Cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of cattle

Prof. Hashimoto Manabu from Institute of development, aging and cancer in Tohoku University confirmed cesium is stocked 1.3 times more in unborn baby than mother from the study of stray cattle in Fukushima.

In 20km area, cattle are abandoned and living in the wild. Having analyzed 88 cattle of them, it turned out that unborn babies are 1.3 times more contaminated in their organs than their mothers.
Additionally, they found out muscle concentrates cesium 20~30 times more than blood, and tongue and liver concentrate 10 times more than blood.(60 Bq/Kg in blood→1800 Bq/Kg in muscle)
Also, radioactive silver is concentrated in liver, tellurium is concentrated in kidney.
Prof. Hashimoto is expecting to study more about internal exposure by analyzing 300 cattle by March so they can apply the knowledge to human’s internal exposure.

警戒区域で野生化の被ばく牛 筋肉にセシウム 血液中の30倍

(2012年1月18日) 【北陸中日新聞】
東北大調査 人体への影響解明へ応用





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