Discharge to ocean of contaminated water may re-start next January

Japanese comedy duo, Oshidori mako has been attending Tepco’s press conferences where they grill Tepco’s spokesman.

As you will likely remember, the detection of neptunium contamination in the Japanese countryside was revealed because of their efforts too.

On 11/10/2011, they updated their blog.

There are 3 important points in that post.

Fukushima Diary will feature each point.

According to Tepco’s explanation, there are 3 types of highly contaminated water stocked at the Fukushima nuclear disaster site.

(Nika here – note: 1 Cubic Meter = 264.172052 Gallons [US, Fluid] – I multiplied each cubic meter below by 264.2))

1: Condensed salt water

  • Amount: 76,589 cubic meters (20,234,813.8 gallons)
  • Tank capacity: 85,600 cubic meters (22,615,520 gallons)
  • 89.5% full

2: plain water

  • Amount: 8,008 cubic meters (2,115,713.6 gallons)
  • Tank capacity: 17,700 cubic meters (4,676,340 gallons)
  • 45.2% full

3: Condensed highly radioactive water

  • Amount: 3,037 cubic meters (802,375.4 gallons)
  • Tank capacity: 9,500 cubic meters (2,509,900 gallons)
  • 32.0% full

They are supposed to condense them to reduce the volume, but it’s estimated that all the tanks will be full in a couple of months.

Currently they are trying to sort it out in 2 ways.

1: Add more tanks

  • they are planning to make only 1,000 tons and 100 tons of the tanks and still there is no solid plan

2: Purify the water

  • no solid plan yet

Tepco did not deny the possibility of releasing the stored contaminated water into the sea again in a couple of months.

In the blog post, Oshidori mako stated there is the possibility that they might release it into the sea AGAIN in January.

It is from an anonymous source, but from the explanation of Tepco, it sounds quite likely.


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