Escape plan 11/24/2011

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to be “judged” by the power.

Whatever their judgement is, I will make all effort to survive.

I bought new shoes. I will change my shoes at the airport so I won’t export radiation.

I also washed the back of my turtles. They will be taken over by my friend. I wanted them to look cool then.

One of them kicked and bitten my finger, the other one fell asleep in my hand. lol

I’m sorry for worrying you last night. Fukushima Diary got down, but admin kindly fixed it immediately.

I missed some chance to post articles though.

Today this news made me depressed so much.

Conjoined twins from a Fukushima mother

The worst thing is starting seemingly.

Anyway, I received a lot of donation. Thank you very much.

I wish I could make this blog bigger somehow.

There are a lot of admirable journalists in Japan.

However, mass gomi, bank, government, they are all tied up to the big machine.

They seem to have a hard time financially.

I wish I could help them too.

Today, I missed some important articles again. I wish I had a little more time to post more.

About this post
Fukushima worker confesses “There is nothing left that we could do”

I read some posts such as why don’t they cover it up with concrete like Chernobyl.

From my research, it is impossible and meaningless.

Because it’s still too hot. If you cover it up, it causes another explosion.

Also, it keeps leaking into the ocean. Even if you cover it from above, still it’s exposed to the sea.

  1. There is nothing more Japan can do with the crippled reactors. Other nuclear powers need to step forward and take control.

    Good luck to you for the future.

  2. In Chernobyl they filled the reactor with sand to cool the corium and used lead to fill the cracks by which the corium was leaking down to the ground and eventually the water table. They also dug a huge tunnel to introduce a concrete barrier to prevent a nuclear explosion and even worse pollution of the water table.

    In Fukushima they have tried nothing of that. It’s like they either knew from day one that it’d be futile (maybe because of the many reactors, hyper-dangerous mox and plutonium fuel and proximity to the sea) or they are just outright incompetent. In the USSR also it was the Army which was in charge and not a mercantile company only looking for money.

    Best luck to you and to Japan.

    1. It’s because when Chernobyl happened collective responsibility was in fashion and it became the whole of the USSR’s problem. They mobilised whatever resources they needed, including 300,000 soldiers.

      Now, irresponsibility is in fashion and Fukushima belongs only to one company which simply has no where near the resources needed to do the job properly. Hence we get half arsed attempts by contract workers.

      1. TEPCO’s response to this disaster has for a better word been a disaster. The children of Japan have been sacrificed for the almighty yen.

        If you live anywhere near this destroyed facility get out now your children and too precious to abandon to the lies’s of TEPCO.

        TEPCO and the government of Japan does not care about you and your children only you can save your children.


  3. We (readers) need some way of knowing if you are safe.

    Please post as soon as you are safe, so we know.

    If there is a failure to post, we readers need to contact the Japanese embassies in our country and our own politicians.

  4. Ich hoffe es wird deinen Schildkröten gut gehen.
    Ich hoffe es wird dir gut gehen.
    Ich hoffe es wird die Menschheit aufwachen.
    Ich hoffe es wird weitere Infos Ihrer Art geben.
    Ich hoffe es wird bald eine Lösung geben.
    Ich hoffe

    Danke Danke für Ihre Informationen in den letzten Monaten, ich bete für Ihr Land und ihrer Zukunft.

    Marco Mielczarek
    Hamburg/Germany 24/11/2011

  5. We are watching. We are listening. We are paying attention. We will not abandon you or your mission. Ever.

  6. And it’s melting into the soil !!
    Ground water is and will be contaminated.
    All this, is just the beginning.
    See why on
    help to warn innocent people

    Blessings to all !

  7. Still too hot, yes.. but still fissioning too! Recriticalities have to be eliminated before the mess can even cool down.

    It’s incredible to say it, but the Soviet union did a much better job of Chernobyl than Japan has of fukushima..

  8. Thank you for your work.
    If you can , give some news…from you!
    I leave in France, you are welcome…if….

  9. Mr. Mochizuki

    You are helping enormously. And since you are spreading information from Oshidori and Iwakami, you are certainly helping them, too.



  10. Thank you for your fair and reasoned blog to bring us pertinent news from Japan. We get very little news on TV about the nuclear disaster ongoing in Japan in the US. I don’t think you’ve overstated or understated the details in your informative translations. You are very respectful of people in your articles, even ‘difficult people’ whose hands are tied, with few possible or unknown solutions available. A nuclear disaster that changes everything overnight can happen anywhere, even in ‘the best of all possible worlds.’ Most humans live in their heads. OTOH, you are very down to earth. I look forward to hearing your opinions and reporting news wherever you go next!

  11. I love turtles, too! I read that they can withstand 15X the radiation that a human being can withstand, per extensive tests during the ’50s bombing era. Also, cold blooded animals, with armor/shells will always fare better…

    I hope that fact makes you feel a bit better about leaving your pets!

    Good luck! You are smart to make a run for it!!!!

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