Crematorium is overbooked in Kanagawa

A Japanese citizen living in Kanagawa tweeted crematorium in her area is overbooked because of too much death.


「神奈川県に住む知り合いが亡くなった。しかし葬儀が10日後だと言うので不思議に思って聞いたら、火葬場が混んでいて、ダビに出来ない」と言う。死因は心筋梗塞による突然死。先週も神奈川県の友人が突然死した。葬儀社に問い合わせたら今は死者が多く火葬場が混んでいて一週間以上待たされるという Source


One of my friends in Kanagawa died, but the funeral is in no less than 10 days from now. I wondered why. The family say, the crematorium is too full, can’t cremate him as it should be.

The person died of cardiac infarct, suddnely. Last week, another friend of mine died in Kanagawa too. I called the funeral company, they said, now they have a lot of funeral schedules, have to have customers wait for loner than a week.


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