Mr. Radium

In the past few weeks, 2 hot spots were found in Setagaya, and both were caused by the Radium226 bottles coincidentally.

The distance between the 2 locations are about 7km.

However, both of the hot spots were found by the same person.

(His twitter account:!/n0ri_tiki)

Mr. Nori “seems like” to be an anti nuke activist.

From his twitter, he searches for hot spots to save people, like everyone else.

He will probably find the third hot spot in Setagaya, and there will be a radium-226 under ground again.


  1. but i think he isn´t so wrong…

    soon they will unfortunately find further hotspots and substances which are most harmful…

    but he “works” sadly in the lieing arguments of government that there is no danger…

  2. The Mayor of Setagaya Ward, Nobuto Hosaka, is breaking his promise of “democracy” by neglecting these suspicious “radium bottles” appearing at these hot spots of Setagaya. Then, why doesn’t he simply resign?

    As an active member of Japan’s Socialist Party, maybe he is trying to destroy our country by his socialist ideals, denying our democracy? (lol)
    Hosaka ran for the Mayor post after he was elected OUT of the Japanese parliament. Now, he doesn’t honor his promise of democracy as is displayed in the way he has been handling the Setagaya Hot Spots Incidents by now. If he denies democracy to the rich Setagaya Ward of Tokyo, then he should resign the Mayor immediately.

    As a Japanese Socialist Party member, Hosaka was a close colleague of a former minister of Kan’s cabinet, Yoshito Sengoku, who later switched to the Democratic Party of Japan and joined Kan. Reportedly, Sengoku sold to Vietnam the deal of Japanese nuclear power plant (NPP) last year. Sengoku was very proud of his “job” to export the Japanese NPP even after the Fukushima broke out in March.

    Sengoku’s brief biography is at in English but English speakers don’t read the true details of the low-life of Sengoku himself. Low-life part of his bio is written in the Japanese page.
    Sengoku is a registered Japanese lawyer but he was a college dropout from the Tokyo Univ. during the 1960’s. He was an activist of “Japanese New Left” during those days, by the way. And, as a lawyer, he worked for Japanese Yakuza forces, as the Japanese version of Wiki tells citing a testimony of Yakuza from a magazine article.
    Then, isn’t it bizarre for the Vietnamese “government” to sign an import contract of Japanese NPP with a known Japanese “criminal laywer” like Sengoku himself even though he was visiting Vietnam as a Japanese “minister”?

    Hosaka was also an activist during the 1960’s and he later became a Japanese politician in a rather similar way as Sengoku. The former PM Kan had a similar early life during the “Student Power” days as Sengoku as well, by the way. Kan’s political “career” started as a petty thief, famously, when he “stole” a copy of list of supporters from a renowned Japanese feminist politician Fusae Ichikawa without her consent. Fusae Ichikawa failed to file a formal complaint then, unfortunately, and she chose to simply record the fact in her writing.
    But, because of her failure to condemn the theft then, the thief was later to become a PM of Japan. Then, PM Kan became a virtual mass-murderer this year as we know already. Do you call the Japanese feminist “lenient”? If you read about the life of PM Kan, you will say a thief naturally became a mass-murderer later. This is an important lesson for all.

    Now, I have to wonder if Hosaka had a similar low-life like these known “criminals” of the former Kan Cabinet. Guys like Sengoku and Kan should have never been elected to the Japanese parliament in the first place. But they got the position because of the rampant Japanese political corruption.
    Kan is infamous now for his virtual mass-murder of millions of Japanese and foreign people. Kan himself ordered to deceive the millions of Japanese by telling them through his cabinet spokesman Edano and Japanese TVs, famously, “Fukushima’s radiation will not harm your health…not immediately”.

    If Hosaka wanted to murder thousands or millions of Tokyo people as well, the way Sengoku and Kan did as “ministers” since March, he has already done a great “job”. So, Hosaka should kindly resign the Setagaya Mayor now. Anyway, these activist-turned-politicians can’t handle the true national crisis like the Fukushima disaster, can they? That should be obvious from what Hosaka has done so far.
    Tokyo police force kept on bringing up the famous “radium bottles” from somewhere every time so far and Hosaka (together with the Tokyo Governor Ishihara) failed to question the true identities of these “bottles.” Hosaka failed to demand an honest survey of radiation level of Tokyo too.

    As most foreign people may know actually, low-life Japanese politicians like Kan and Sengoku are too many and everywhere in Japan today. These corrupt men/women are the true culprits who brought the Fukushima disaster to Japan and the rest of the world this year. Therefore, if Hosaka resigns now, it will probably reduce the number (at least by 1) of such unwanted burden for the Japanese nation of future. People of Japan can survive the radiation crisis if these corrupt Japaanese politicians and bureaucrats leave. 🙂

  3. What’s the story here?

    Are these bottles dating from before the surrender of Nippon to the Yanks?

    Were never used as intended?

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