“You can kill yourself anytime”

(To jigai or not to jigai)

Yesterday was a mess. I told to my parents that I’m going to move.

It was a miniature scale of Japanese society.

Dad told me: “Traffic accident is more dangerous than radiation.”

Mom told me: “If I quit, the company goes broke. We better die together. If we have cancer, we can kill ourselves anytime.”

Of course they read only mainstream media and TV (NHK)

I said: “No, just move or kill yourself. You work to live. You don’t live to work.”

I told them even if I become homeless somewhere I don’t know, I’ll still scratch my back to live. Life is still worth living.

They were like, there is no meaning of life if you become homeless.

In short, they want me to die to support their luxury life.

They even told me not to tell that I avoid radiation to my coworker because he may be scared then, he might want to move as well.

The coworker has 1 year old baby. He does need to escape but they want him to stay, to support their luxury life.

This is exactly how Japan is.

“The purpose of my life is to live. Nothing more. so I will try to live whatever happens” I told them, and left the office.

Secondary, “leukemia” is becoming the target of their new witch hunt.

Leukemia will increase.

METI has invested 700 million yen into media control.

Some blogs revised the article about the man who died of acute leukemia but I’m kind of suspicious, so didn’t revise the article.

I think bloggers need to be more confident in your own sense of judgement.

You are most likely to be right.

The first thought that came into your mind is most likely to be correct. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Give it a little time so sometimes it’s proved to be true.

METI leant the impact of leukemia news because of Otsuka Norikazu and they know it will spike up soon.

Their next target will be news related to leukemia. Don’t be deceived by them.

Truth doesn’t belong to any ONE. It’s our mission to spread what we think it’s true to all over the world.

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