Iwakishi is distributing Iodine preparation

Iwaki shi Fukushima has started distributing Iodine preparations to the citizens though they did NOT On 3/11.

These are the tweets of Iwaki citizen:



received a registered mail from the healthcare canter of Iwaki shi.

It was Iodine preparation.


Iodine preparations distributed by Iwaki shi Fukushima



Iwaki shi sent Iodine preparations to all the members of my family. We need it yet.

I confirmed this area is still in crisis.


Distribution of Iodine preparations Iwaki shi Fukushima

Again, the question is, why they distribute it now and didn’t in 311.

Iwaki city government states that it’s because the expiration date of the former Iodine preparation they distributed after 3/11 is December of 2011. (Source)


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