Who are they ?

I posted I’m under surveillance.

There are two groups that are chasing after me. Power, and fraud.

No wonder, Power wants to vanish me. On the other hand, fraud wants this blog, because it’s now somewhat influential. They are trying to approach me with sweet words.

Power uses low class people to interrogate me. Actually, they don’t know anything about me so they make up a fiction about me with their limited knowledge. There is someone behind them. The “someone” has already gotten a “conclusion”. Whatever I say, they’ll make up some fake evidence to “disappear” me.

The worst scenario is for me to be banned to enter a country when I get out of here. It means I’ll be sent back to here, and I can’t get out of here for 5 years at least, being contaminated and jobless.

I’m preparing for that case. I couldn’t be too careful.

After I restore my energy at point B, I’d like to go to Romania, Poland, or Hungary because it’s cheap.

I think I can get a long stay visa if I have a certain sum of money there.

In most of the 1st world countries, I need to have about 3 million yen at a bank account. I suppose it’s cheaper in those countries.

I wonder if any of the readers are familiar to the issue. You may say I should consult embassies of those countries. However, most of the embassies are not fully functioning in Tokyo. There are really few people working at there and their paper work is extremely slow.

No wonder, they never answer our questions on the phone call.

Why eastern Europe? because it’s cheap. I’d earn online so the local economy has nothing to do with my wallet, no matter how poor it is.

I sometimes receive questions such as how to boost the traffic to the blog. lol It’s pretty much about how to handle a blog, very irrelevant to radiation.
But if I must answer, I suggest you to copy the posts of this blog or translate the articles and post on your blog. It would promise you a certain amount of traffic.

Also, I receive donations from variety of people. Thank you, I can’t appreciate you too much.

I hope I didn’t sound like I was begging you for money.

I wonder if someone well-off would support the blog for their karma or killing time or anything.

I feel bad for “ripping off” normal people like me.

Now the donation button is only for 5, 7, and 14 USD. Should I add more options?

I personally wonder if someone can support us by monthly sponsorship so we could assume how much our profit would be next month etc..

Having said that, now most of the jobs I do is to judge what NOT to post.

I have my regular job, so I try to focus on the news that may affect your life on the west coast or Canada, and not too local in Japan. But I know I shouldn’t choose news.

Truth doesn’t belong to any ONE person.

I wish I could post all of them. When I get to point B, I hope I can commit all of my time to the blog, fully.

  1. Hi Mochizuki,
    please don’t go to Eastern Europe if you don’t know people there and don’t know the language. You could contact http://www.radioactive.eu, I think the admin of that blog is in Slovenia.
    You could come to eastern Germany (it is very cheap to live there), or to Düsseldorf where there is a large japanese community.
    You should choose a place which has for example a good health care system!
    And maybe you should consider a place where lots of people speak English.

    1. I agree with BreadAndButter. Eastern Europe is great but for many reasons I would suggest you to come to Western Europe instead : good climat, good food, free health care system, many anti-nuke activists and Japan friendly people, strong Japanese communities, etc., and you’re also starting to be famous around here !

  2. good evening. i’m writting you from France.we have heard this message by the group “fukushima informations” on facebook.this message has worried us: do you consider yourself in real danger?would you like us to keep aside the phone number of members of your family, in case of any danger?would you be interested in a “housing” in France, or do you most prefer the eastern europe as you seem to say?what are your needs? do you need visa?….my”facebook friends on fukushima information” are feeling as if you need a good break , and make a pause, and take care of your own life….keep us informed, if we can help at our little level of citizens.Mary.

  3. Consider Paraguay as well. It’s possible to get a permanent residence for a few thousand USD, followed by a passport when you have lived there two years.

    Also it’s in the Southern hemisphere so the fallout won’t get there, and Spanish is a very easy language.

    Take care!

    1. Bekri Monam
      Pour t’informer je l’ai déja rencontrer une fois à Tokyo et il m’a conseiller d’évacuer et comme résultat me voila en Tunisie. Écoutez Cécile Monnier en ce moment je suis en Tunisie, et je peux vraiment l’aider. 1 il n ‘y a pas de Visa d’entrée entre le Japon et la Tunisie, pour le visa long durée il lui suffit un visa étudiant, pour la somme d’argent demandé j’ai aucune idée mais ne t’inquiete pas pour ca car je peux le prendre en charge. 2 le niveau de vie ici est bp moins elevé que le Japon, avec 70 000 yens par mois il pourra vivre dans le confort! en plus de cela il y a des opportunités de commerce ici surtout pour les japonais..il pourra reussir j’en suis sur.
      Il y a 2 heures · Je n’aime plus · 7
      Bekri Monam j’ai oublié de te dire que je peux lui garantir un logement pendant quelques mois
      Il y a 2 heures · Je n’aime plus · 5
      Cécile Monnier Merci Bekri Monam. je pense qu’il faut effectivement lui signaler cette possibilité. Cela lui donnera plus de choix. Tu lui fais un message ?
      Il y a 2 heures · Je n’aime plus · 2
      Cécile Monnier Sinon, dis-moi, et je lui expliquerais ta proposition
      Il y a 2 heures · Je n’aime plus · 2
      Bekri Monam je lui ai déja envoyé un message mais n’est pas passé!!! s’il est d’accord il me contacte par mail: adaeduc@yahoo.co.jp. je peux répondre à toutes ses questions. dites-lui que je le conseille de venir ici il sera chez lui. here uou are, Bekri is proposing you to come to tunisia, where visa are not an obligation, and life is cheaper. housing you is possible, you have the email adress in this dialogue. hoping this can help. take care? Mary

      1. “Neyla Hamelle J’ajoute juste que, étant d’origine tunisienne, il peut aller à Tokyo à l’ambassade, et demander à mon cousin Hichem Essanaa, qui est consul , tous les renseignements dont il a besoin, en donnant mon nom, bien sûr !” one other message to you: Neyla Hamelle is adding a fact: she si tunisian, and she says you can go to the tunisian ambassy in tokyo,ans ask for her cousin, Hichem Essana, who is consul. and you can ask him any kind of information you need, by giving the name of Neyla. hope this little precision will make some light in your tunnel.regards. Mary.

        1. In Tunisia where the islamics are about to take power and where poverty is everywhere ???

          Is he nuts or what ??

          Don’t suggest stupid things like this to Mochizuki san. Tunisia is not a safe and nice place to live, Only Europe and the USA are safe and compatible with the Japanese standard of living.

          1. Avril, M. is trying to survive and there are many high-quality options throughout the world! If I were Japanese, I might also consider parts of India with its growing economy! (and lack of historic conflict with Japan, if that is an issue). Many Indians speak English. There are such nice people all over the place. M. will be pleasantly surprised, I’m sure of it.

          2. That is really stupid nonsense. I am a US citizen and I went to a German high school and university. I spent a month in Tunisia and it was wonderful.

            I am not sure whether I would recommend it because you must know French to lead a decent existence, but it is certainly not worse than some parts of Germany (Magdeburg, for instance, you don’t want to be east Asian there).

          3. MX

            Living in Tunisia and making a tourist trip are two different things !

            Tunisia is not the US, not Europe and not Asia. Their culture has nothing to do with ours.

            I would never recommand anyone to live in a poor and pre-islamic country (cause that’s what happening right now in Tunisia) especially if you are a woman.

            Why do think all the Tunisians are coming to Europe by the time I speak ? They’re all escaping their country and you’re suggesting to Mochizuki-san to go there ? This is insane.

          4. My apologies Mochizuki-san.

            They say you were a she on Enenews.com but I just find out by clicking on the “About” button that you were male.

      2. Bien sûr, ce serait mieux qu’il l’appelle de ma part (Neyla Hamelle), sinon, elle ne va pas comprendre pourquoi on lui demande des renseignements sur la Tunisie.

        Sami peut très bien le renseigner par téléphone au 090 7901 6195 ou par mail.

        Voilà les mails :



        Son nom est :

        OMORI Sami (nom de jeune fille Isutzu) Neyla has got a friend Omori Sami who can talk about tunisia, she has been leaving there. she works in the ministery of environnement(about solar energy). her mail is just above, and also the one of hichem(neyla cousin, who is consul in the tunisian embassy).hichem’sphone is just above.when you see or speak to them, tell them neyla has proposed you to contact them.good luck.give us some news.Mary.

        1. Why are you trying to make her come to a poor, unstable, islamic and women unfriendly country when she could make a better living, walk safely and work in Europe or North America ?

          Who are these men behind these mails that your are posting ? What are their intentions ?

  4. Have you thought about Argentina? Very inclusive society…very welcoming.

    Your blog is amazingly important. You are very corageous.

  5. We on ENENEWS are trying to figure out how to facilitate your departure from Japan. Please do add donation options for $25, $50, $75, $100 US. There are over 2000 of us and I will advocate for you on this end. Please try and stay safe. Never doubt, there people who care about you. You are so brave to post the terrible truth to the world.

    1. yess she is…. we love her!!!! i heard / read in some comments that she will try a business or something for the people in japan about foreign food to ship since japanese foods are not foods anymore, poisoned awww! contaminated for now and the more days to come…. OMG! starvation????

  6. Consider Croatia, Slovakia or Slovenia? Really nice places. Croatia is not yet heavily regulated by EU membership and cheap. Slovakia actually has a solid fiscal status, from what I read. Slovenia is just gorgeous….all very nice, but a foreign language, of course. They probably got some Chernobyl background fallout, but it seemed pretty healthy to me & friendly.
    I read that Japanese citizens don’t need a visa to enter quite a few South American countries either–special status in French Guiana, for example. You can live cheap south of the equator & get internet! Sounds exciting across the board!

    1. Also, if you have Engineering training and experience, you will have options everywhere! You can leap frog over other immigration candidates. You could even spend up to a year as a tourist in Australia to avoid undue stress…

        1. You are right that Mochizuki-san has to leave ASAP, but please don’t confuse the visa stuff.

          I don’t want to repeat all this since I keep posting on these problems, but I’m worried that other Japanese readers may be confused so there it is.

          Getting a visa beforehand in order to enter a country short-term and as a TOURIST is not the same as being able to stay in a place and live and work there permanently.

          For instance, as a US citizen I have to apply for a tourist visa in Iran. With my other passport, I can go there without any visa, but I still cannot stay and work there permanently. (just an example!!)

          Another example: Japanese citizens can visit Germany (or France) for up to 90 days, but they cannot live and work there permanently without a lot of extra paperwork! It doesn’t even matter if you have a sponsor. The EU (Schengen zone) currently has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world. If you’re not a university student in Germany or married to a German spouse or sent there by your employer, then chances are very small.

          Most countries in the world only list their tourist and short-term visa requirements on the internet. From what I understand, the French Guiana regulation only means that the Japanese don’t need a visa for a tourist visit.

          In Australia or Canada, it’s true that it’s easier for engineers to get an employment visa, but the whole process still takes months. You can’t just get on a plane, get in and start working.

          Some countries are easier with getting permanent residence, but usually they don’t just list the requirements on the internet. Turkey and Thailand used to be very easy; they changed the rules last year to make them a lot stricter. It’s becoming worse everywhere.

          So far, Mochizuki-san’s original idea pretty much holds: Either parts of eastern Europe (but NOT if they’re Schengen), or large parts of south America (again, French Guiana is theoretically part of the EU, so there are more restrictions).

          In both of those places, there is organized crime, so one has to be careful without the knowledge of language, but they at least offer some chance for residence.

          But even that’s not easy and it has to be either prepared beforehand or you have to have connections (sponsor, employer, proof of income…). It’s just easier than in the Schengen zone, that’s all.

          Most US citizens who relocate to South America (Costa Rica, Ecuador, etc) are retired and they can prove that they get steady income from their investments or the US government. That’s how they get the permanent residence.

          If you can’t demonstrate steady income (and most of us cannot, because most people work for monthly wages), it’s much harder.

          Please, people, INFORM YOURSELVES BEFORE you post here or elsewhere!!! Otherwise the Japanese reading this could be in big trouble, traveling to countries which expel them after their tourist visa finishes in only THREE months.


          1. Please don’t confuse readers by negating their possibilities. They need encouragement now more than anything. If they can read this blog, they can read the visa rules and distinctions for the different types that may apply to them. I was offering correct general suggestions because there are MANY options. You don’t have to be a retiree, service volunteer, spouse, or student, although those are good options. In many Central & South American nations, you only need to demonstrate a low monthly sum of money and good character to live there beyond the tourist pass. Living totally safely in N.E.Japan is MUCH harder than trying to move elsewhere!!!! Also, you may have pending applications in neighboring Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, etc.), but you can always visit now for health protection and to learn the cultures. You could start off in one place (Point A) and then settle in later at Points Beyond, depending on your situation. It could be an extremely rewarding experience, especially if you are young….or old!

            I think E. Europe can be a great idea…it has potential for growth, anonymity, conservative budgets, & kind citizens (who understand & have thrown off repression more than most). W. Europe has a high quality of life, of course, but having a lengthy stay can be tougher. But, you may indeed have educational, professional, or family ties!…. Don’t close the door on any option.

            I hope more Japanese will pursue their multitude of choices, as citizens of a first-world nation! Even Russia has offered immediate preferential status to disaster victims, from what I read. You can have a very good life there, too! Just make it happen, fast! I’ve always found that new places often exceed my expectations!!! 🙂

          2. @ MX,
            I always read carefully and thoroughly your comments, you are a very realistic person and serious about everything, and very thoughtful; besides you talk only based on reliable information

          3. MX

            “The EU (Schengen zone) currently has some of the toughest immigration laws in the world.”

            Ho really ? Then why are we overflowed each day with thousands (million ?) of immigrants from all the corners of the world, huh ?

            These laws are not that tough and Japanese people are really appreciate in Europe. They are well-mannered, educated and Mochizuki has a good profession. She will get a visa and find a job here.

          4. p.s. I’m a lawyer in multiple jurisdictions, so I’m a pretty reliable ‘source,’ too. I’m not providing legal advice here. Every case is different. I’m just posing options that must be explored, ASAP!

    2. PS Croatia is not that easy, although it is not in the EU yet.

      My mother is from there and we own an apartment, yet I cannot get permanent residence.

      The only chance for Croatia is if someone gives Mochizuki-san employment.

      1. But, a blogger could start out there to be safer for a bit. I understand that Engineers are in high demand everywhere…I read that Slovakia is hiring tech workers, for example. Many companies worldwide will sponsor a highly educated, fully bilingual, bright young person and cover all costs. This blogger has many options.

        1. The Czech republic and Slovakia were indeed hiring a lot of engineers some five to ten years ago, but they preferred people from Europe, especially from the Balkans and eastern Europe, because many of them could learn Czech and Slovak quickly.

          I don’t know whether they still have that program, if they do, it’s certainly a possibility and it’s good you mentioned it. The question is, next year we will most likely enter a huge depression, globally, so who will still be hiring?

          The core of the problem is really this. I’ve lived in about ten countries (I mean, I spent anything from six months to ten years)in Europe, Asia, Africa and in the US.

          In all of them, it was not possible to change your initial visa. If you enter as a tourist, you can’t change it to a working permit or a student visa. You usually have to exit and apply from somewhere else, wait, and then re-enter with your new visa.

          Mochizuki-san should go to a place where he can get six months to a year. If he doesn’t like it there, he has enough time to plan to go somewhere else. Three months tourist visa is not enough, and western Europe may still be the best place in the world in some ways, but it is expensive and almost impossible to get more than three months.

          All you people who freak out about non-Europe and non-US destinations relax for a moment. The point is to leave as soon as possible and have a little time to reflect on what to do next without having the time pressure of a three month visa.

          Mochizuki-san could, for instance, go to Romania for three or six months, apply to teach Japanese in a German high school (my high school in Germany had Japanese as an elective subject), and then get a work permit and enter Germany without stress. That’s definitely better than entering as a tourist, spending all your money, and having to go back to Japan after three months.

          If you don’t believe me, go call the Auslaenderbehoerde or the former INS in the US and ask whether a friendly and competent Japanese person can just enter the country and work there.

          1. Trying to overcome & pay for cancer is much more challenging than getting into a safer country, IMO. I think Japanese people MUST consider other countries, besides Europe, that have more lax entry requirements. And they may have to hopscotch, as you describe. The So. Hemisphere is not contaminated yet, so that would be the best for their immediate health.

            Unfortunately, Japanese culture is not very expansive in that respect, so they need lots of encouragement. I honestly have found less high-profile locales to be extremely pleasant with great people. I think that would be the way to go!

            However, they must move before they get too sick to work or face potential discrimination. I am hopeful that many will have a bright future and can return at a later date.

  7. I am in no way belittling your plight.

    To the contrary, you are my source for Fukushima information, and I love you for it, but I wonder if you’re aware that Aeschylus wrote 2,500 years ago that Power and Force fettered Prometheus to the craggy rock in the Caucasus Mts.

    I’m not sure how it helps or applies, but I still thought it was interesting.

  8. Poland is not a good idea if you don’t speak enough to get around by yourself.
    Unfortunately even though I’m Polish I must advice against choosing Poland if you don’t speak basic Polish.

  9. not write any information about your intentions on this site and email, not even on the phone. your blog has saved my son, my husband thought that Tokyo was safe before reading your blog. I can never thank you enough. I hope better things for you ♥

  10. Slovakia is ok but Romania is good too. But it’s funny that MM would put his nationalism over your interests. Romania is the better choice because you can spend 3 months as a tourist, and then 3 months in Hungary or Bulgaria as a tourist etc and keep changing all the time.

  11. BreadAndButter (1st comment) meant this URL – http://radioactive.eu.com/ – please keep up the good work, even if you leave Japan.

    Your efforts have been invaluable and are very much appreciated!

    Good luck and please, stay safe.

  12. The people behind the coercion are the wealthy elite… the controllers of the corporate oligarchy. The nuclear industry is one of their pets, and you threaten their agenda for their pet.
    It has been known that radiation could be used to kill since before the first bomb was tested. It has been refined to a science with the information gleaned from the Martial Islands and other testing. The key is the increase of sustained background radiation and radioactive radicals attaching themselves inside of living tissue.

    A seismic weapon was used to take out the Fukushima reactors… The aurora borialis remained stationary and active for for hours the night of the quake.

    They set off about 5000 atomic bombs above ground with their testing, and the DU accounts for at least 10 times that amount of contamination.

    I am estimating 400,000 metric tons of radioactive contaminates from Fukushima.
    What they have been doing is not even conceivable by most human beings, and they therefore deny its reality.

    They have embarked upon such a determined agenda of lies deceit and treachery for so many decades and committed so many barbaric and unconscionable acts in their determined radioactive contamination of the Earth, that is seems established that they are knowingly engaging in GENOCIDE using radiation.

    The incidents recorded by project Blue Book in New Mexico make me suspect that the gray aliens are behind it. They worked a deal with the US government who terrorized us to pursue their agenda of radioactive contamination and testing from 1947 to 1961 in New Mexico.

    I am about as well liked as you are by them. I have few resources, but will do anything I can to help you.

  13. Dear Blogger,
    I have been following this blog more or less regularly ever since I went to Japan in September and a friend of mine, concerned about my health recommended me reading it.
    Although I can generally understand your concerns and share them, as I have experienced Chernobyl myself (living in Germany) as a kid and ever having been scared by radioactivity since, I have to say that, despite all the independent information you provide, I see quite a few things that are rather emotionally driven than factual.
    I can truly understand that you might be panicking, but I think (please don’t take it personal, but take it as constructive criticism) that it is wrong to spread this panic, but instead it would be better to remain as calm as possible as you cannot do anything about the whole situation anyway as it already happened.
    Believe me, ever since I booked my trip to Japan which was two and a half weeks before the Tohoku quake, I wasn’t sure if I should go or not – for months I have been debating with myself and in the end decided that it wouldn’t make a difference if I went now or in ten years, as the amount of radioactivity would practically be the same by then (besides the fact that I receive a good dose of radiation on the flight to Japan already and I can’t say how much I received through Chernobyl).
    I am a very critical reader and reflect things a lot. In no means I want to euphemize anything and the dangers of radioactivity and nuclear power – I am strictly opposed to it – I have tons of questions popping up while reading all the things in the aftermath of Fukushima and I remain skeptical about all kinds of information, no matter whether they are official or not.
    As for yourself thinking about leaving Japan, I have one question (not knowing if someone else asked it before):
    Why, besides of the aspect that it is cheap do you choose to go to Eastern Europe?
    It might be cheap, but you also have to consider that you would earn much less money in these countries compared to the Western European countries.
    And especially, you have to be aware that big parts of Eastern Europe had been contamintated themselves by the Chernobyl disaster back in 1986 – even Western Europe has not been spared so that even today you’d find areas with higher amount of radiation even in Germany or other countries, I would not eat mushrooms from the Bavarian forest if not necessary (you might understand that contaminated food and water was my biggest concern about my Japan trip).
    Please try to not rush into things and carefully weigh your options before you act.
    I really appreciate all your efforts you put into this blog and I think it is a good source of information especially for Japanese who, otherwise would just be fed with the propaganda from Tepco and the Japanese government (unfortunately I had the impression that most people seem to either believe this official information or at least not question it; maybe it is just the Japanese mentality?).
    However, call me a fool or crazy, not only that I have not cancelled my trip to Japan as I always wanted to see your wonderful country ever since I was a kid and therefore was very touched by what happened in March and it still makes me really angry to see how the official act (or should I say don’t act) about it, maybe you will think I am even crazier since I consider to go to Japan to live and work there if I find a way to do so. What I can say however, is that I would move as far as possible from Fukushima and I am not even sure if I would feel safe in Tokyo, but in the end, no matter if I move to Ibusuki or Wakkanai, chances that I would consume contaminated food or the wind spreads the radiation to every corner of the Japanese islands with time are not unrealistic – to be honest, I don’t really want to know if and how much irradiated food I consumed during my three week stay and how high the dose is that I received when crossing Fukushima prefecture by train or staying in Tokyo.
    My point is that despite the risks we yet have to see about the impact of this whole disaster – what we can say for sure though is that nuclear energy is not controllable, not safe nor clean and that every contrary statement is plain propaganda and purely lied!
    I can only hope that humanity will learn its lesson from it and draw the right conclusions, but I highly doubt it, as much as I appreciate that our very own government finally reverted the decision to further go with nuclear energy after decades of lies and evil propaganda with billions spent on this obsolete and dangerous technology. I hope that other countries will follow this example, but I doubt that we will see a nuclear free world soon (looking at all the countries currently developing and planning new reactors).

  14. I’m sure you can find a place to go just by talking to your friends extended family, or their friends. You are not the first person to leave Japan because of this incident.

    I live in the US, a couple months before this accident some census numbers in my county were released. The only numbers they had at that time were for the Japanese population (which was a tiny 2500 persons).

    Well after the accident, I began seeing many Japanese people in the area of the city I live in, previously I had only had 2 neighbors (a plant manager and his pregnant wife) in the 10 years I’ve lived in this city. I would go on walks in the spring and would see that the largest ethnic group in the park were Japanese (this is a very diverse city). Whole families (especially families made up of elderly people). Before there were only mainly men who worked at the factory. I would estimate (and I only do this because I know the size of other immigrant/ refugee pops in the area) that there are about 5 to 7 thousand people of Japanese in the area.

    So family groups have left and have a system for getting to other locations (there’s lots of Visa legal loopholes in the US an I’m sure other countries). I’m sure if you talk to a friend (especially one who had family who work for Japanese car maker oversees) you might get some insight/ into networks to leave and resettle.

  15. Thank you, Mochizuki san, for sharing these facts with us.
    I believe this is the first ever exposure of such shady conducts by the “mysterious” Japanese people, who are obviously the Japanese authorities related to the latest report of “interrogation”.

    But, so far, no Japanese blogger or BBS owner has ever exposed such a behind-the-closed-door “deal” between them and the Japanese authority.
    They happily made the deal, apparently, and have been operating their blogs and BBS for years despite their friends’ suspicions and criticism online.
    This was the creepy reality for the Japanese “netto” (internet) users since many years ago.

    We can imagine what these deals will bring to the visitors and comment posters in Japan. 🙂
    It enables the “authority” of Japan to secretly and illegally survey and collect personal data of those who visit the blogs and BBS or post comments.

    Thanks to these illegal “authorities” and illegal surveillance activities until this year, the Fukushima disaster had to happen in March.
    The disaster would have never happened if only free speech and free reporting had been the norm in Japan.

    It would be important for us to note that the Fukushima disaster is still going on today too.
    As the Japanese-American scientist Prof Michio Kaku famously said on air (anyone can find his clip in the Youtube by typing the following phrase), the “Meltdown Is Forever”.

    And I like his phrase.
    It is perfectly right because nuclear meltdown is supposed to continue literally “forever”.

    So, it will not stop contaminating the entire globe either.
    Therefore, everyone should be sincerely concerned now unless they prefer to die because of the Fukushima radiation.

    By the way, I am compelled to suspect there are a few new visitors here posting comments pretending as concerned “Germans” but denying the severity of the Fukushima disaster.
    These people are trying to embarrass themselves here, aren’t they?

    I know “Sebastian” is also a German name but a German man won’t spell the name Sebaschan, will he?
    I hope it was not about “little Sebastian” (Sebastian chen) or an attempt of vandalism.

    I hope it’s not about a comic Japanimation’s phrase “kyofu no Sebaschan” from years ago either.
    At least, concerned (and properly educated) Germans will never try to deny the severity of Fukushima here.

    I hope these self-claimed Germans (whoever they actually are ;)) do not believe that the Japanese people are worshipers of “Germany” today.
    No, that cheap magic doesn’t work here because this is not the 19th century.

    As they all must know, last fall, the German “government” decided to extend the legal life of its own literally “worn-out” German reactors which were breaking down, without good parliament discussion or discretion.
    Then, that same “government” of Germany saw unexpected and huge protests by its own quiet people.

    When the Fukushima disaster happened only a few months later, the German authority was forced to “review” their prior decision this year and, now, they pretend to be the safest regulator of nuclear power plants in the world.
    They now pretend that they had known old reactors can fail the way the Fukushima’s reactors did.
    But, unfortunately they knew nothing either, of course, until March 12 or 13.

    They could have witnessed a German Fukushima in their own country as well, soon or later.
    Bureaucracy is rampant in Germany, not only in Japan, and we all know it.

    Even the Japanese people here know a ZDF documentary over a mysterious radiation release and a local “outbreak” of leukemia in Germany from the famous Youtube video.
    It remains a mystery and no one was brought to justice for the radiation disaster.
    There is no responsible regulator of nuclear power in Germany either, unfortunately.

    In a certain sense, the Fukushima disaster saved the face of the German “government” this year.
    If Germany had continued with the policy of extension of reactor life, they would have seen a similar accident at an old reactor, as well.

    Same extension of reactor life was just made for the Fukushima nuclear power plant weeks before the Fukushima exploded actually by the Japanese “authority”.
    Some foreign people still do not understand why the Fukushima disaster had to happen.
    But they should be aware of, at least, this fact of irresponsible “extension” of reactor life.

    The Fukushima had to happen because the reactors were already too old to operate by March, 2011.
    Japan and Germany were not the only countries which were legitimizing the same illegal and bureaucratic extension.

    So, when your car is too old for you to drive safely, you just have to scrap it.
    But the miserable bureaucrats of Japan and Germany couldn’t decide to do so.

    Now the German politicians and bureaucrats pretend as if they had known better than the Japanese side.
    But the German side didn’t, actually, either.

    Besides, the Fukushima is more serious than the Chenobyl which was ended by the brute force of liquid nitrogen only in 10 days 25 years ago.
    And Fukushima’s radiation release has been secretly continuing since over 240 days ago unfortunately because it is simply in a China Syndrome condition.
    As you can see clearly, a normal German person here would be seriously concerned as Mochizuki san is, unless that person is literally mentally ill.

    So, the self-claimed Germans here (whoever they actually are) would be well advised to refrain from writing unsafe “advices” to the Japanese people by abusing this blog.
    Their “advices” are virtually murdering the local people concerned.
    By the way, I have German friends since my youth.

    So, some Japanese bloggers and BBS owners have been condemned to be “under pressure” since many years ago by their friends and users.
    Thanks to Mochizuki, now we know how those “pressuring” authority people work to make a Japanese web-censorship (secret censorship using the bloggers and BBS owners) possible.

    I appreciate Mochizuki san’s latest exposure very much.
    He has done a great contribution, again, by exposing the so-called pressuring from the Japanese authorities here.

    Even if he leaves Japan and becomes free or freer in a foreign land, this exposure will help other Japanese web users to protect themselves from the murderous Japanese people of “pressure.”
    This exposure will serve as a “precedent” for the freedom loving Japanese people.

  16. @Creeped out, if you are going to criticize me, at least don’t mirror my language so blatantly (“Please do not confuse…”).

    Let’s get something straight: I come from a place which disintegrated when I was a teenager. I’m a woman with a Ph.D., a bunch of languages and other skills, and zero criminal record anywhere in the world.

    Yet — my family chose the wrong moment to leave the country, when regulations already changed and it became ***horribly hard*** to get residence in another country. I did everything by legal and correct ways, never lied or cheated on anything, I was young, polite and capable, and yet it took me no less than 14 years to get another country’s passport.

    Most people don’t know about this, especially people from western Europe, the US, Australia and Canada, because they live well in their own countries and have no need to leave permanently. Most people from those countries only go elsewhere for a couple of months or a year. But it’s not hard to leave and spend a time abroad if you know you can come back home. I CANNOT.

    I am not blaming anyone for their privileges by birth, we don’t decide where we are born.

    But look at it this way: Would I be talking so much about all this official sh*t, which I hate and despise, if I didn’t have to go through it myself? I had no money and no high connections — many Japanese will find themselves in similar circumstances to mine.

    It’s terribly important to be able to distinguish between reality and half-heard stories and fantasies. And reality is, things are hard right now and you need help, luck and strength to relocate.

    I don’t want other people to make wrong choices.

    @d, thank you very much for the kind words.

    1. Strangely, you took a tone with me when I said nothing offensive to anyone. I’m sorry about your experiences. however, these people are evacuating after a record series of disasters under emergency circumstances. Much of Japan’s radiation readings now exceed those for evacuation zones in almost all civilized countries, including around Chernobyl. I spoke to a top radiologist here in the US and he said what is going on there is plain “crazy.”

      Relocating is not just a cupcake, nothing in life is, but I don’t think you need to shoot down the hopes of millions of people, just because you personally found it frustrating. Having your life on the line is far more frustrating!! And once you fulfill the paperwork and make adjustments, the rewards can be wonderful!!

      Japanese citizens are afforded immigration privileges, which are comparable, if not fully equivalent, to EU and US residents. It’s a first-world nation with very little communicable disease, high educational standards, etc., etc. Mochizuki san and many of her compatriots CAN find a new home and I hope they will!!! 🙂

    2. To add, do NOT be discouraged one iota by bitter, fearful, hostile people, even on this blog! You can find a way out and every bit of improvement is worth it! Make it happen for you!

      1. Look, you seem to be young and well-intended, but please read more carefully. There is no need for an endless debate or calling me “bitter” surreptitiously.

        Ever since I first posted here, and it’s been about two months, I have urged Mochizuki-san to leave. The last thing I would want for him is to stay in Japan over winter. So he must leave ASAP.

        But my argument is not about how quickly he should leave, that’s obvious. He should leave RIGHT NOW.

        I am merely explaining if he leaves to a country which only lets him in for three months, becomes illegal there, loses all his money and gets deported back to Japan, that won’t make things any better. People have been trying to find a place which would give him enough safety and time to relocate.

        Finally, about cancer, well, that argument was just silly. Hasn’t it occurred to you it’s not either-or? You can have cancer (for instance, from American-dropped depleted uranium shells in Iraq) and not be able to leave, because no country will give you a visa.

  17. All,

    Please note that Mochizuki-san is not female. He is a he 🙂

    I, on the other hand, am not a he and, instead and as one might expect for being “instead”, am a she. I am also not in Japan while Mochizuki-san is. We are all hoping and working toward getting Mochizuki-san out of Japan while I am not going anywhere except to work in the morning and admining this blog while not doing a 100 other things. All of this to say, again, that he is a he and I am not. Try not to get us confused :-).


    1. my apologies…I actually thought it was a man’s voice, but on other blogs, they swear it’s a young woman in Japan!…?? Good luck to you both!!

  18. Come to Canada, all Japanese should come to Canada, we have lots of room and warm feelings for Japanese people, the government could not turn you away. In Canada every person can claim asylum, that is step one, then you have years to fight any ruling so by that time Japan may be safer or better Canada will be accepting millions of Japanese.

    1. yesss.. yur right! i got my 6 months visa w/o any difficulties,, thanks to Canadian Embassy.. so warm and kind.

  19. I feel so bad for this “person”-man or woman,gay or straight,which has no bearing on this issue & shouldn’t be a factor when people make invitations or extend hospitality to a person who is obviously embarking on a mission to survive what’s happened to his homeland & the places & people he loves! The situation & the sense of immediacy it places him in which require a long-distance relocation with all of the known & unknown obstacles & hazards encountered along the way are cause enough for great anxiety,even without adding his having to accept the awful reality that his homeland & family he must leave behind are likely to be doomed. Eventually every inch of the Earth will be drenched in varying levels of long-lived radioactive isotopes and the last refuge’s left that manage to remain habitable will be overwhelmed & the cannabalism & carnage that follow would not be something I’d want to personally experience! Things change rather quickly-especially things that change for the worse! Mochizuki-san has been giving his time & effort to try to save his homeland,people & culture as well as his family who refuse to consider joining him.It becomes obvious that he’d placed his efforts & hopes into trying in vain to open the eyes of the people & govt. of Japan so they would place a higher priority on saving the people & property proudly handed down by their ancestor’s who trusted the future leadership & generations would be responsible caregivers who would safeguard their people,lands & culture at all cost. It’s become obvious that time has run out for that most honorable & responsible of options as the response of the nuclear industry and govt. has not placed the disaster response & its impact on the people anywhere near the priority level it’s called for since the beginning! So now he must decide where to go to without having given the idea nearly enough consideration and everyone who “thinks” their own nation is the best for him to go to-he must also be thinking about how quickly things can go wrong and change for the worse,and what those changes would mean for him?!! While many people have offered sincere & well-meaning invitation’s,suggestions,and gracious hospitality that I’m sure is appreciated-he must now decide what’s best for Mochizuki-san and hopefully it will also coincide with the best environment to keep up the good fight! I don’t mean to offend anyone either-but what would become of him if the fight “ends”?~ It could “end” with the huge explosion theorized in Japan,or the “one” more Fukushima that pro-nuclear analysts say would “end the debate over nukes with the end of the nuclear industry being realized”,which would be both very bad and good if the impact of such events would end the debate and the Nuclear Age without consequences so horrific as to be unsurvivable in the meantime. But if it is an ending with horrific & global impact which forces us back into the Dark Ages with people scrambling to survive without regard for anyone else-then what will become of him?Who would help him out then? Personally I’d suggest that anyone seeking to relocate & thrive with a better chance of maintaining a worthwhile quality of life should consider joining or creating a community of like-minded,down to earth,non-fanatical,self-sufficient group with a focus on putting the best qualities & resources of each person into positions where they’d be best suited to happily be productive,useful members of their group & proudly display their best qualities & unique resources as “individual leader’s”in their own right! I’m not sure that the US,Canada or any EU countries are going to be great choices to have been made should chaos & turmoil continue heading toward a breakdown of order & the loss of individual rights & Martial Law become reality. Everyone who’s in “The Fight” knows that it’s not just about the Nuclear Issue and has to know inside that a lot more is at stake here related to “control” and when you factor how unwilling TPTB are even when it’s about an issue that is as dangerous to them as nukes are to those trying to effect change in their policy of poisoning for profit! Everyone of sound mind & logic must realize that things will inevitably have to get worse before they get better knows this in their heart! So if you’ve made the decision to join the exodus of people tearfully & regretfully leaving their homes & everything they’ve ever known to either continue the fight against this abomination of nature from afar,or simply to increase their chances to survive and die on their own terms,preferably of old age-then care must be taken regarding those decisions because circumstances may become so that there may not be another chance to move again and they might find themselves worse off than where they started out from!! A personal observation being that I wouldn’t choose a country that has a pro-nuclear attitude & agenda if I had other options available,but that’s my own feelings based on the feeling that protesting nukes in a nation that’s way too cozy with the industry isn’t very good for one’s “immediate” health or well-being!(seems I’ve heard that line before?!!)& I suspect certain “things” related to decisions & actions seemingly random are actually “punitive” efforts which will lead to my being found dead in my van in the near future as I’m presently homeless & temporarily staying with family crowded into a tiny studio apartment with the access to a public wi-fi network hotspot that’s available in one corner of the attic storage area that is my only “luxury” at present,but I’ll be back living in my van on Dec.15th with my little dog while my disabled wife is able to stay with her own family which I’m grateful for. My point being that anything any reader of my sob story may think is automatically awarded to citizens who suffer disability & impoverishment does not apply for “some reason” and the pattern seems to fit to fill in any blanks when you read between the lines and really see what’s going on behind the scenes with ALL of the agencies & their “cooperation” with each other?!!-(it seems ironic that two entirely different US Govt. bureau’s have the same exact abbreviated listings,think “DHS”,and how they might affect someone’s life)So in closing I’m going to wish you a safe trip and Good Luck,Best Wishes & Happy Holiday’s to you lori Mochizuki-san,because I don’t know if I’ll get the opportunity again from day to day the way things are going for me and for everyone for that matter! Please excuse the length of my response to your bittersweet news and I don’t mind if you don’t post it because it’s very long and it’s meant for you personally as it’s become so hard for people to make such drastic decisions while under duress & it’d be a shame to hear that you suffered an ill-fate for any decision made in haste & under pressure!!Thanks Again for your dedication to “The Fight” and for your sacrifice & hardships during these times of great angst & sadness…~PEACE~

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