The worst vegetable mutation

Vegetable mutation: sample taken in June, Saitama.

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これは酷い… (2011/7/13) 6月埼玉にて収穫””


This is horrible. (7/13/2011) Harvested in June, Saitama.


Vegetable mutation, Saitama (2012-01-04 14.05.46)

I suppose it’s a tomato.



  1. The tomato forgot to smile and to be happy, therefore it was affected by radioactivity. I am joking of course 😉

  2. In the Marshall Islands, where there were nulear bomb tests, and radiation contamination, women who tried to get pregnant had deformed fetus (jellyfish children) and sometimes fetus masses looked like a batch of grapes. See anything similar in the tomatoe?

    1. Please, Please, Please post your observations on my new site. I had never read what you wrote until today. The world needs to know. If you can post links, please do so.

      In the United States we have been so sheltered from what I call Radiation Realty, that there are many Americans who think that small doses of radiation are “good for you.”

      Any comments would be appreciated.

        1. Oh yes some American’s do think that way. I had a run in with one who worked at a nuclear power plant who actually stated some radiation is good for you. It took three days of throwing facts at them before they quit. They believed what they were told without doing any research on their own. They never waivered in their belief but agreed to do further research. We never heard back from them. It all started when they started picking on my friend Missy who was just trying to explain that there IS danger from the events at Fukushima. If nothing else it is a true evolutionary level event, I pray that it won’t turn into an extinction level event.

        2. i know of one myself, said to me “we’ll build up a tolerance”…i tried to explain, but i doubt he listened…

      1. Maybe most Americans don’t think radiation is good for you; however, most do believe small amounts are no big deal…and I personally feel that complacency of the issue is almost worse than support of radiation…because most Americans aren’t even thinking about the nuclear radiation in the atmosphere, let alone their irradiated foods and medicines…so, Joe, I see what you mean…you mean we need more educated information here in America; rather than crying over every old, or washed up, or drugged up musician or actor that died, we need to be informed about real issues, so that we can know what to do and how to act. America is even opening more nuclear plants…that say something? Plus, yes radiation comes from the sun, and in small amounts is truly not lethal; however, when most products we use and consume are processed with bits of radiation it is quite toxic and could now be \lethal in combination with the tsunamis in Fukishima. And, the reason sunlight radiation is no longer “good for you”, is because all of our sources of energy for production of goods(i.e. automobiles) and the use of such products releases chemicals into the air that trap in normal good radiation and cause it to build up and become toxic for humans. this is part of the whole global warming phenomena.

        1. RAH is correct.. “It is called Sunshine” the sun is like 10 Fukishima’s going off every second, but, because it is 90 Million miles from here, it is ok to even bathe in the sun’s nuclear light. a little is not just ok but actually good, we would not be here if it weren’t for random mutations.
          Much like electricity; one can touch their toungue to a 9V battery for 1000 seconds with minor sensation but touch 9000V for one second and it’s a completely different story. small doses over long time is not the same as a large dose over a short time.

    2. Pacific Islanders once scraped together airfare to send some moms to Berkeley, California so they could attend what we then called a State-wide, a meeting of peace workers preparing to blockade the Diablo Canyon Nuclear power plant. The beautiful brown-skinned mom’s told us about jelly fish babies. It was so disgusting we immediately changed focus and blockaded Vandenberg Air Force base instead. I’ll never forget one of the moms patting and imaginary jellyfish baby that wiggled like jelly, she described it as blue and looking something like this tomato.

  3. Mutations were predicted in otherwordly Messages ; sadly, this is just the beginning ! Man and Animal will be affected too.

  4. The tomato is clearly stressed out, stares at a PC screen too much, is “hikkokomori” with a red lettuce plant. And needs to go on diet!!

  5. saitama is tokyo suburbs. like chiba.
    if such mutations took place in saitama, then it’s almost the same as saying it happened in tokyo.
    it’s 280km away from fuku-ichi.
    most of my friends and familly are in denial.
    i don’t understand ppl anymore.
    how can they look away?

    1. People have become virtual and are addicted to all unnecessary civilization they no longer think or have souls. Just prima fascia.

    2. Not everyone is looking away. You may not realize it but you have people all over the world still searching the web to find out how you are doing and what is going on.

      Not all of us are naive enough to beleive that the danger has passed.

      You have our prayers, and we need to know how to reach out to you. What agencies are still working with you and how we can help.

      Get the word out and we will be there.

      Kerri – Canada

      1. You have my sincere Prayers!

        I’m in Southern CA and the radiation being recorded here is very high and bucky balls are coming in on the ocean currents, but there is almost nothing being reported about it now on Main-Stream News. I know my immune system has already been compromised by the event in Fukashima, far away that it is. And the radiation is slowly Increasing and saturating everything in our environment but few people are really aware.

        I was told from a high source that eating Bentonite Clay daily will help to magnetically pull out the Radiation from your body along with other pernicious chemicals and metals such as glyphosate (Roundup), Fluoride, Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Methy-Bromide/Iodide, and a whole host of toxins being foisted upon us by the elites. Great Plains is a good brand but they recently converted to the use of Plastic bottles instead of the dark amber glass bottles they used previously. So to clean the clay of plastic outgasing it is recommended that you spread it out in a clear glass pyrex baking pan and let it bake in the sun for a day or two. This will upgrade its medicinal potentialities considerably. You may have to add a little water as it may dry out some. This should help considerably to get it out of your body.

        Will. Southern CA

      2. Yes! lots of ppl are aware and DO care!
        We need to spread the word, as Main Stream Media is simply ignoring it or worse= lying about it…

    3. It is incumbent upon us to educate the rest of the world. We have to go against the Powers that Be who are owned by the Nuclear Industry. Any attempt that we make to educate others that Radiation is a killer and causes cancer thirty and forty years from now needs to be made.

      I grew up 30 miles away from a nuclear reactor plant (San Onofre). Already, a great many of the girls I grew up with have died of Breast Cancer. I am 63 and over the years was amazed at how many had died right here in San Diego County. Yet, all that time the government was saying, “Radiation in low doses is perfectly safe.”

      Hell, tell that to the girls and mothers and grandmothers who have died in the past 40 years that I knew in grade school. When I think about it I cry. I cry for all that have died because of the coverups and the government lies and obfuscation that we constantly see, because Big Money buys all kinds of lies. Those lying government officials need to be put on trial for the murder of all of those girls.

      I remember them with their fifth grade girl faces, innocent an unknowing what horrible disease was going to strike them down simply because they lived near a nuclear plant.

      1. Joe,

        Then the medical establishment tells the woman to get a mammogram every year… More ionizing radiation… nice!

  6. why do governments keep lying to us? even about things that we can see plain as day? >:(

  7. Where was this harvested? Was it in one of the “hot spots” that were identified by NGOs and citizens?

  8. The real sad part, like the damages done to animals, insects and others, is seen as a “non” threat.
    The surealistic in this situation is the gap between peoples knowledge/education and the real world.
    For me, this is just a nother confirmed stepp closer to the abyss.
    What about the Humans, the damages done will start to manifest it self now, and will only escalate thruout the coming winther.

    The frigthening aspect is even more simple, this aterings are the result of Damaged DNA and/or cellstructure. This is a solid prof of the gravnes in the situation inside Japan.
    Its steadily growing worse.

    Its painfull to watch a nation colapse, and its all in slow motion. The goverment and TEPCO is crawling and dragging along with them the people of Japan and its economy, one inch at the time, closer and closer to the Abyss.
    And right now all the signs are there and aprotching, faster and faster in to the ultimate nuklear nightmare.

    An ELE.

    I cant help it, I have a bad, bad, fealing, its physicaly painfull.


    1. Read about what the radiation has done to the people of Bimini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. “jellyfish” babies, miscarrage, fetal death, grape “mole” pregancy (baby looks like the tomatoe fruit–or cluster of grapes)–should be a lesson learned..but its out of sight, out of mind.

  9. My lemon tree used to provide smooth beautiful lemons. But after 311, they are lumpy and bumpy. We do not use them any more.

      1. …. 311 ??
        What do you mean with 311 ??
        If it’s a date, why so many terrible events occur on the eleventh??

        (I’m from Spain and the 11th March 2004 we had a “train terrorist” attack in Madrid)

        1. 3-11 is an important occult day and a clue that the illuminati were behind it. The KKK share the same numerological mark with K being the 11th letter of the alphabet X 3. They are also part of the masonic order. Do you own research and come to your own conclusions. But I will tell you this, those in high places place high importance on numbers/dates to carry out their occult activities. No coincidences there.

    1. I don’t,
      if you look at the one you put up – it’s like a bunch of fused tomatoes you look at the scale and they’re on a plate.

      The one on here as well as having things in the wrong places, has the morphology in common with children from Chernobyl like the little boy with the huge legs & toes this tomato shares the childs effects I feel.

    2. It is just possible that the ionizing radiation shifted the hybrid tomato’s DNA back to this grape cluster gene. I would not discount this idea…

  10. I wonder if hidden manna (ormus) could fix the DNA in the seed stock of the Japanese farms.
    On Barry Carter’s web site that’s what they report about ormus.
    What other idea’s are out there on fixing this. If you post it maybe it would click with the right person and that could help.

  11. This is very disturbing.
    There is no fixing this and it will play out for decades.
    This will make having children a very risky proposition if you wish to have a normal child. “jellyfish” babies!
    I was in Hawaii in the eighties when our government tried to resettle the people of Bikini back to their isles. It failed because of radiation sickness still being caused by those blasts from the early fifties.
    We have the BP Toxic Eruption here but BP, though the EPA denied them permission to use it, sprayed Tons of Corexit from the air and injected it at the wellhead 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.
    Scientists have predicted the possibility of “jellyfish babies” here because of the pollution from it.
    The big difference is BP has managed to hide the pollution from site (if you are not paying attention) while that was not possible in Japan.
    Here it;s out of sight out of mind.
    Like Mikael said: this is just another confirmed step closer to the abyss.

  12. Kerri from Canada, you have a beautiful soul, thank you for your kinds words to the people of Japan! I agree, there are people out there who care!

  13. Philippe tomoshimasu. Yoroshiku onegai.
    I recommend that, next time, you TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR SUBJECT WITH THE DAY LOCAL NEWSPAPER next to it because, like any picture demonstrating/illustrating a problem somewhere, you’ll find people who will say “what tells me that this tomato was really harvested in Saitama in june 2011 ?”. Even if that wouldn’t constitute an evidence.
    Ki wo tsukette !

  14. Since the first Atomic Bomb test in New Mexico to the modern era with nuclear reactor plants all over the globe, Cancer is killing more and more and more and more people. Those of us on this forum know what is causing this tremendous increase in Cancer. If only we could make the rest of the world WAKE UP!

    Write your newspapers. Post on the Internet! Talk to your neighbors! Talk to strangers! Warn them all! Only by a groundswell of action can we defeat the evil of the nuclear industry.

  15. This happened to us. We purchased a tomatoe plant from Home Depot that promised to provide extra Lycopene. When it produced tomatos with greeen legs like the one in the picture. We tore the plant out and burned it.
    Good grief!

  16. Background radiation rising since 1945, unprecidented, Due to Uranium fissioning world wide. Are we in the “End Times”? DNA damage proven now.

  17. I live on a small farm near Fermi nuclear plant. I used to raise goats, and we’ve always
    had a lot of ‘barn cats’. After the Fermi I melt down (never admitted to be such by the industry or any ‘authority’ in public), I had a doe that produced a “jelly” kid. At about the same time one of the outside cats had a litter of 5 kittens, all joined together at the belly. I shudder and sometimes cry at the memory, and have never known why the nuclear industry is allowed to exist.




      1. Joe Chapman, you will see it when you see it…. but it doesnt depend on high hopes.
        what is, allready is. you must have eyes that are willing to see

  19. I have just finished listening to Jeff Rense on internet radio.

    Jeff was speaking to…

    Richard Wilcox PhD
    From Tokyo about
    Plans To Evacuate
    40 Million Japanese

    During this interview they were discussing the radiation throughout Japan.
    It is getting worst. Everywhere. One of the reasons for this is that the
    Japanese are BURNING all the irradiated tsunami wreckage. Hundreds of
    thousands of tons of it. All being done with complete disregard of the high
    levels of radioactive waste which was spread everywhere from Fukushima.

    They are burning it in incinerators throughout Japan, spreading radiation
    even where there isn’t any. Tokyo is getting more and more radioactive.
    There they are taking the highly radioactive ash and dumping it in Tokyo Bay.

    That is shocking enough, but this next item nearly floored me. There is a
    beauty contest being run. One of the prerequisites is that the contestants,
    young girls, must have eaten Fukushima food throughout the preceding year.


    When Jeff asked Wilcox, towards the end of the interview, in his opinion,
    “What level of knowledge does an average Japanese
    family have about the dangers of radiation…….from 1 to 10?”

    Wilcox briefly paused and said very directly……..ONE.
    Jeff replied with a sad, downhearted, “Oh, my.”

    I fear for you.

  20. Those who long warned against human overpopulation were dismissed as “doom-&-gloomers” — tragically, they were right.

    Human numbers will fall far below what they are now, whether we like it or not.

    What the hell were we thinking, letting our numbers soar into the billions?

  21. Maybe this is the natrual evolution of the tomato. I look forward in eating such a gods gift.

  22. I don’t think I would bring that into your house. Be careful, but keep sharing what is going on. If you have a rad dection device, carry it with you, unless it goes off, you should be OK, but don’t drink that water or eat that plant. thanks

    Jim Dandy

  23. At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, here is another point of view. I am reading a book about a forest near Chernoble. It talks about a new generation of animals and plants that are highly radioactive and they are thriving and living out their lifespan. However any animals who are not born in that area don’t do so well. I talked to a doctor friend about it and he says that is natural selection at work. The young generation in Canada today seem to almost celebrate weakness and dependency. I’m a pilot and I’ve never in 30 years in the industry seen such a weak group of young pilots. No fire or stamina. So my point of view is I intend to stay super healthy and adapt and survive this. Higher radioactivity in the environment is the future for us all. Stop whining and start dealing with it.

  24. Do you remember the movie “The attack of the killer tomatoes”? If you do not, look it up on google or something. It’s scary to think that back in the 1950’s the movie writers knew what would happen so many years later. My GOd! Are we to be doomed and eaten by these mutants? This world is really screwed up.

  25. And people are worried about pamphlets being handed out by Planned Parenthood? This is a world of ostriches. The evil is there and we can not do anything about it. I am sad. I am very sad about this and have felt this way since I was aware, over 50 years ago. Peace and Love.

  26. A boost to evolution. Fukushima has its upside. Eat more of it and watch your children turn into unique beings never seen before (don’t forget to survive till birth though).

  27. this is horrible ! why did the people ofJapan let the industry/gov introduce and use atomic/nuclear energy after surviving 2 horrendous atomic bombs? the people should have known the dangers & effects ! i can’t for the life of me fathom this. we knew and told our govs that nuclear energy was dangerous and NOT worth the risk, but the idiots/fools thought they knew better, and look 3 Mile Island, Cherynobel, Fukushima and all the other doses of poisoning – radiation because of their stupidity !

    We the People need to put and END to all this., its always the innocent who suffer …

    enuff is enuff !

    ftS !!!

  28. The sarcasm and mocking of this is disgusting. What is wrong with you people?! This isn’t funny, this is f’ing terrifying!!! Do you even understand the seriousness of genetic mutations? How this is affecting humans? Other animals? Plantlife? The things we depend on to survive are being threatened. Wake. Up. Read a science book or two. Put yourself in the place of people who live in areas where radiation is poisoning everything. Get an f’ing clue, then have an f’ing heart. Ignorant. You are so blissfully, stupidly, horribly, hurtfully dangerously ignorant. Unless you have something worthwhile to share, like the person who posted this Truth of the situation, just go try to find something productive to do instead of spreading your ignorance all over the internet. Christ.

  29. The Stuxnet virus had to be manually input into the secure ‘in house’ nuclear power plant computer networks, as they were obviously not connected to the public internet for obvious security reasons. The Stuxnet virus was responsible for fatally preventing several successive emergency shut down procedures from successfully shutting down the reactors and preventing this disaster. Someone is trying to destroy the genome of the Japanese people. Japan was not responsible for this tragedy themselves.

  30. So sad,what the world does not know will hurt them.We need so much more awareness.Please continue to share in a big way and if there’s anything that I can to do to help please email me

  31. This tomato is not from any radioactivity. Radioactivity kills. the pic is not related to anything, or place that is radioactive. I’m guessing hormones, and the pic is many years old. You were all fooled.

  32. One has to wonder, how long will it be before there are children born who look like this? What if we cant have children anymore? This radiation is going to go all over the planet eventually. God help us all.

  33. 2am in the AM, I woke up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.
    I passed by the dining room, the bottle of California wine on the table was glowing green; I got scared….turned on the lights….it went away. shut off the light and bingo it started glowing green again. Next am called my Dr. He told me to drop the bottle at the Hospital for tests….it was radioactve!!
    I drink Chilean wine now.

  34. Nicola Tesla discovered that Electricity is free and abundant.
    See YouTube HHO and Magnetic Motors

  35. That’s a county fair prize winner. Ain’t never sawed nothin’ like that out here in the Grain Ghetto in Illinois. We do get chimeric twin squash and twin leaves on kale and collards after an overspray of RoundUp herbicide so if the radiation doesn’t get you they have a host of Full Spectrum Warfare agents that will.

    I’m not a doctor or chemist but Boron is a reaction dampener so folks might want to investigate that. Hulda Clark said that Cysteine amino acid chelates background radiation. I think the russians have published on it as well.

    In 1947 the Univesity of Chicago was playing with Toulidine Blue to prevent destruction of Red Blood Cells by radiation. Aniline dyes are toxic on their own, but this kind of thing poses the question of whether the Chimeric Monsters posing as Hu-mans either eat toxins and thrive on radiation or if they have simple molecular switches that protect them from things that do what we are seeing to the tomato. After all these monsters that set off a nuke with a 40-year timer on it share this same biosphere with us.

  36. Impossible that it is from fuku as that seed would have been grown in 2010 before the meltdown and not inside the seeds genetics. This year is when you will see the effects from last years seeds.

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