Escape plan 11/12

I haven’t trusted government since when I was born, but I totally quit listening to them in the evening of 3/11.

I knew reactor 3 had a nuclear explosion, not hydrogen explosion on 4/25.

I still can’t find a word to express my feeling.

It tasted like the mixture of grief, desperation, and rage.

Rage made me write this blog. I couldn’t help it. Internet was my only weapon.

so it is natural for me to be under their

I receive threats from who should never know my address etc..

They also disturbe me trying to find the truth.

That’s why I can no longer say where/when I’m going.

until I win.

I sometimes receive questions from people living out of Japan.

“I must go to Japan soon. Is it safe ? What should I do ?”

These are my answers.

– Japan is not safe.

– Don’t go to Chiba or Saitama or further north. Tokyo is the boarder.

– Don’t trust geiger counter.

– Make the stay as short as possible.

– Do not drink tap water and milk.

– Don’t eat Japanese food. Eat only imported food. (Never eat Sushi)

– Wear a mask when you have to go out.

– Narita airport is in Chiba,where is in hot spot. Know that you will be exposed to an extent.

– Don’t touch soil,grass,and the rain.

– Don’t sit down outside ,especially when it’s windy.

– Pollen of 50000~70000 Bq/ Kg Cs will fly from Feb to April. Do not come to Japan then.

Also, I sometimes receive messages to tell some of my articles are too emotional, have least basis.

Let me explain.

I’m under their surveillance. I can’t post everything I know.

When you find it too emotional,please read between the lines.

I’m trying to balance with emotion,instead of the facts that I’m not allowed to tell.

and I take it a rule to publish all the comments you post.
I even publish religious

but I don’t post too meaningless ones.

such as

You are an idiot,

or 1.50 micro Sv/h is only bla bla times of mammography etc..

Mammography is a classic way of deception. It was frequently used in March.

but nobody is tricked anymore.

It goes like this.

Mammography → (me) “No,the problem is internal exposure” → “Being too afraid of radiation is more harmful than radiation itself” → (me) “so babies are deformed because of mother’s stress in Belarus ,Kiev,and Ukraine ? ”

It is almost like a fixed format of conversation. Too meaningless. so I trash this kind of comments.

On my last post,I asked for sponsorship. but I had no applicants. It was sad but can’t help it considering the recent world recession.
Now I’m still planning to raise fund by Kickstarter.

I’m kind of busy,so I’d be happy if someone kindly help me in the business side.
If anyone has used kickstarter, any kinds of advice will be welcome.

  1. go mochizuki go!

    fine work!

    sorry if latest comment of me was misunderstood!

    ( i meant that measuring of radioactivity does not show the real problem, there is a lot of space for interpretation in the units mS/h, mS/a, ymS/h and so on, alpa- Ray, beta- Ray and so on…
    They (Tepco, government, whole Industry and Government over the world)
    play with theses units to show things they believe to know, but truth is that nuclear energy is apolcalyptical dangerous)

    Best Statements in Germany come from Sebastian Pflugbeil, President of Nuclear Protection Community. Contact him. He says that Situation in Japan is much more horrible than in Ukraine in 1986.
    He has 25 years of experience with Tschernobyl and nuclear energy.

  2. Mochizuki.

    Here’s the good news. As long as ‘they’ (the ones watching you) consider you as a minimal threat you will be left alone.

    The real danger is publishing damaging information nobody else has. Then you will disappear overnight.

    I’m sorry I can’t offer money as the depression is hitting my family hard.

    best regards to you.

  3. Thanks for the advice. But why do you say we shouldn’t trust Geiger counters? It’s not the only way to check the radiations?

  4. Please Mochizuki, consider using essential oils for your protection. Tested, very efficient, one or two drops of fennel essential oil on you door and around lining your doors which lead outside/inside and around your windows, this twice a week or daily as you feel or remember of it, will be ok. On yourself put one drop of geranium essential oil. This I tested is effectively working and helps change to happen. Many other ways are possible, like prayers to a divinity of your choice ask her to organise your full protection and help you for the best of all.
    I have been surprised in my own life with all this. I’m coming from total athee background, but had numerous times possibility to recognise these precious helping facts. Please consider creating space and open your way to your goal. Be aware that people who want to stop you are using vibrational technology. But the harmonies of the whole cosmos and the truth is superior and needs little activation for very great efficiency.

  5. Don’t give up and stay strong! Your blog is perfect the way it is. Don’t forget that censorship is forbidden by law. Just re-read the Japanese Constitution. My personal opinion is that many members of the government should be fired and prosecuted for violating the constitution!

    You might want to research more about how to protect yourself and other against from nuclear fallouts. Such as the use of epsom salts. Also wear those emergency survival jackets made from foil underneath your clothes. Always wear white clothes, too.
    Rather than using simple face mask, use FPP3 masks.

  6. The whole harmonious system of nature’s secrets are a full summery of a whole cosmic global interaction. It gives you very qualitative and beautyful powers. Simple, large scale forces come in. As precisely as our dear earth turns around the sun. I usually think everyone can recognise all this. Remember if you are targeted to use and accept help to be centered, to make space for your centering and create harmonious pathways through your thoughts to achieve the goal for the best of all.
    That’s why I recommend you listen to good advices when they come. If somebody knows about crystals, gems,… mantras,… a lot exist and is of very good company.

    With Love

  7. How about this idea: Can many readers of this nice news log re-post the various news and comments on other public news sites to help spread it around to world news? There are many worldwide news sites like ABC news and many more in every country. If enough people keep re-posting it all on major news sites, and also various general news or other sites that have posts, then it will become impossible for governments to hide it. IE: Expose the truth widely enough and it breaks the deceit and lies from Tepco-crappie and Government-crappy politicians. And if enough people post it everywhere, at least some will get through and stay online long enough for more of the public to realize the game being played. Eventually if it becomes public enough I think major news sites will be more or less forced to start publishing more of it as well, or look as if they are dumb or clueless, (which they already are). If we all post it everywhere, at least some large portion will slip through the monitors and stay online for awhile. Its a critical mass thing just like the broken reactors. If enough people repost, then the facts will get out, and it will be impossible for Tepco-crappie to continue the lies without looking even more corrupt and stupid. And repost under anomymous new gmail accounts or such, so that reposters or original posters are nopt harrassed. Or post from internet cafes etc. Just post the truth all over.

  8. It is sometimes too painful to be awake when almost everyone around you is fast asleep mentally, spiritually. The man only wake up to work his monotonous job and shopping. A heavily diseased mind and body cannot feel pain. As the number and magnitude of natural and man-made disasters increase, humanity tries to numb the pain with alcohol and religion rather than addressing the problems.

    To survive, one should move out of the affected areas. Move Okinawa first, and from there, further and further away. This is possible as Japanese yen is still strong and the world economy has not totally crumbled yet.
    Best wishes.

  9. We are concerned on the west coast of the USA also and many are buying Geiger counters. In seeking natural ways to protect oneself from radiation, I found this information:

    Organic rosemary is available here as a spice year round from Whole Foods.

    I’m going to check the garden soil with the new Geiger counter coming soon before planting the ‘hatake’ even though the counter can’t be 100% trusted as you wrote.

    1. Two things to do: protect thyroid by daily intake of 20 grammes of sea salt and detox your body by drinking clay water on an empty stomack daily, but best : Leave Japan as soon as possible !

  10. Haronichiwa Mochizukisan,

    well if you are still planning to come to Germany, Drop me a line!
    I got some business ideas with Japan, but I am lacking startcapital too! =)

    I feel sorry for all the surveillance bullshit you are confronted with, But in my eyes Japan never developed into a real democratic country. I can not say that I am very pleased with the democratic development in Germany either, large companies have still influence on democratic processes, but you can speak your mind for example about nuclear energy without having to fear any persecution.

    Thanks for the great work!


  11. Dear Mochizuki,
    I read your posts & I’m stunned about this continued cover-up & denial.
    Then I checked out and found at the bottom their statement: “Creative projects only
    Kickstarter cannot be used to fund for charity projects or causes. While there are countless causes worthy of support, we believe that creativity deserves its own space. See our guidelines for more.”

    Regarding raising funds via micropayment: what about ?

    What do you think?

    Take care,

  12. My mum’s friend is visiting Japan next year with her children, When asked why she insists on going to Japan even with the severe radiation concern (hot particles). She said “I don’t care, if I die so be it !!!!” (What about children??)

    My mum could only say “Ok……, Japan is a beautiful nation, you will surely enjoy the trip just like us…….” since she is a bit annoyed by the question.

  13. I read this blog almost every day, it sometimes makes me almost sick to see how wrong things get in Japan. But I have to know about it and to face it, because it’s not just about Japan, it’s about our whole planet. We need to know the truth, only then we’ll be able to fight. That’s why this blog is so necessary. Thank you for all your work and take care of yourself !

  14. Mochizuki san, good luck with your endeavours.

    I recall that the British also tested nukes in Australia in 1950s. The fall out was substantial spanning all over south to the far North East of Australia.

    And yes, there was a mushroom cloud.

    And yes, plutonium was found.

    And yes, looking at the map, I believe that the large farm stations where cattle and sheep are raised roam that area.

    And so are our major tourist spots. I’m not saying that now, after radiation is still there, after 50 years, but the information is limited.

    See map:

    Now I’m worried I can’t eat Aussie beef anymore.
    After some research, I’m not sure our Australian standards for measuring radiation.

    The Australian Government established a system to test for imported foodstuffs from Japan for radiation. The system is being implemented by‘Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service’ (AQIS), ‘Food Standards Australia New Zealand’ (FSANZ) and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

    but I’m worried about own food now! Am I paranoid?

  15. Mochizuki

    You are a very brave and selfless individual to do what you are doing. I can use my academic networks to help raise awareness should you feel, or be, personally threatened. Please keep my contact information.

    I contributed to your blog and will do so again.

    best wishes to you and keep in mind that those individuals who who resist are often targeted and ridiculed, but are remembered generations later as heroes and visionaries…

    For readers who question Mochizuki’s comments about radiation detectors, Arnie Gunderson has noted that alpha particles are very difficult to detect with a regular geiger counter and just about impossible to detect in food…

  16. They can only kill you once.

    ” Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.
    Steve Jobs, Stanford Commencement Adress, 2005
    – More quotations on: [Death]”

    If you stay in Japan, you will die. If you stay silent, you will die.
    Leave and Live. Speak and Live.

    The ones who seek to silence you will still die.

  17. Even the Soviets gave up and fled the Ukraine,they fled Russia too.

    I’ll wager a few of them are still embroiled in foisting deadly nuclear timebombs on hapless consumers.

  18. You all underestimate the issue. I don’t think it is only about the japanese government. A few western people only know that fukushima events are worse than officially announced. Fact is, the censorship is not only in Japan, its worldwide. Here in europe, 2-3 weeks after the earthquake the 11 march and all was already forgotten. TOtal medias blackout. Everything about the radiations has been minimised. No in fact, you can ask people about the radiations from fukushima, they will answer you “its all under control isnt it? old new” if they dont go on the internet, they dont know shit. It is the fault of the nuclear corp that is out of control. THese people only care about the money and power and completely underestimate the danger of radiations. If there is a solution to all of this, i still don’t know what that is.

    1. Strontium 90 was detected, after nuclear tesitng in Australia in 1950. Its half life is 30 years, but even so, there was an attempt to cover it. The British damaged Australian soil just to test their bombs!

    2. The media here in the US which used to pride itself on freedom and no propaganda is NOT reporting ANYTHING about the Japan radiation problem. This leaves most people to think that everything is ok.- when it seriously is NOT.
      Not reporting facts is a kind of propagana by default. We are all people of the Earth and we deserve to know the truth so we can at least TRY to take measures to PROTECT ourselves and our loved ones. It’s freakin time to stop the stupid “save face” mentality, stop passing the buck, if they don’t know how bad it is ASK FOR HELP- from other countries who do KNOW what they are doing in situations like this! This is beyond idiotic. I keep thinking that those in charge in Japan are purposefully not telling their people!- They know hundreds or thousands will die- but they also know it will take many years and then they can blame it on “something” else. I think they are using this disaster as a kind of population control. Why else would they be telling their citzens to eat radioactive contaminated food?

    3. Big financial interests worldwide are at the heart of all the present problems.
      As long as Man will put MONEY in the first place of his interests, LIFE will be in danger !

  19. If you want to be emotional, be emotional. It’s your site/blog. We are all in this together, some are just closer than others. I wish I had some words to make things better but I don’t. Thank you for your time, emotion, information and all at the cost of your personal safety.

  20. German media were informative up until a point in May, when **suddenly** Fukushima coverage got cut off. Now it’s all muddled, and occasionally even US mainstream media are ahead.

    I think the Japanese government made a push and enforced a rosy picture in German media for the sake of tourism. The last three months, there have been a lot of cheery and cute stories about Japan (about once a week), how it’s safe to travel there, go for a semester to Fukushima University (yes indeed!), and so on.

    In the US, they don’t want to disrupt their own nuclear business scheme, but they are also concerned to some extent about their soldiers and their businessmen, so it’s more frequent for them to say that things are not fixed yet (of course, always denying that there could be any effect on US residents.)

    Either way, next year the economic crisis will worsen a lot everywhere. Not to sound freaked out, but there is even a possibility that the EU itself could break up or be substantially modified. We all know how Japanese economy is actually doing, and the US economy is not the healthiest either.

    When economy gets bad, there are further restrictions on travel.

    I had mentioned Thailand and Turkey before, but it comes out that they imitated the EU-Schengen space so you can only stay for 3 months at a time, then you have to wait for 3 months, blahblahblah. So things will get a lot tighter economically and politically next year.

    You don’t have to broadcast your plans here (in some ways you’re safer if you don’t), but you MUST leave soon, ideally before heavy snowfall.

  21. What about Hokkaido!? is it safe? My family is traveling there next year cause my brother is getting married to his Japanese girlfriend, surely it is safer up there, yes?

  22. I dont have alot but if you are wanting to flee I will donate money for you but I dont know how to use kickstarter. If you find a way easier to send funds please let me know.

  23. I can make a small donation, if there is a way to do that.

    Light is the only thing that will keep the ゴキブリ away. Send your secret information to a friend or two that you trust. Or give it to a lawyer to keep. That way, the ゴキブリ will not gain anything by getting rid of you. Keep records of all threats and give them to your friend or a lawyer.

    1. Thank you. Today I was forced to appear at a powerful governmental place.They interrogated me to try to make up some “crime” that I was supposed to commit.
      I need a legal protection. Seriously.

  24. Dear Mochizuki san,

    Are you stkilled for speaking for an audience? You could get physically known and turn around Europe, US, the world, why not starting conferences with an interview style. Create a new column and ask your readers coming from different countries to help organize or raise funds. Maybe conferences with Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gundersen, Chris Busby, Leuren Moret. Keep in touch with your voice, real voice. Give them a call.

    Always in touch

      1. Is this a serious statement? How were you identified ny the authorities? Domain registration info, etc?

        1. We are all connected to the big machine. Bank,Online shops,Police,University,Custom office,etc.. They read my messages on twitter or email etc..

  25. Am I right that reactor 3 and reactor 4 is such as dangerous as

    the reactor Monju in Tsurga (Fukui)?

  26. Has anyone noticed that all videos of “Mount Fuji in Red” (from Kurosawa’s movie Dreams) have been removed from Youtube. There used to be many copies of it online but all are gone now. Japanese government demanded to Youtube?

  27. To make the authorities happy, have you considered posting under one or more false identities, going underground, posting from internet cafes? You can continue to link to those “other” bloggers and tweeters from here, but no one will know who they are. You need a secret identity.

  28. Thank You for posting the horrible truth.
    I feel very sorry for the people of Japan, You deserve so much better. I love the Japanese people and your culture. My dream was to vistit Tokyo, which looks like the most amazing city in the entire world, but on 3/11 I knew I never would be able to go. At least not for a very long time.

    The region where i live in Norway got hit hard from the Chernobyl accident in 1986. I was a little boy back then, and when the news of the accident broke, me and a friend was out playing in the rain. My mother still tells me this story. She could not reach me, as she had no idea where we were, and she felt very helpless. I remember she was crying when we finally got back home, and she put us in the shower at once. My health is fine to this day.

    A message to the Japanese people: You are welcome to come stay with us, for as long as You want. You are the most amazing people in the world, and wherever You decide to go, the natives will learn so very much from You. Please share yourself with the world. We need You!

  29. JAPAN prediction on Aug 10th 2010
    Irene was predicted for the exact cause of revealing the presumption of Leaders

    Let Go of the Veil of Interpretation given you by those that never knew the true intentions of the heart.

    Desolation is inevitable, because they love money more than they love you and they own you.

  30. Mr. M, Your blog is AWESOME and your intelligence & patriotism is fierce! Thank you so much for your earnest focus on a timely topic!! So many of us who have never been to Asia really do care!!! Our hearts are breaking, too!…

    We have similar ‘pressure’ problems in the States. 😉 Have faith & do take care of yourself! You have many friends out there & you may want to join them soon, elsewhere…

  31. I thing it could be better for everyone if some would leave Japan. Will there be enough imported food? At least young people, pregnent women and children could leave for some time. But I really don’t know much.

  32. Maybe food is imported a lot. We have as crazy plans here in Finland. Other Europe is against nuclear power but here must have more.

  33. I offer my house, however Oregon is very much under the sour winds. But you’d certainly be welcome. There’s an organic wholesale company here with whom I do business, I feel sure they’d talk with you about how to ship good stuff to Japan.

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