NY and..Mysterious nodding syndrome spreading through Uganda

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/01/update-from-the-livechat-mysterious-illness-strikes-students-at-ny-high-school/


Still no connection with radiation is confirmed, but the symptom seems similar to me.

Lead-210 was found in Yokohama, which nobody has expected.

There are still so many things we don’t know about nuclear.







  1. I think this might just be a coincidence, but when I read the story of the girls in New York, I rememberted another story that I’d heard about 3 months earlier on enenews.com

    “Radioactive slag used for road construction in New York, 10X normal radiation — “It is on all of the people’s lawns” says contractor (VIDEO)”

    Here is the link:


    I did a check on the map and found out that this place is about 70 miles (about 112 km) away from where the story about the girls occurred, but I didn’t hear any more about this story and It made me wonder if the same material might have been used in the roads of the other town

    I hope your life gets better. You deserve happiness. Keep up the good work in this blog.

    1. Dear Mister Stephen,
      My english is poor; I hope, you can understand a little bit in french.
      Your remarque is very interessant because there are in France (perhaps, in other country) some studies (only one video)that point the utilisation in massive quantity of + or – radioactive uranium mine’s earthscraps for roadfabrications or building’s constructions, and others absurd utilisations.
      (in french)
      Dans une vidéo, on voit le chercheur détecter une activité radioactive, parfois importante, dans les environs des anciennes mines d’uranium, les routes d’accès aux villages, les lacs dans lesquels on a jeté pendant des années les terres des sels d’uranium, etc. Il y a eu beaucoup de prospections de sels d’uranium dans les années trente, quarante, cinquante; ces prospections et extractions furent peu à peu fermées car remplacées par des mines plus riches dans les colonies et ex-colonies françaises (Niger, par exemple).
      Il est très difficile d’avoir des cartes détaillées sur ces mines et encore plus difficiles de repérer les lieux d’enfouissage des déchets miniers car les instances
      nucléaires sont chez nous entièrement centralisées et soumises au secret le plus total.
      Tout le travail reste à faire mais je suis bien certain qu’il y a des choses considérables à trouver.

      Sincerly your
      Michel Tibon-Cornillot

      1. Thank you Michele and please do not hesitate to use French. I translated your comment with google translate and it did a good job.

        I’ve done some further investigating and found that much of the research for the “Manhatten project” was done in this area of New York and that this was also the area of the “Love canal” tragedy. I am from Louisiana and my portion of the country is known as “Cancer Alley” because there are so many cancers in this area.

        With so much pollution in our everyday lives, it’s hard to be sure of what makes people sick. All I know is that we must change as a species of we are in deep trouble

  2. All Japan is more or less contaminated as radioactivity is ongoing given reactors uncontrollable. All these measurements are no surprise !

  3. I feel for these kids, especially because I somewhat know what they are going through. I’m in the U.S., and a few months ago I developed problems after eating certain foods. It’s debilitating, and after eating I will have to sleep for a couple hours or so, no choice about it. I cannot stay awake, so if I stayed sitting instead of lying down, I’d probably nod too.

    I researched this online a bit, and found things pertaining to post-prandial hypotension and post-prandial hypoglycemia, but could not find any logical explanation other than radionuclides in food. Now that I avoid high-risk foods and take supplements to help my body release radiation, it hardly happens. If it happens, sometimes it’s more mild now, but it ruins the rest of my day and I’m groggy and slow in the brain afterward.

    Now I’m at risk for malnutrition, as well.

    For the Ugandan children, I’m not sure if it’s radiation because it’s every time they eat. Maybe it’s still connected to radiation in their environment damaging their basic digestive processes and how that connects to their brain processes. The gut and brain are connected, after all. And children are more susceptible to radiation sickness. Or maybe there is another factor like a fungus involved, for all we know. I still suspect someone knows something they are not discussing, because there are so many diseases caused by poisons that officials and medical people won’t acknowledge the real cause for due to that requiring them to acknowledge a contaminant they will not or are not permitted to discuss.

  4. Here are the latest links to the NY mystery illness.

    -LeRoy schools call community meeting; four more cases possible. February 03. 2012
    -School District Holding Community Meeting to Discuss Illnesses. Feb 3, 2012
    http://www.wgrz.com/news/article/153872/37/Doctor Treating-Four-New-Cases-of-Conversion-Disorder-in-LeRoy
    -Tics and Toxins: Leroy Put Student Playing Fields on FEMA Flood Hazard Land http://www.ageofautism.com/2012/02/tics-and-toxins-leroy-put-student-playing-fields-on-fema-flood-hazard-land.html

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