Conjoined twins from a Fukushima mother

The worst thing is happening.
A mother from Koriyama in Fukushima got pregnant,and her babies are assumed to be conjoined twins.

She got pregnant in Koriyama ,about 4/2011.
In July ,her doctor told her that her babies may be born as conjoined twins.
They evacuated to Shizuoka on 8/11/2011.

The video below is when her husband talked in a meeting to ask for compensation for people who evacuated by their own will,which is very rational.
This meeting was held in 10/3/2011 ,at a congress room of the House of Councilors.

In the video,husband talks ,
“I promised not to talk about this with my wife. but thinking that telling the truth is important,I ‘ll confess this here. When it turned out that our babies may be conjoined twins ,my wife asked me if she can bear them. I was ,sure of course. A couple of days later ,I found my wife crying in front of family altar, Photos were put there but they were screwed. I cried with her too. Our bed room was a hot spot.”

The connection between this and radiation will never be clear.However, the fact is,the mother resents nuclear industry and their all stakeholders.
I don’t want the potential new lives to read this article and feel sad in future. I would love to celebrate their birth whatever it is like. and I do believe ,it is not the fault of the mother.


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