What was Fukushima ?


This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity.
It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is.

From March to November, it was about if Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl.
However since November to December, more and more cases of “low dose symptoms” were reported.

I’m starting to think this Fukushima accident may be something different from Chernobyl.
We can not compare it.

Lead is found from the dust in Yokohama (250km).
Nails turned out to contain 15 types of toxic elements such as Mercury.

It’s metal to make Fukushima different from Fukushima.
Now I’m having the sample from Yokohama analyzed for Uranium but it’s likely that enriched Uranium is measured.
Most of the labs and universities are refusing to analyze it, even in Germany. It proves the sample is crucial.

I don’t know what kind of the materials were actually in the reactors.
but probably MOX is a hint.

We were following Mr Koide from Kyoto University or Prof.Hayakawa from Gunma university.
but they mostly focus on cesium because that was the biggest risk in Chernobyl.
I’m starting to think it is dangerous only to focus on cesium.
What we actually need to see is Uranium, and other heavy metals.

In the beginning of January, series of earthquakes hit around Fukushima and Fukushima citizens tweeted it felt like something was exploding underground.
I picture the land of Fukushima is now like sponge because of the earthquake, sea water is coming into the land at the sea water level.
Melting fuel is underground and causing minor hydrovolcanic explosions underground.
Radiation level doesn’t spike up. It can be because the steam is emit to the sea, not right above the ground.
I’ve been repeating, sea contamination level must be measured. but it hasn’t been done.
Tepco only measures the radiation level above the sea, which means nothing and they are still sticking to cesium and iodine. Strontium is only measured sometimes, and their result is not trustworthy at all.
They also need to measure uranium or other alpha nuclides too.
but only measuring the sea temperature would give us insightful data.

As C Busby told, Uranium is known to cause organic damage to human brain. and its neutron ray causes low dose symptoms faster than gamma nuclides unlike Chernobyl.

We need a totally different approach.

Also, I’m very worried about the contamination in West coast and the mid US. I’m not sure if it has something to do with Fukushima, but they measured 0.36 microSv/h from snow in Saint Louis.
I sometimes receive questions about if they can let their children play in snow. I personally think you shouldn’t, but we need more data to convince them. I hope anyone will feed us of radiation reading data of mid/west US because of their media black out.

We have put 2 chats and 1 forum. but because the chat on the fist page is working very well, I’m thinking of taking down the livechat (the green one).
I want to leave the Forum still there. I actually have not had time to see it, am feeling sorry about that.
but we just made a twitter account

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At last, these are the pictures of reactor4.

New Photos From Inside Fukushima Daiichi
January 16th, 2012 | Add a Comment

These images appear to be from late 2011. The spent fuel pool end of unit 4 is partially dismantled yet the upper side corners remain. Those were eventually removed. All images appear to be from a video from NHK broadcasting. (Many thanks to Mary W for finding them). Commentary before each photo.

North East corner of unit 4 circles indicate breaks in the outer building frame. The green vertical line shows where the building begins to angle off vertical.
Without another image from this angle it is unclear if the back of unit 4 is buckling in more or not. Rust has begun appearing on the
weld joints of the vent tower seen behind the building. Image has been enhanced and cropped, please keep watermark in place if used elsewhere.(Source)


Reactor 4


Reactor 4 2


Reactor 4 3


Reactor 4 4


Reactor 4 5


Please don’t forget. When the reactor 4 had an explosion in March, Edano announced it was a gas bottle set on fire. The next week, they started saying it was a hydrogen explosion and the hydrogen flew from the next reactor 3 etc..

At that time, massmedia had already evacuated the plants. Be loyal to the government.You’ll be killed.



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