Mutated plants


Mutation of plants were found in Fujiminoshi, Saitama (6/16/2011)

They grew after 311.

Normal one.

These ones have the stems connected to each other and they are zonate and they are huge compared to normal ones.

There were at least 30 of them.

This one above has the leaves colored white.


  1. Oh my… That is scary as all get-out. (That’s West Virginia hillbilly shining through right there. haha) Seriously though, even here in Virginia which is many many thousands of miles away, I have had some strange things in my garden. I had 2 conjoined twin tomatoes, a conjoined twin red clover, and a conjoined twin walnut. Never saw any of those before, ever. Also I have noted, and photographed many plants that have turned crimson red, when they were never crimson red before. It worries me because it rained here a LOT when the biggest lies about the radiation were being told…so thanks for the news…Keep it up!

  2. OMG!!-I have been seeing weird plants here in USA too!! And the one with white leaves really reminds me of some things I will take pictures of before frost gets them tomorrow! My neighbors have tomato plants in front garden that are still green and won’t ripen!! I just “tried” to post the harm my wife and daughter seem to have “mysteriously” happened to them,including my daughters miscarriage of 8 week old fetus 10 weeks ago now-baby had no heartbeat at 8 weeks?!! “Something” keeps “knocking me offline-ONLY when I try to post on ENE news now”!!??~I will NEVER stop telling people what is happening to Japan and the rest of the world-I “KNOW”in my heart that my wife is sick and I will never know my grandchild because of radiation! If it didn’t come from junk NPP in Fukushima,then it comes from the ones here in my country-11 of them near my home alone!!~ I’m proud of the people who protested in Japan and I’m proud of ANYONE in the world who commits themselves to stopping this madness!!~IT NEEDS TO END-NOW!!!!~ Thank You Mochizuki-san!!

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