Xenon can’t be caught by filter,what did they measure ?

Though Iodine 131 has been measured at variety of locations in Japan to show Fukushima went back to recriticality state,
it was the first time for Tepco to admit that reactor 2 has gone back to recriticality today.

Cf,a very insightful comment to the blog.
2011/11/01 at 11:27 am
There’s no I-131, it’s all decayed, disappeared, gone. The Lab must be worng

At their press conference of 11/2/2011 AM, Tepco admitted there is the possibility that reactor 1 and 3 may be in recriticality as well.

The Nuclear Agency describes it as “temporary spontaneous fission”, but Tepco clearly admitted that there has been “small” recriticality on and off since months ago, they noticed the fact finally because they checked the filter on 10/28/2011.

This time, Tepco sounds more honest than The Nuclear Agency.

However, their explanation does not make sense as always.

1) There is no filter at reactor 1 and 3. How do they know they may be in recriticality to measure xenon 133 and 135 ?

2) Xenon is noble gas,which can hardly be caught by a filter.What did they think they caught on the filter ? Why did they quit deceiving us all of a sudden ?

3) They explained they are injecting boric acid to the container vessel,but there is no container vessel. Where are they trying to inject it ?

JP PM Noda flew to France this evening.


No wonder, it is time to abandon this country,like Noda.


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