Who are they ?

I posted I’m under surveillance.

There are two groups that are chasing after me. Power, and fraud.

No wonder, Power wants to vanish me. On the other hand, fraud wants this blog, because it’s now somewhat influential. They are trying to approach me with sweet words.

Power uses low class people to interrogate me. Actually, they don’t know anything about me so they make up a fiction about me with their limited knowledge. There is someone behind them. The “someone” has already gotten a “conclusion”. Whatever I say, they’ll make up some fake evidence to “disappear” me.

The worst scenario is for me to be banned to enter a country when I get out of here. It means I’ll be sent back to here, and I can’t get out of here for 5 years at least, being contaminated and jobless.

I’m preparing for that case. I couldn’t be too careful.

After I restore my energy at point B, I’d like to go to Romania, Poland, or Hungary because it’s cheap.

I think I can get a long stay visa if I have a certain sum of money there.

In most of the 1st world countries, I need to have about 3 million yen at a bank account. I suppose it’s cheaper in those countries.

I wonder if any of the readers are familiar to the issue. You may say I should consult embassies of those countries. However, most of the embassies are not fully functioning in Tokyo. There are really few people working at there and their paper work is extremely slow.

No wonder, they never answer our questions on the phone call.

Why eastern Europe? because it’s cheap. I’d earn online so the local economy has nothing to do with my wallet, no matter how poor it is.

I sometimes receive questions such as how to boost the traffic to the blog. lol It’s pretty much about how to handle a blog, very irrelevant to radiation.
But if I must answer, I suggest you to copy the posts of this blog or translate the articles and post on your blog. It would promise you a certain amount of traffic.

Also, I receive donations from variety of people. Thank you, I can’t appreciate you too much.

I hope I didn’t sound like I was begging you for money.

I wonder if someone well-off would support the blog for their karma or killing time or anything.

I feel bad for “ripping off” normal people like me.

Now the donation button is only for 5, 7, and 14 USD. Should I add more options?

I personally wonder if someone can support us by monthly sponsorship so we could assume how much our profit would be next month etc..

Having said that, now most of the jobs I do is to judge what NOT to post.

I have my regular job, so I try to focus on the news that may affect your life on the west coast or Canada, and not too local in Japan. But I know I shouldn’t choose news.

Truth doesn’t belong to any ONE person.

I wish I could post all of them. When I get to point B, I hope I can commit all of my time to the blog, fully.

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