Reactor 5 and 6 had criticality as well

On Tepco’s press release data of 4/25/2011, Iodine-133 was measured at intake of reactor 5 and 6.

0.15 Bq/cm3 8:50 4/24/2011

0.23 Bq/cm3 14:30 4/24/2011

Also, according to press release data of 6/13/2011, the temperature of reactor 5 and 6 were hotter than 200 ºC, and data of 3/11~3/15 are concealed.

Even on 3/19/2011, they were still 183C and 167C.

5/16/2011, Tepco released data of how much contaminated water is sticked under the container vessels.

The table shows,

300 cubic meters under reactor 5,

13,500 cubic meters under reactor 6.

It proves nuclear fuel had meltdown and melt outed to get out of the container vessels.

In the data on 6/13,the temperature of the water in container vessels are carefully concealed from 3/11~15

In the previous post, I reported the possibility of that reactor 5 and 6 are also in crisis like reactor 1 ~ 4.

What can be proved on this post may be the start of the whole hidden crisis of reactor 5 and 6.


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