I am uranium

A citizen in Meguro, Tokyo had a urine check and Uranium, Strontium and Zirconium were detected.

Zirconium is part of the metallic alloy that is used to sheath nuclear fuel rods.

Uranium: 0.01 mg/kg (Acceptable range: 0.00-0.01)

Zirconium: 0.62 mg/kg (Acceptable range: 0.00-1.00)

Strontium: 0.66 mg/kg (Acceptable range: 0.30-3.00)

This person said she was very careful for what she ate/drank, and made sure to wear a mask when she went out.

She ate only vegetables from western Japan, mostly from Kyushu, chose rice made in 2010, drank only bottled water.

She’s concerned about children living as normal (with no protective measures) in Tokyo.


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