“You are like cockroach or rat.” Dad said.

Mom said, “Refund your education cost before you leave or make a contract with us.”

In Japan, money is concealer of childishness.

As far as I know, they did not refund their education cost to their own parents.

Dad clearly said, company is more important than his life.

His precious-more-than-life company is yet going bankrupt.

I thought their sense of value is deformed.

Judging it’s nothing but a waste of time to talk to them anymore, I slammed the door and left forever.

They’ll use the rest of my salary to cover up my education cost.

There is no merit for me to go to work and see them anymore.

They even googled my name in Japanese.

They hit anime / porn characters with the same name as mine. They even thought I was involved in those crap seemingly. That was totally breathtaking.

Sadly, I had no time to waste on their bullshit.

So I can blog all day as of tomorrow.

God save the nuclear industry! lol

On 11/17/2011 Tepco opened the Fukushima power plants for “selected journalists” and let them take photos.
Journalists tried to take “devastating” photos and some of them were actually successful.

I skipped this event.

Because Tepco only showed them what they can show. We knew they repeated rehearsal how / where to take them in the area.

Just like Disneyland.

I felt sorry for the journalists who went there.

They were pressured to report as if they saw something beyond their imagination and talk like they saw something really terrible.

I thought it helps their media control for me to post the photos and articles.

This is how Fukushima Diary reveals the truth.

As of tomorrow, I will post way more news covering wider range.

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