7.92 mSv/y of external exposure in Koriyama Fukushima based on the data of November

From the data taken in November, it is assumed that a child (under 6) in Koriyama Fukushima may be externally exposed to 7.92 mSv/y. Koriyama Fukushima announced this result on 1/6/2012.

Koriyama Fukushima distributed 16,400 of dosemeters to children under 6 and people who hoped to have one, and collected the data of accumulated dose of November from 15,239 of children and 896 of pregnant women.
As a result, the average external dose of children was 0.11 mSv/m, and the one of pregnant women was 0.10 mSv/m. The highest reading of pregnant women was 0.36 mSv/m.
If it was based on the data of March or April, the result would have been much higher.


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