More honest Cs-137 map


Apart from the radiation map of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the international team of USRA, Nagoya university, and Tokyo university simulated the spreading of cesium-137 from 3/20~4/20.

Though there are some questions, such as why it’s from 3/20, not 3/11, and it has already happened so, it’s not even a “simulation”, they calculated the whole amount of cesium-137 which fell on Japanese island from 3/20 to 4/20 is only 1,000 Tera Bq or a bit more.

They stated it spread out to western Japan and Hokkaido too because of the storms.

There is nowhere to escape in Japan.

The video below is when a person measured radiation at the furthest and remote northern point in Hokkaido, Soya misaki.

The counter showed 0.431 micro Sv/h at the maximum. It might have been affected by granite, but actually even when the counter is in the air, it showed about 0.14 micro Sv/h, which is as high as in Tokyo.

The reporter guesses it might be because of the tourist to take to plume on their shoes.

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