Breaking News: Possible rapid increase of temperature at Reactor 2

One of the heat gauges at or near the bottom of the container vessel of reactor 2 measured heat over 100℃.

According to the explanation of Tepco, it’s the gauge of the equipment for moving control rod.
17:00 1/12: 48.4℃
23:00 1/12: 102.3℃
5:00 1/13: 116.4℃

Because the gauge at the bottom of the vessel measures 48℃, Tepco still asserts it’s in the state of cold shutdown. They assert it’s not because the fuel has moved or recriticality happened, only because the gauge was broken.


原子炉温度計の数値が上昇 福島2号機、計器不良か




2012/01/13 12:35 【共同通信】

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