Temperature has gone “over scale” at reactor 2

Today Tepco started their press conference 20 mins late, which is unusual.

They did not even prepare documents to explain the current situation of the reactors.

According to their statement, at least 3 troubles are happening.

1) At reactor 3
The water cooling system is not properly working. Water coming into the system and coming out of the system shows similar temperature.
They assume it is because a valve was turned off. The last time it was checked was 11/19/2011. They don’t know why the valve got turned off.

2) At reactor 2
Gas pressure controlling room’s temperature has gone over scale.
It’s in suppression chamber. Because the temperature has gone too high, heat gauge can not indicate accurately. They say other 2 heat gauges are indicating normal temperature ,but they are about 100m away from the place.
Also, because the point is extremely radioactive, nobody can get close to check/replace the heat gauge.

3) At reactor 2
Dry well of container vessel is unusually heated. At 11:00AM 11/27/2011, a heat gauge at the point indicated 85.3 C
However, Tepco state there is no problem because other 5 heat gauges around that point show 65~69C, which is usual, so the heat gauge has gone out of order, just at the same timing of (2)
The heat gauge is in the highly radioactive place so they can’t go to check or fix anyway.

Considering the unusual atmosphere of Tepco at the press conference, Japanese journalists are suspecting they are hiding something crucial again.


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