Even Tepco admitted melt-out is occurring.

Tepco has been stating that Fukushima plants are under control and they can achieve cold shutdown by the end of this year.

However, 11/30/2011, Tepco admitted that melt-out is happening at reactor 1 ,2 ,and 3.

In “their worst senario”, at reactor 1 , all the fuel has melted, it broke through the pressure vessel, dropped to the bottom of the container vessel. They assume the melted fuel is sinking to about 65cm depth of the concrete on the bottom of the container vessel.

Please note that there is only 37cm left to the body of the container vessel.

Also, they assume 57% of the fuel in reactor 2 and 63% of the fuel in reactor 3 have already melted out to the container vessel.

They still assert the situation is stable, but they don’t have any basis.


1号機溶融燃料 65cm浸食
11月30日 19時6分

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