Breaking News: Another nuclear worker at reactor 5 and 6 was sent to the hospital

On the press conference of 1/8/2012 PM, Tepco announced a nuclear worker was sent to the hospital for his chest pain.

He has been working at the plant since 11/2/2011.

They say the total external dose was 0.77 mSv, the daily dose of 1/8/2012 was 0.02 mSv externally.

AM 10:20, he (40s)  claimed his pain in his chest. He was working at reactor 5 and 6, to carry protective clothing.

He was sent to the emergency medical room. The doctor ordered to send him to J-village and he was sent to Iwaki Kyouritsu Hospital at 13:15 by ambulance.

He was sent to his house at 15:10.

Tepco asserts it was his chronic disease.



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