Escape plan 11/12

I haven’t trusted government since when I was born, but I totally quit listening to them in the evening of 3/11.

I knew reactor 3 had a nuclear explosion, not hydrogen explosion on 4/25.

I still can’t find a word to express my feeling.

It tasted like the mixture of grief, desperation, and rage.

Rage made me write this blog. I couldn’t help it. Internet was my only weapon.

so it is natural for me to be under their

I receive threats from who should never know my address etc..

They also disturbe me trying to find the truth.

That’s why I can no longer say where/when I’m going.

until I win.

I sometimes receive questions from people living out of Japan.

“I must go to Japan soon. Is it safe ? What should I do ?”

These are my answers.

– Japan is not safe.

– Don’t go to Chiba or Saitama or further north. Tokyo is the boarder.

– Don’t trust geiger counter.

– Make the stay as short as possible.

– Do not drink tap water and milk.

– Don’t eat Japanese food. Eat only imported food. (Never eat Sushi)

– Wear a mask when you have to go out.

– Narita airport is in Chiba,where is in hot spot. Know that you will be exposed to an extent.

– Don’t touch soil,grass,and the rain.

– Don’t sit down outside ,especially when it’s windy.

– Pollen of 50000~70000 Bq/ Kg Cs will fly from Feb to April. Do not come to Japan then.

Also, I sometimes receive messages to tell some of my articles are too emotional, have least basis.

Let me explain.

I’m under their surveillance. I can’t post everything I know.

When you find it too emotional,please read between the lines.

I’m trying to balance with emotion,instead of the facts that I’m not allowed to tell.

and I take it a rule to publish all the comments you post.
I even publish religious

but I don’t post too meaningless ones.

such as

You are an idiot,

or 1.50 micro Sv/h is only bla bla times of mammography etc..

Mammography is a classic way of deception. It was frequently used in March.

but nobody is tricked anymore.

It goes like this.

Mammography → (me) “No,the problem is internal exposure” → “Being too afraid of radiation is more harmful than radiation itself” → (me) “so babies are deformed because of mother’s stress in Belarus ,Kiev,and Ukraine ? ”

It is almost like a fixed format of conversation. Too meaningless. so I trash this kind of comments.

On my last post,I asked for sponsorship. but I had no applicants. It was sad but can’t help it considering the recent world recession.
Now I’m still planning to raise fund by Kickstarter.

I’m kind of busy,so I’d be happy if someone kindly help me in the business side.
If anyone has used kickstarter, any kinds of advice will be welcome.

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