here in the northwest of the US where I live. Preliminary results with Chantrelles here show that all samples have it but I have not heard the results for the amounts or radioisotopes isolated.

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