Radioactive wind hits Tokyo

It’s more smoggy around Fukushima plants today.

Today,there were unusual amount of tweets to claim bad condition of health.

@iwawoji 港区海沿いから帰宅…口の中がピリピリします。なんか急に放射線量アップしてませんか?マスク効果ないかもです

back home from the coastal area of Minato ku,Tokyo. feels spiking in mouth. Radiation level is going up,isn’t it ? Maybe mask doesn’t work.

@kazukazu721: なんかピリピリして、目も痛いですね

Something feels spiking. Eyes hurt too.


At Machida shi ,Tokyo.Outside is foggy today. Weak part of the skin hurts so much.


Today it’s high. 0.13~0.18 micro Sv/h around in Kawasaki. Be careful!
(Normally it’s about 0.05~0.07)

Also,tweets about venting are spreading around.

@you_arenowhere: <大拡散>ソース不明ですが、福島ベント説が複数から寄せられています。

<Please spread it> Unconfirmed info,but they say Fukushima plant is venting.

The video is the radiation forecast of Swiss.
It says radioactive wind hits Tokyo from about 3PM of Sunday.(JST)

We need to be more careful.

This will happen more often toward winter.
If you live in Japan,I strongly recommend you to leave Tokyo soon as possible.

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