We are running out of safe food

I used to think canned food was ok, but even that was an illusion.

Greenpeace measured canned fish.

The samples were taken from 15 branches of 5 major super market chains from North Japan to Kanto area. The measurement was conducted in October.

As a result, they measured cesium from 27 of 75 canned fish.

They announced it on 11/16/2011.

Eg,4.6 Bq/Kg from canned chub mackerel.

This seems to be merely a beginning of the huge food problem. Greenpeace is expected to conduct continuous surveys.


Greenpeace has also measured variety of sea food sold at major supermarkets.

The data is below.
20111117 SUSEA Result

  1. on November 8th, I got the message :


    Sorry, to repeat this, but it’s the sad TRUTH !
    Blessings to you !

  2. You should had known better Mochizuki-san. All sea produce from Northern Pacific Ocean should be off the table, no matter whether they’re canned, frozen, dried, etc. But I guess you knew that and just needed a punch line for your post.

    Japanese government should have outlawed fishing a long time ago.

  3. Its like in the bible at the end when nobody can find clean food.I bet a lot of people thought it was going to be demons or hooker spit but radiation and GMOs can make food unclean too.

  4. We eat tuna in Finland. It is imported tons and tons. There is no information about radiation. Ones I saw such news but that picture can’t be found anymore. So there will be many people who can get cancer.

  5. …Don’t worry about the food…worry about how atrociously incompetent the Japanese Govt has has dealt with,prolonged and worsened this disaster! One of the Major Questions has to be what is the Japan Govt so desperately “Hiding” at Fukashima? Is it their “Exploded” Secret Nuclear Weapons Program.. that also implicates both the USA and Israel? For the sake of vigilantly hiding this secret the Japanese Govt is willing to and is in the process of destroying the whole country?

  6. Hallo aus Deutschland

    gestern lief hier im deutschen TV ein Bericht in den Nachrichten (versuche ihn noch im Netz zu finden, glaube es war ZDF) über Frankreich, dort hat man sämtliche AKW´s untersucht und nicht ein einziges(!!!!)könnte einer Naturkatastrophe standhalten!

    Folgendes ist aktuell in Deutschland zu finden:

    Nach Verzehr von Gemüse aus FukushimaTV-Star erkrankt an akuter Leukämie

    Weite Teile Japans sind nach dem Fukushima-Unglück radioaktiv schwer belastet. Auch die aktuelle Reisernte ist stark verseucht. Nach der Katastrophe hatte die japanische Regierung zunächst noch angegeben, Lebensmittel aus der verstrahlten Region seien relativ unbedenklich. Ein japanischer Fernsehmoderator hatte deshalb in seiner TV-Sendung demonstrativ Gemüse aus dem Norden des Landes gegessen. Jetzt ist der 63-Jährige an akuter Leukämie erkrankt.

    Nach Reaktorkatastrophe in Fukushima
    Reis radioaktiv verseucht
    Reaktorkatastrophe in Fukushima
    Cäsium verseucht Osten Japans

  7. Dies ist jetzt nicht der Bericht vom ZDF, aber es ist das gleiche Thema:

    Bericht des Instituts für Nuklearsicherheit Experten fordern Nachrüstung französischer AKWs

    17.11.2011, 12:45

    In Japan hatten die Betreiber der Atomkraftwerke die Folgen von Naturkatastrophen unterschätzt – mit katastrophalen Folgen. Eine Überprüfung französischer Anlagen hat nun ergeben: Auch die Anlagen dort müssten nachgerüstet werden.

    Frankreich muss offenbar alle Atomanlagen nachrüsten, um sie besser gegen Naturkatastrophen zu schützen. Das ist das Fazit einer Untersuchung des französischen Instituts für Nuklearsicherheit (IRSN).

  8. like KANES said,

    dont worry about the food that you consume a few times a day – worry about the air you breath every few seconds!!!

        1. Don’t forget moxibustion Avril, very powerful… 😉 One of my friend proposed homeopathy to irradiated population (sic). Pseudo-medecine kills people everyday, you should restrain and keep your lies to yourself – you’re not doing better than Hosono here.

          I disagree. Food is the main issue, as very low level dose can kill you. As for the air, it is of course a major concern for people still living in Tokyo but you just shouldn’t be there: if you get “pneumonia”, you asked for it. If you stay in places where atmospheric radiation is very low, roughly west of Nagoya (this city excluded), food is your enemy.

          1. Who’s talking about homeophathy, Xanadu ?

            I’m talking about what is used by doctors in Tchernobyl to treat irradiated patients.

            Clay, alginates, clorella, spirulina, pectines, antioxydants, etc., have show significant results against low radionucleids exposure.

            See Yablokov’s studies published at the New York Academy of Science here : http://www.strahlentelex.de/Yablokov%20Chernobyl%20book.pdf

  9. You have to start thinking this was planned.

    The criminal demeanor of the press and governments around the world is a good clue this was planned. They have started the mass slaughter and it’s not going to be on television.

  10. Thank you for the regular information updates.

    I have family in the Hizen area of Kyushu. Could you tell me how safe this is for those people living there.

    We were planning for over three years to return to live there in 2012. We enjoyed seafood from Ariake Sea previously. Do you know if the seafood and the green tea from Saga is safe to eat at this stage?

    1. Not safe. They measured over 500 Bq/Kg of Cesium from tea leaves in Fukuoka. Sea food is worse. Please start packing and move.
      Additionally,south east (From Taiwan to Indonesia) asian countries import sea food,water,rice and fruits from Japan. They are not ok either. I recommend you to go to the other side of the world.

      1. You know I actually think this comes from Genkai nuclear plant. It’s old and losing its fluids… Latest “incident” (a repeat actually) was most probably the cause. So it’s just an ordinary radiation spike as you have around most nuclear plants worldwide, most of them go undocumented.

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