Hospitals refuse to see irradiated patients

In Japan, some of the (most of the ) hospitals refuse to see patients who are sick from radiation.
Because the connection between the symptoms and the radiation is not clear, it will never be clear ever.

The picture on the top of the page is a notice of an academic medical center in Tokyo.
It says, “we do not serve any tests for radiation exposure or treatment for irradiation”.

The picture below is a document distributed from Japan radiological society to an academic medical center in western Japan.
It says, currently radiation level is too low to affect your health condition. Even in the 20~30 km area, if you are in a building, it can not be harmful.

They oppress people to protect themselves or evacuating by the logics like below

1) Stress of mothers is much worse than radiation for children.

2) This level of radiation can not be harmful for your health. They only want to make money by scaring people by telling lies.

It is becoming harder and harder to find a proper medical institute to provide right treatment.


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