“You are like cockroach or rat.” Dad said.

Mom said, “Refund your education cost before you leave or make a contract with us.”

In Japan, money is concealer of childishness.

As far as I know, they did not refund their education cost to their own parents.

Dad clearly said, company is more important than his life.

His precious-more-than-life company is yet going bankrupt.

I thought their sense of value is deformed.

Judging it’s nothing but a waste of time to talk to them anymore, I slammed the door and left forever.

They’ll use the rest of my salary to cover up my education cost.

There is no merit for me to go to work and see them anymore.

They even googled my name in Japanese.

They hit anime / porn characters with the same name as mine. They even thought I was involved in those crap seemingly. That was totally breathtaking.

Sadly, I had no time to waste on their bullshit.

So I can blog all day as of tomorrow.

God save the nuclear industry! lol

On 11/17/2011 Tepco opened the Fukushima power plants for “selected journalists” and let them take photos.
Journalists tried to take “devastating” photos and some of them were actually successful.

I skipped this event.

Because Tepco only showed them what they can show. We knew they repeated rehearsal how / where to take them in the area.

Just like Disneyland.

I felt sorry for the journalists who went there.

They were pressured to report as if they saw something beyond their imagination and talk like they saw something really terrible.

I thought it helps their media control for me to post the photos and articles.

This is how Fukushima Diary reveals the truth.

As of tomorrow, I will post way more news covering wider range.

  1. I now understand the actions of Tepco from the actions of your parents.

    Nothing must get in the way of making money, even if it means having people die by ignoring the truth.

    You’re with us or you’re a cockroach is an old trick. Don’t fall for it.

    Has Japan always been this dog eat dog? I watched 7 Samarui recently. The villagers appeared to care about each other but nobody cared about them. Why did the feudal lords allow the bandits to prey on villages?

    Things haven’t changed much have they? Tepco is the bandit. .gov is the feudal lord and modern Japanese are the poor rice farmers.

  2. Mochizuki-san,

    First pardon the silly TEPCO-Fake-Replies name, it is only to remind TEPCO-CRAPPY that we all know they and the Japan government post many fake replies and lies. They are too stupid too know their games are very obvious and idiotic at best. Doesn’t fool anyone.

    Now to the more important topic. Simply because people are a relative, father, mother, sister, cousin, etc, does not mean that they have your best interests in mind. IE: Many fathers and mothers push their daughter or son to do what they want to do, not what is best for the son or daughter. That is selfish and greedy, regardless whether the person is a relative or not. Now in many Asia countries the parents and even grandparents like to try to control the children even when they are 20 or 21 or even older and mature. However everyone must make their own decisions and make their own life as you are courageous to do. It is the right way. I worked many years in Japan a long time ago, and I know it is hard to stand up and be different, not for the sake of being different, for for the right sake of being right and good to help others, as you are doing.

    I believe you will become a famous news reporter, maybe you already are. You will do well, and have a good life. So dont worry about people even relatives that try to threaten you, or try to discourage you or try to control by insults like say cockroach. The only one who is a cockroach is the one who calls their own relative a cockroach.

    Read up on “Abusive Controlling Relationship”, whether boyfriend or father or mother etc, its all the same. This kind of abusive controlling person will use insults to try to control others when they do something they dont like. For example a abusive controlling girlfriend may threaten breakup with her boyfriend just to try and hurt him and then control him, without any actual intention of breakup. Or a father or mother may insult or threaten their son or daughter to try to force them to re-live what they want to do. IE: Some parents dream they can live again in their son or daughter and try to control them by threats or violence or abusive controlling behavior.

    Just see things through the controlling abusive behavior games for what they are: Just a lot of tricky physological games to try to control and use others for their own purposes. Such as lower cost worker in dad’s comppany to save cost and work long hours etc. Or for a mother to try to relive their life through controlling their daughter. It is very wrong, its abusive.

    People that try to insult their relative or girlfriend or boyfriend and try to control them are just abusive controlling people with a bad character. You should not even care about what nonsense words they say, as they do not consider what is best for you, only what is best for themselves and their “image” and their games.

    For abusive controlling situation, the best advice is to leave and find a place on your own. Its better to avoid too many personal details like location or your work or company details, as the TEPCO bozo wanna be spies will try to use that info if they can. Especially when your preparing to move location or such, its better to post details if any AFTER the move is safely completed.

    Some parents have good intentions at first, but eventually get corrupted by all the Tepco and Government lies, and get corrupted by the convenience of having their son work in their company, and all the appearances nonsense, like all the Fukushime hype and nonsense. Why in the world would anyone even government bozo’s want to stay in a high radiation place anyway. Obviously the only reason is money and greed, and want collect more taxes with more citizens, so they can then spend more on themselves and their friends, and rip off the taxpayers, as TEPCO is doing.

    Whether a relative or not, you must consider if any “advice” is actually good for you, or just good for the person telling you. If only good for the person telling you, it is pure nonsense trash, just ignore it. And if they use insults or other to try to control you, that is abusive controlling relation and its better to move out even if no problems as now.

    Also many people some young and some old, really know there is a very serious radiation problem all over Japan, but many kinds of people just want to pretend it didnt happen, and its not dangerous (what a joke), and it is “all better now”. Another TEPCO joke. Many people have a weak character, and would prefer to hide or pretend they didnt see anything, and are happy to follow the TEPCO and Government Bozosono lies, even they know its all lies. Only people with a better and stronger character can openly accept the news which is really not good for their own future. So not all people are capable of even realizing the truth at all, or of accepting the truth even if they know its true.

    In summary, when someone close tries to insult you or control you, it is time to realize that is a sign of abusive controlling behavior, and its time to ignore such bad character and selfish or greedy ways. Ignore also the 1,000 silly excuses and reasons they will no doubt think of, along with all the negative garbage as “you will fail” bla bla bla, its all just more trash to try and control you.

    They key is you have many opportunities, just be careful in your steps to plan and do things carefully to protect yourself along the way. And have courage and do what you think is actually best for you. And have courage to go on your own and develop your full potential. You will probably also be a lot happier.

    Take care, wish you good fortune.

    1. Thank u for confirming my recent parting from my girl friend of 12 years is a smart move. I’ve been under her insult-controling for some years now. The more I refuse to give in to her I-C the further we drift apart. The thought of my love for her n the fear of loneliness kept me from leaving for years. Finally I realized that she really don’t love me, nor any man she had ever been with before me. It’s all about her n how much money n convenience she can extract from the relationship.

  3. What is what happens when a child behaves healthily, talks intelligently in a pathological family. Usually, he gets mentally destroyed by his parents and becomes like them. You are the exception to the rule.
    Congratulations ! 🙂

  4. Don’t be too concerned by your parents behaviour, they are typical of millions who expose their children every day. Most important thing is that you are now free to do something so wonderful with your life. Thank you

  5. You are doing the right thing, Iori Mochizuki-san. Human reaction to great threat is to deny, scapegoat, or flee. Your parents are scapegoating you. Leaving is the only safe response in this case. You need to flee away from a terrible disaster that cannot be fixed and will damage everyones’ health over the years.

  6. Some of my best friends have been rats, they are intelligent, resourceful, responsible and hard working.
    All the money in the world will not bring back one dead loved one.
    You know what you are doing (against all the odds) and you know the value of your own conscience.
    I bow to you with sincerity and gratitude.

    P.S. Cockroaches do well with radiation apparently.

  7. You are an inspiration. There is so much lucidity in your comments. Such lucidity in a world that is “wake walking” creates painful situations like the ones you have described in the last few days.

    For what it’s worth, I’ll adopt you if you come to Northern Thailand. I’m a lucid canadien, living to live not to work. Living to be able to share with luminaries such as you.

    Thank you for all your posts.

  8. Dear Iori-san,

    Parents can be so cruel.

    I always idealized at least my dad and I thought that my mom simply had big emotional problems from childhood and couldn’t be helped. She was often saying things like the ones you write here.

    Then, two years ago, I had a big blow-up with them. It was horrible, in some ways similar to your situation.

    I am still having nightmares.

    Because they made wrong decisions, they want you to make the same decisions. They think that if you protect the illusion, everything will be ok. But if you speak and act and say the truth, you become the enemy.

    It’s terrible. It shouldn’t be this way. It hurts.

    Please carry out your plan. Please leave Japan. Please leave! Other people need you, not just your parents.

    As I said, your holy duty is to protect yourself and speak out for Japanese children. There are so few people who speak out! Be a warrior. Be brave.

    You will find friends and some kind of a new family. Just make sure that you stay alive.

  9. PS You do not owe them the money for your education. You worked for them and have already given them a lot of time and attention. You are a good son.

    If they need help to leave Japan, you will probably help them, if you can.

    Don’t think about them now. Stay strong.

  10. Times like this must be really tough.

    People do not want to listen to bad news, it’s easier. This shouldn’t stop you from your fight. Fight harder!

    I am among many who have followed your journey for a long time, I respect you for it and I thank you for your hard work and dedication to uncovering the truth.

    Be strong my friend and stay as safe as you can. If you can open the eyes of total strangers, there is hope for your family too.

  11. My heart goes out to you! May you find comfort in doing this work knowing that you are spreading truth. Abundant blessing of love,joy peace and good health to you. May you find a good safe place to live & work. may your parents be enlightened Thank you!

  12. Wow. I’m sorry to hear that from your parents Mochizuki. That’s hard and regrettable especially because they’re your parents. You are making the right choice to live, though. Keep living and fighting for the truth about Fukushima! Will you get a full body scan?

  13. I make a living running several websites & it pays better than regular job. So i think it’s possible to make a living on the net and support yourself and your demanding parents. I remember I left my regular job 5 years ago to begin my “digital career”. They were like “what the hell are you doing with computer all day long AT HOME”? There were extremely disappointed but I didn’t give a shit about what they thought.

    Now they are living a comfortable life (with my internet income) and my dad retired by closing his sun setting/bankrupt business. Last year, I paid for them to visit Japan (2010), & we were very lucky to visit before 3/11 T_T .

    You can also try starting different blogs (In English of course) to diversify your income source (IE AV girls(lmao), Japan gadgets, etc).

    With internet business, you can basically live anywhere you like and make a living for your whole family.

    CESIUM FREE BANZAI!!! 自由万歳 !!!

  14. Mochizuki san. Nice work. You are free to do as you please. You are on the right track by following your convictions. Your parents are under the same cloud of delusion that most all the Japanese are under. It is terribly stressful in Japan now and the best thing you can to is to lead by example. It is challenging but rewarding. You will be fine, I’m sure. Put you parents into the hand of God and trust that they will come to their senses eventually.
    I live in Japan now and I am married to a wonderful Japanese woman. When we decided to get married all hell broke loose with her parents. It was a most stressful time and they went on hunger strike and almost died to try to convince her not to marry me. It was very stressful but we stuck to our plan and got married and raise a bunch of fine children and all is well. Her parents eventually accepted our decision. Happy ending to the story.
    Keep up your great work. Live a happy life away from radiation.

  15. You are free earlier than supposed!

    Move your body, allow yourself regularly to feel good. Stop thinking too much.

    Around the world, up to now, a so large majority of people keep there eyes closed, tight with layers of fears. Seeming non-manageable fears to them so they keep up many illusions.

    You, all of us here and I are people who need the truth to act in the right way. But it is not the only way nor a guaranty to be right. It is our own way, our destiny.

    Many links and answers regarding your life and your parents will come to you with the time.

    Take time for showing simple love for your friends. Don’t struggle, don’t explain just be an example. It speaks much better. And allow yourself some short false steps too of course.

    Changing date of departure is possible… you have done good job.

    We need you.

    I send a prayer for your parents.

    May you be blessed, may your journey be blessed

    Lovingly your’s

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