I will reply to you all tomorrow

Being exposed to bad news around the clock is not good for mental health.

I was exhausted and tried to sleep about 2 hours ago, but I couldn’t help posting at least the 2 previous articles.

What keeps me going on is the sense of justice and the wishful thought, “If I become successful, I may save a lot of other helpless people in Japan.”

I added more options to the donation button last night,so you can pay a little more money at once.

I know I’m nothing but a beggar, but can’t help it. If it’s too annoying, please tell me.

Like other people around me, I have been having diarrhea since this summer (for months) and having sore throat and coughing.

I feel like this winter is a kind of border. No matter how they try to keep me stuck to this island, I must leave. My body requires me to do so.

will post more news tomorrow. Good luck to all of us.

  1. Make no mistake, Mochizuki-san. We (your readers) are the beggars, not you. I am beyond greatful for every morsel of information you share with us. I’m also deeply concerned about your health (mental, physical and emotional) too. Do take care of yourself (as best you can) and keeping looking for a way out. You’re worldwide family is here for you. Never be afraid to ask for our help.

  2. Make no mistake, Mochizuki-san. We (your readers) are the beggars, not you. I am beyond greatful for every morsel of information you share with us. I’m also deeply concerned about your own health (mental, physical and emotional). Do take care of yourself (as best as you can) and keeping looking for a way out. Your worldwide family is here for you. Never be afraid to ask for our help.

  3. Greetings from Northern California, USA. Your work, commitment and courage is inspiring, much gratitude for all that you are doing to publicize the true extent of the Nuclear Catastrophe unfolding in Japan.
    Raining heavily here this morning, I am an Organic farmer by trade, and will not venture out into the rain anymore unless I absolutely have to, very sad because I love the rain.
    I am including a small donation to help you in your work, I wish I could send more, but I will try to send a donation monthly to help you with your work. Best of luck with relocating and staying healthy. Sincerely, Mark

  4. I have been thinking a great deal recently. There is no tomorrow for Japan. None. The days will pass on the calendar like always but every passing day guarantees Japan has no future.

    Here’s why.

    The other countries being contaminated by Japan’s failure to do something are going to get angrier by the day and they WILL take matters into their own hands.

    There’s no way China or India or eventually America, will let everything they’ve worked for turn into radioactive wastelands because a handful of arrogant sociopathic Japanese bigshots are worried about saving face.

    One or more of the nuclear powers will decide to end the Fukushima nightmare with their own nuclear solution. The only working option I see is a focused nuclear weapons strike to vaporize the random nuclear material at Fukushima.

    I can’t guess what happens after the strike but it won’t be pretty. It may very well be the beginning of the end for all of us.

    Japan may go down in history as the only country to have suffered 3 nuclear crises, with two of them being nuclear strikes from other countries.

    How’s that for saving face?

  5. As a young woman who knows science, you know when you need to leave.
    Take care of yourself. And THANKS again for providing a great resource!! Great work!!!.

    p.s. I know you’ve heard it all before, but modified citrus pectin will reverse throat symptoms fast and maybe all the rest. It chelates heavy metals, radioactive particles, repairs cells, etc. They have patented formulae here: http://www.econugenics.com/

      1. And besides this bs that makes people believe plants will cure them from radiations is dangerous.

  6. It’s not just people in Japan who appreciate your blog. Nuclear power is the world’s problem and we are all grateful for your work.


  7. Thanks for adding the additional donation amounts.

    Not to sure why your Donate button says “buy”.
    That sounds like someone somewhere may have an expectation you are going to send something material in return (packet of).

    Sounds like a trigger for a difference in how you report your received contribution.

    Just a thought when you consult your tax and income specialist.

    Just a thought since in an earlier post “laundering” was suggested by authorities.

    1. sorry,that’s because of paypal. They don’t offer “donation button” to users in Japan for some reason. have no other choice but using “buy it now” button as a replacement.but it works the same.

      1. Could always consider bitcoin also. If you have to relocate in a hurry you can take your wallet.dat file with you and access your cash anywhere in the world. No danger of your money being stolen by the government!

  8. I am a new day rising
    I’m a brand new sky
    To hang the stars upon tonight
    I am a little divided
    Do I stay or run away
    And leave it all behind?

    It’s times like these you learn to live again
    It’s times like these you give and give again
    It’s times like these you learn to love again
    It’s times like these time and time again
    – Foo Fighters

    Ourselves and feelings
    Holding feelings – anxiety, frustration – allowing them control over you
    How to release and reconnect to sanity and peace in a time of Chaos
    – its a choice

    Service in love
    – taking time to love oneself

  9. I live in the German sister city of Fukushima (more detailed information in the German version):


    That means not too much, the people here have no idea of what is really going on in Japan, even we live near a technical twin of Fukushima Daiichi:


    And there are more and more accidents (use Google translate):


    I would not dare to say that I feel like you, but I have an idea of it at least.

  10. The enemy is invisible and indomitable, the only viable “strategic plan” that is left for the informed and wise people is

    Sun Tzu Chapter 6: Desperate Stratagems

    “If all else fails, retreat (走為上/走为上, Zǒu wéi shàng)
    If it becomes obvious that your current course of action will lead to defeat, then retreat and regroup. When your side is losing, there are only three choices remaining: surrender, compromise, or escape. Surrender is complete defeat, compromise is half defeat, but escape is not defeat. As long as you are not defeated, you still have a chance.”

    Someday, the sun will rise again in Japan. But for now, it better to 撤退する!!

  11. I want to donate to you Mochizuki but pay pal doesn’t allow me, I couldn’t, I don’t know why, any other way I can donate you?

    I hope things get better with you and in Japan!

    Regards from Brazil

  12. I hope you manage to retreat successfully. Eastern Europe has a lot of Problems and people there aren’t always really nice. A lot of them are greedy and think they are shrewd. The elites the administration are often corrupt. The medical personnel can often commit malpractices and be complacently reassuring. There are some countries where there are colonies of Japanese retirees. I have heard this being the case in some somewhat depopulated villages of Bulgaria. I don’t know if these communities could be of any help to you.
    Bulgaria and Turkey happen to have natural deposits of the volcanic stones that can can help expel some of the radionucleides. Though one can never know the exact extent of the Chernobyl and other industries Contamination.
    Winters can be very hard in Eastern Europe. There are places where the normal heating in the cities is not on. People rely on electricity for there heating or woods and coal which is harmful for them. One can never know whether some npp in Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Tcheque Republic, Romania or elsewhere wouldn’t be the next…(God forbid it could be even one in France.) The corruption and complacency are there too – it is likely worse than in your homeland.

    But good luck.

    This disaster frightens people all over the world, so don’t feel uncomfortable.

  13. Take a break Mochizuki-san. Stay away of the news for a while and get some sleep. You’ll be more efficient in your work.

  14. Dear Mochizuki,

    Why not just go to the southern part of Japan for now? The exposure is less, you will still be in a familiar culture and you can evaluate you possibilities from a safer distance. Maybe the Hiroshima Peace museum can help you.

    1. Because radioactive debris and contaminated food are distributed around in Japan,it doesn’t make so much difference..

      1. I think you’re wrong and citizen measurements prove it – but you don’t trust Geiger counters. The food chain is messed up throughout Japan but you can work it out in the South if you’re careful. You need to free yourself from some misconceptions in order to stay alive. It’s not because Geiger counters can saturate when radiation is too high that you can’t trust them in low radiation environments like in South West Japan. If it’s saturated, it will display either 0 or maximum value so it’s easy to spot. A pilot needs instruments to fly through the fog – they may be imperfect but he stays alive by knowing their limitations – without them, he’s a dead man.

  15. I can’t understand this plan to go to Eastern Europe – doesn’t make sense financially speaking and Europe is full of dysfunctional nuclear plants. Although recent stress tests unbelievably proclaim 100% of them are safe, there are always leaks and issues. Currently a plume of radioiodine drifts over Europe, probably from Sweden… The largest Japanese expat ccommunity is in Bangkok – besides it’s relatively cheap from Japan, lawless and corrupt so you can arrange a visa, nuclear-free I believe. Go and make a business to help and save people from sickness and hunger caused by the floods!European mentality will give you a nervous breakdown, while you’ll feel more at home in Thailand, Asia. A final word if you insist on going to Eastern Europe or Southern Europe, France included:beware of thieves and any kind of people who will try to rip you off – as a Japanese, they’ll see you coming from miles away. Of course, in Bangkok too but you expect it. Whichever your choice, good luck!For me, all things considered, Western – Southern Japan remains safer than most of the world if you take certain precautions.

  16. You are doing important work. You are documenting the events in a way that the conventional media should be, but is not.

    Your posts will be reviewed later on by people that study this period of history.

    Your posts also help those of us that are trying to figure out what is happening in real time. What is the current status? What are the current health effects that can be noticed? proven?

    We live in a time of universal deceit. Keep speaking the truth and if your voice starts to waiver, know one thing; that is your body’s way of telling you this is the most important time to stand up and testify.

    “Am I scared? Yes, but anything that ever starts, starts with one. And if I have to be the one then I have to be the one.” Kindra Arnesen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVjXufO_zkU

  17. Hello:

    Mix water with clay *for internal use*. It works wonders for viral infections like colds and flu, especially sore throat. You can see some here:
    It cleanses the body. Please give it a try — it is an excellent remedy and it is cheap. Read on-line about it.

    Regarding gastric problems and diarrhea. Try one teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of water– three times a day for a day or so until you’re better. It is a great remedy and it is also cheap. It will help you substantially.

    Be strong. Keep it up.

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