North Korea mentioned the possibility to attack Japanese nuclear plant in 2007

On 11/6/2012, Daily Ahn, a Korean internet media reported that North korea mentioned the possibility to attack Japanese nuclear plant by missile.

It’s stated like this below,

If we attack a nuclear plant in Japan by missile, it would cause an explosion, which is 320 times much as Hiroshima atomic bomb.

It is from a leaked audio file to recored the lecture of North Korean workers party’s Public Relations Department. They held the lecture to the managers of offshore organization in 2007.




La Corea del nord ha menzionato la possibilità di attaccare un impianto nucleare giapponese nel 2007

Il 06/11/2012 Daily Ahn, un media internet coreano ha riportato che la Corea del nord ha menzionato la possibilità di attaccare con i missili un impianto nucleare giapponese.
Ha affermato così come segue:
Se noi attacchiamo un impianto nucleare in Giappone con i missili, ciò causerà un’ esplosione, che è 320 volte più grave della bomba atomica di Hiroshima.

Questo proviene da un’intercettazione fatta ad una conferenza del Dipartimento delle Pubbliche Relazioni del partito dei lavoratori della Corea del Nord. Hanno tenuto la conferenza ai manager di organizzazioni offshore nel 2007.


Français :

En 2007, la Corée du Nord avait mentionné la possibilité d’attaquer une centrale nucléaire japonaise

Le 6 novembre 2012, le Daily Ahn – un journal coréen sur internet – a rapporté que la Corée du Nord avait mentionné la possibilité d’attaquer au missile une centrale nucléaire japonaise.

C’est affirmé ainsi :

Si nous attaquons une centrale nucléaire du Japon avec un missile, on provoquera une explosion qui sera 320 fois plus forte que celle d’Hiroshima.

C’est à partir de la divulgation d’un enregistrement audio d’une lecture du document du Département des Relations Publiques du parti communiste nord-coréen. Ils en avaient fait la lecture en 2007 aux dirigeants d’une organisation extérieure.


  1. More like a nuclear fallout from a dirty bomb explosion. Not like a proper complete fission or fusion explosion. For that you need to attain the perfect shape to get that.
    Rockets are not precise. China Syndrome is not a problem.

  2. Think the Americans would allow these silly people to threaten their base? The leaky canoe carrying the missile would be blown out of the water before they even rowed it out of the harbour.

  3. wow, north-west japan province must really hate the motherland.
    soemwhere on wikipedia it said that 30% of the people who died i hiroshima were expariate koreans … well nevermind that “japanese slave growing province” called korea … 320 times is bit much.
    i hope north korea will become demoocratic, non-capitalistic, non-nuclear and have awesome skying resorts in the future. but hey, who knows …

  4. The NK’s might not be able to target their missles so accurately to hit one of these plants spot on, but many years ago they were able to sneak up on Japan and kidnap Japanese from the beaches and towns. And of course there are many NK sympathizers (and likely spies) inside Japan already. It would not be so difficult for NK to smuggle in a few bombs – and the bombs don’t even need to be nuclear.

    Even easier for China. Their missles might actually hit their intended targets. And China seems to be looking for a fight with Japan. Their government controlled media has been demonizing Japan for generations – to the point where some Chinese no doubt see the Japanese as sub-human. It would be too easy for the Chinese people to accept its government launching an attack on Japan. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time before the try something.

    But regardless of who next attacks Japan, these nuclear plants are a great risk to Japan and for all countries downwind of Japan. For defensive reasons alone, Japan and the US should be decommissioning the Japanese reactors and stashing the radioactive materials in bomb-proof containers deep inside a geologically stable mountain somewhere.

  5. they would have contaminated up the whole korean peninsula, like (reportedly) now it’s btw. the irony is that the japanese incompetence has gone (and goes) so much further from this. these are two kind of totalitarian regimes from both sides of that sea there in the middle, all coming from the same square minds of dictators, kings, etcetera.

  6. There is a very simple yet advanced technology to destroy nuclear plants, as this is the preferred means of reducing the global population. It involves intersecting beams of ultrasound to crack steel pipes, rebar, bolts, and general infrastructure.
    I cannot discuss this any further, but the JSDF better protect those plants well.
    All you need to find an ultrasonic weapon is a microphone and laptop.
    The bell curve at 23khz is the indicator.
    Hush hush, say no more
    No nuclear plants have vacuum insulation shielding like presidential bunkers.
    Food for thought.
    Peace and love one another.

  7. Well this is pointless, North Korea only made threats for money. U ppl are fed up with too much crap saying North Korea is evil and so are their allies. It’s all propergenda folks…

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