“I don’t want to be a murderer”

A fisher from Iwaki shi, Fukushima decided to stop fishing anymore.

He is one of the fishers who are concerned about sea contamination.

At a Tepco’s meeting for the local citizens, he made them give out the data about the radiation level before 311.

(He knew they would not give out the data after 311)

According to the data, the highest radiation level had been 0.1 Bq/Kg.

He checks sea contamination data from Fukushima local government’s website, and analyzed by himself.

He saw the reality that radiation level is not decreasing, it dropped down once but it is in the increasing trend at variety of the locations at Fukushima off shore.

He decided to stop fishing anymore.

He said:

“It is a murder of possibility. My family, friends, loved one might eat my fish. Thinking about that, I can no longer fish and sell.
Fishers in further north or Hokkaido can run their business better if we stop fishing too. Our fishing would cause harmful rumor for the market that might be still safe. We better withdraw.
I can not understand why Japanese government is trying to re-start other nuclear plants either. It’s time to go back to our common sense.”

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